To know that his opponent is blue,It is a monster that they can’t even feel,But now it is sick,This is simply leaving。

Night now has more,they do not know,After all, no matter whether it is blue, it is still a night.,Sprinkle, they have not been able to understand。
But now looks,Obviously the night is more,But the opportunity to win is quite big.!
“According to this situation,It’s probably not to protect the kid.,Night, the guy really can do。
As long as he really won the blue dye this time,I will do the mainman and the bee.。”
See the night whispering of blue staining,Night expression is very happy,And crazy standingfg。
The bee is a family of four maple houses.,Obviously he is the contemporary home of the four maple yard,Indeed to this right。
And as one of the four major nobles,If you can pull it with a master like this?,And you can get rid of the entanglement of the bee,At night,Undoubtedly a stone multi bird。
Night is a beautiful thinking,Even if you can’t wait to wait for the night, wait, win the blue dye,Go back to the corpse society and put hundreds of tables,Troning things。
As for the side of the night,He still doesn’t know as long as you win blue dye.,It will be married by people.。
Seeing everything is blue dye,Two half of the body is still rapidly healing,The night wrinkled frown to disappear in the same place,Once again,Already come to blue dyeing。
“Flying sky·Inactive·Chaotic butterfly!”
Dozens of knives that are difficult to capture,It is the blue dye in healing,The body is like a tens of pieces of tofu.!
But the blue dye at this time,already“Complete body”form,The collapse is already integrated with his body.。
Night 哉 哉 蓝 蓝 染 身,But still did not find the collapse of the body。
And even now the body is cut into dozens of pieces,Although the blue dye is also weak,But there is still no disappearance。
Means of,Although the other party has been injured,But there is still no death!
Such vitality,Have far more than『Ten blade』Super speed regeneration regeneration is the strongest Urcheola。
The latter’s overspeed reproduction ability is strong,But once the visceral is damaged,Can’t restore。
But now the blue dye in front of the night,Don’t say it is the internal organs.,Even the body is cut down.,But actually has no dead!
Wrinkled over the night,A gas power wave,Directly to float dozens of blue-stained powders。
But the latter is broken by Qigong,Actually became a group of white viscous substances,And start gathering together。
See this scene,Night is simply,Is this Nima be a magistar??Such vitality,It’s too long.!
Even“Collapse”Ability,But don’t take this way!
White substance gradually gathered,A body shape is slowly standing,But now blue dye,Compared to just,Another change again。
Blue dye at this time,The forehead has a slit similar to the eye.,Face becomes black,And the previous facial skin tears from the middle and located on both sides of the black face,Three holes in the upper body。
Crackwear in hand“Mirror flower”It is also integrated with the right arm。
Six huge butterfly wings behind the original,Every wing ridge grows out of a flavor,Compared to the third form of human beings,Now blue dye is more like a virtual。
And now blue staining,I have entered the next state,The final fusion stage。
Seeing blue dyeing because he was violent,Consumption of seven seven eight eight,When you skyrocket,The mood of the night is quite complicated。
This is too bullying.,what is this?Is it stronger??
Originally he was dyed twice in slaughtering blue.,The epigladous,It can be launched。
But now there is no seal in blue dyeing.,And it’s also again on the sky.,Enter the next stage!
Although the blue dye at this moment,I can’t do anything that makes the night can’t match the enemy.,But after this stage,Can he still evolve again?,It’s really not the heart.!
“I am very grateful to you,花 花 哉 哉,I have never thought of myself.,You can actually make me evolve to this extent。
I am gone at this moment.!This ultravailable from all organisms,Just a waving, there is a murderer!”
White substances on the ground recalls the blue dye,Like it is in a self-pattern,Excite of an expression。
In the cognition of blue dyeing itself,His present gesture,It should be the most perfect stage with the collapse of jade.。