His mouth blood,Sound vague,Just a word is not falling,Flavor,The palm of the palm has taken back to his back.。

Drill heart pain!
This kind of slap is fast and heavy。
Sandan is backwards,A bloodstream in the mouth。
Just fell in front of him,Summer is in the past,One foot does not hesitate to be on the left leg,The sound of the bone crack。
Summer faceless expression,Another foot,Another leg is the same。
The arms of the sandman are also stepped on.。
But not finished。
Summer raise feet,I am slamming in his mouth.,This guy’s face has already flesh and blood blurred,Bloody flowing in the mouth。
Be too embarrassed!
This scene makes all people who have seen it Qi color,Scalp hairpiece。
Liu Qingqing,It is the eyes of the eyes.,I feel like I have done a strange dream.。
This always likes to tease yourself.,Usual guy every form,At this moment, I am venting myself.。
Bloody scene on the stage,Liu Qingqing is surprisingly not afraid。
Looking at the faces of men whiskers and shocking faces,Looking at them, hitting a wooden chicken,Liu Qingqing suddenly felt no problem!
before this,These men look at themselves with a disgusting eyes.,Mock up in summer。
And now,Their eyes become fear。
The last foot is out,Summer finally stopped。
His feet,It is already a dead life,I have no twitching of Sandan.。
He didn’t get ready immediately,Stand quietly,Darkly dark scorpion。
No need to put,There is no high tall to winner.,There is just as an ancient well-not wave.。
If,Everything just now is nothing to do with him.。
This is this eye,A swept away,No one dares to look at him。
I can only hear the rushing breath。
He jumped down the boxing platform,The crowd seems to avoid the gods.,Automatically open a channel,Everyone is full of fear。
Go to the front of the mouth,Summer will gamble on the table。
The staff receiving the summer before suddenly scared a hop,Face has become ugly。