First1804chapter Trading in the dark

? The provincial capital at night,Like a dignified lady。In the flickering of neon lights in the distance,Untold stories are happening。
On the edge of the city,In front of an inconspicuous teahouse,Parked several expensive cars。Look at the door of this teahouse,Didn’t even stand to welcome a guest。I don’t see anyone coming in and out,So it can be described as deserted。
In a private room on the third floor,Hu Huiru sitting on the sofa chair,Is looking down and talking to a man。The man looked up,Turns out he is not someone else,It is Wang Youcai’s second brother, Wang Youdao。
Since Wang Youdao was transferred to the province from Pingdu to work,Always cautious,Almost never interact with others。For him, it’s like eating and drinking,It can be said to be very few。
“Wang Youdao!You hide it deep enough,Your wife turned out to be my chief financial officer Niu Huiling。What are you doing?I want to retaliate?Or don’t have a purpose?”Hu Huiru’s face is very ugly,She asked in a cold voice。
Wang Youdao is not in a hurry to answer Hu Huiru’s question,He took a sip of tea first,Just said in a low voice:“President Hu!Our little bit of trouble has passed away,Really not worth mentioning。What am i to avenge you?Everyone has aspirations,What’s more, radish and eggplant have their own advantages,So don’t think too much”
“is it?Even if it’s like you said,But why didn’t you tell me when you were up?Even married,I’m not peaceful。Your purpose,Really disturbing。you need to know,Niu Huiling, she is my chief financial officer”When Hu Huiru said this,,So angry。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“Why are you?So angry。I am not doing this for your good。We two are different,Can’t do it,So you go through your business,I am from my politics。The so-called Weijing is distinct,We have nothing to do with each other, this is what I want”
“late,Your old Wang family and I are already tied together,So you can take care of some things!”When Hu Huiru said this,,Suddenly came the spirit。
Wang Youdao,His face immediately changed and asked:“What do you mean?I don’t understand at all”
“I once gave Wang Youcai a 300,000 bank card。It’s a pity that this guy is quite self-aware,I only used a small amount of less than 100,000 yuan,Later he actually returned the card to me。But don’t forget,How did your first courtyard house be built”Hu Huiru finally showed his trump card。
Wang Youdao,Suddenly turned pale。It took him a long time to say:“What does this have to do with me?Since you gave Wang Youcai,Then find him。Borrow money to pay back,Owe favors for favors,Can he still make it,That’s his business”
“is it!If not i know you,I can help him Wang Youcai?I only believe this。Wang Youdao,I have all this in your name,It’s up to you to pay it back”Hu Huiru’s voice is as calm as ice。