The commentary of the chess bureau,A large ticket, a girl, the player flocks here.,Successfully squeezed,The wind is looking at the interesting position。

“it is good!Today we come to play chess!”Star married shouted。
Chess,Everyone moved on the stool before sitting before the TV,Staying at all kinds of joy on the screen,Many channels that have not played playing the game will also give the lens here.。
Seminish,The chess game is blocked by a profine blind,I can see two 胧 shadows shake in the curtain.,Not far from the air,The event is already seriously studying the wedding.。
Corona is calmly sitting in front of the chessboard,Seriously fallen chess。
Hanging angle、Big fly、Demolish,The antique chess road is transferred on the board,And cherry blossom petals,Under the game system of the ancient Go,The two also chose the chess method in the Chinese ancient education book.。
Twenty-seventh hand!A flying touch,I hit the hit on his chess pieces,As if blade。
Qingdao deer slowly pulling the hand back,White lace seems from her arms around the white chess pieces。
What should I say?。
Now he just reacts this to wear a wedding dress.,Is it a little exterior??
Even if he did his heart,Ancient well,Keep your sight on the board,But the moment of falling,Each other’s fingertips,Will always enter your horizons。
It is really a murder.,Wedding dress!
Whole chess history,Never have such level tricks,Also never have such a chess war uniform,this isbug,Yesbug!
But it isbug,Also wait for this game to be repaired
Several respiratory adjustments,Boarding is the same as smoothly,Stunned to the chess behind the three-way line,Do not borrow the other person。
“Thirty-ninth hand,Qingdao Deer grabbed the little flying here,Here is the rising point in the form of each other,Heavenly Kings Mountain,Corporation, choose a single gate to jump,It’s really not too far from the operation.。”Sunshine Valley is coming to explain。
When no one is noticed,The sustain valley quietly snead from this group of bridesmaids.,I came to the other side of the newly opened an explanatory board.,The audience seems to have only he is seriously paying attention to the chess bureau.,The rest is more concerned about something outside the chess bureau.。
Bridesmaid group
“Correct、Correct、Correct!Here,It’s right to go forward.,She can’t stand it!”Star married on the big chessboard。
“Here!Listen to my white check holder,In short, it’s right to clamp this stick.!”
“I suggest that the seniors take the most popular old man cart.,Although every way is pushing on the white chess,And you can affirm the predecessor will not be like this,But I don’t know, I’m wanting to see such a picture.。”
A group of business gamers in big board,Various rare and quasi-style are all put out on a big board.。
Listen to their explanatory lines,I don’t know that it is on Go.,unknown,Ghost thinks this is a strange TV show。
Qingdao deer, certainly heard the interpretation of this group of people outside.,otherwise,She has to stand up to spray。
The current chess game has been in the sixty-second hand,Under the rules of the player,The whole game is in the direction of the mutual mutual cut.。
Two chess three chess, a total of four chess,Bright on the side of the chessboard,Space for each other,It is already possible to see the picture of the four dragons.。
Both parties
Qingdao deer:Forty-five minutes。
Science:One hour thirteen。
The pressure of time is gradually coming to Qingdao deer here.,Let her unconsciously shake the upper body,The neural line is tightly tightened。
And expect the same power,According to zero,Rectuus has recently,All maintained the training progress of the biased fish,Most of the time in one day is used to enjoy the beauty and silence of life.,In the opposite sidewater deer, it is the level of the top ten days before the college entrance examination sprint.。
But even if so,She still feels she and the opponent’s rush,Pressure rolling。
The bright sunshine is sprinkled from the gap between the branches.,According to the marriage skirt on her white,Like honey pouring into the milk,Under the sway of the spring breeze,The slope of the branches is also swaying,The bride is full of thoughts and calm expressions consistently in the light shadow.。
The chess game slowly advanced in the spring breeze and time.,Each frame is full of peace and beauty.。
After a way of driving,Several people in the bridesmaid also finally,Start serious thinking。
“so far,The chess game is probably the same as both parties.,I can’t see too obvious, but considering that the first hand does not use it.,It should now be understood as the advantage of the dragon.?”
“The previous generation has to consider it.。”
Seventy-fourth hand!The situation on the board is suddenly changed!
The rushing water flows from the game of the game,Dragon flops to a certain point in the chessboard
A breakpoint on the three-way line was smashed by Koi.!