But the pain caused by the soul attack is disappeared.。

“This?”Lin Feng’s tongue,At the critical moment, the goddess spear in our body is combined together.,One is a big daily heart practice,One is the five poisonous spirit practice,Both two this moment。
Can actually attack the other’s souls to swallow the two nets!
This is too strange.。
At the moment of absorbing the three strong soul attack,Lin Feng’s figure recovered calm,Nine zombies also recovered calm,The power of the moon in the sky is also restored,More and more strong,Crazy flooded into nine big zombies。
Liu Sheng sword looked at this scene。
“impossible!”Jinshan Emperor looked at this scene.。
“Our soul attack is absorbed,What is this??”The mother of his wife, the teacher, looked at this scene.,He has never encountered such a thing。
“Five poison,I see,This is the wilderness!”Liu Sheng sword face mad:“Only eight wilders can absorb everything,The practice of the soul attack is attacked by other big souls.。”
Jinshan Emperor heard the voice:“impossible,Early Wilderness is in the grave of the Emperor Emperor,He can’t be repaired。”
“Nothing is impossible。”Brahmao teaches the main road:“Don’t you determine the rumor in his grave??”
“This should have no mistake,wrong,This is not a complete eight waste,He lacks the master,So can’t attack,Can only beat,If we will force him to enter the desperation,He is impossible to absorb。”Jinshan Daye Road。
“No wonder he wants to trader with live Buddha,If I have not guess wrong,He wants to exchange the Eight Wilder Power of Living Buddha Hands。”Braho God teaches the main brids。
“Once the gathering point,He is really cultivated,He is really tyrant,Sweeping any Nirvana in the world,Even Nirvana is not necessarily。”Jinshan Emperor:“Can’t kill him,Be sure to capture!”
“Be sure to win the wilderness!”
Both the gods of the gods and Liu Sheng swords have been mad,Each body emerges a terrible breath。
“Allocate,This kid is more than there is a knife,There is also eight waste。”Jinshan belt:“We must control this person today.,Winage。”
“Ha ha,it is good!”
Both the gods of the gods and Liu Sheng swords have been hot,Look at Lin Feng’s eyes like a treasure house。
Three strong people did not attack,But continue to call the phone,I started calling people.。
I can’t let Lin Feng walk around today.。
Be sure to arrest Lin Feng。
Soon they inform the masters of their respective forces come。
“Allocate,We have no use now.,Waiting,He is over at the end of today,Inheritance inheritance,His strength plummeted,His soul is also plummeted,Anyone else can hold the godman to kill him.。”Jinshan Emperor:“However, this kid has tried a mysterious lightning power.,Surprise,Never let it escape。”
“Do not worry,This time I can’t let him escape.。”Liu Sheng has no sword and his wife’s gods,Each is retired in the void.,Waiting for the coming of the master’s master。
Lin Feng looked at this scene frown.。
The heart is secretly rising。
As these three old guys say,After the end of the gods,I can’t connect the power of the nine zombies.,Power in your own body,It is only half-pointed by this level.。