“I know not to tell you??So long,Some things I have forgotten,You figure yourself!”

“Um~Good flavor,Good fragrance!I want to eat it ~!”
The small hair stretches the nose.。
“Owner,You live on the side of the mountain?”
“Yup!It is the biggest mountain in the square.,How did you know?”
“Of course it is smelling!I went out to find some eating.,Soon, come back!”
Minority“call out”I slipped out from the window opened.,Soon, there is no trace
“where did you go?”
Niu Niu contacts small hair in my mind,But it seems to have no time to take care of yourself.,
“Many beasts in the mountains,Don’t go in!”
“rest assured,What do they dare to treat me?!”
Put down this sentence,It’s completely no news.。
The little hair lives for so long.,The old ancestors in the mountains in the mountains have more than a balance.。Should not be stupid to send death。
Holding this idea,Niu Niu quickly entered a dream
“Niu Niu,Have you got up??”
“Woke up!Waiting for it, it will come out.!”
The sound of the waves successfully woke up with sweet small hair sleeping next to the Niu Niu.,Then I got the eyes of Niu Niu。
“what is this?”
“If you are looking for it, you are looking for this.?”
“Yup!There are more mountains.!These have been left for you,Be delicious.!You try!”
“You remember that I have to let me come out later.!It’s too fun outside.!Now I have a break in the space.!”
Small hair is rare to let go,Samuan ran all night,Can not be tired。
Proud on the eyes,There is a bit of cute。
Niu Niu looked at it,Take it back。
Pick a few thick ginseng placed on casual place,Fine friction
Look at this head,It is not difficult to guess this year.
“Minority,Is there a lot of mountains on the mountain??”
Niu Niu only got some snoring as a response
“Niu Niu,Why didn’t you come out??I have breakfast.!”
Finish,Su Grandma took a dinner with Niu Niu