Chen Dong came to cry.,Face became frightened,“you……You just didn’t say it off,Does off your clothes??”

“嘿嘿 嘿,Misfortune,Misfortune。”Summer is like abnormal madness,Immediately a face,“Do you usually have a speech??what?Say it,You will not miss!”
Chen Donglai only feels cold in the hands and feet。
“you……you can not do that……I,I can give you money.!”
“嘿嘿 嘿……”
Summer becomes excited,Hand dance,“Shout,Loudly,It is called the broken throat and no one will save you.。”
Fladder,A punch in his rib,Chen Dong came to cover his stomach to the ground,For half a breath。
What is even more shocked?,Three down five,He is peeled off,This risk is somewhat scared to death.,Rear straight。
Good,Next, it is not imagined.。
I saw that the summer went to the wardrobe.,Rushing in mobile video,“Old Qin,Buddy gave you a given。”
Say,Take the phone in your hand,Facing Chen Dong came to shoot。
In Su Hang, I used to be a five-year-old Chen Donglai.,At this moment, a snot is tears.,Shortly crying like a bad wife。
Confused summer,Be proud。
He is very satisfied with his acting skills。
Put your phone in your pocket,He slowly,“嘿嘿 嘿,You won’t retaliate me.?”
At this moment,Chen Dong came to death.,Strive to calm the fear and grievances,Bold。
“That’s good。”
Summer turn to the door,Chen Dong came to hook him,Mood is getting nervous。
However,Just when the summer is about to open,Suddenly thought of,Arms stretched out。
Then he turned and left back.。
Chen Donglai is almost a little old blood,Tree shaking,Two eyes are very fearful。
“Don’t be a fearless thing。”
Looking at him in summer,Out of a sick smile on your face,Then go to the balcony,open the window,Torp。
“otherwise,Whether you are in the end of the world or the cape,I will always find you.,嘿嘿 嘿……”
Surprising laughter,He one hand,嗖,The whole person flipped out directly from it.。
Chen Dong came to the pupil to expand,stunned,It’s so half of the god.。
Before the battle went to the window,Look up,A while。

“That peach forest should also be arranged,Walk,In the past。”

Summer is moving,Wave a residual shot。
Victoria is not slow,Figures flash,Silent。
Just——Just when the two just arrived at the edge of Taolin,Summer face change,Quick gesture,After a tree is then flashed。
At the same time。
The footsteps of the review rate,I only saw two movements.。
This is two men,Dressed in black assault,Face cold,Heat。
After walking out of the peach forest,Both people look at each other,Spin,Spend a left and right respectively。
It is a routine patrol.。
Summer intention。
Nature is to avoid these two people,Sneak into。
However, let him didn’t think,Just when these two people are still less than 100 meters.。
Victoria actually took a sharp plumber.。
Fast!Fast!Fast!Transient!It is difficult to capture with naked eye in summer.。
Trough!Summer is not rough。
Don’t think too much。
Just in the moment of Victoria,Summer is also moving。
Rush to the second person。
When this person is still ten meters away,Victoria came from,Etroke this person is back to watch。
Tight finish。
Summer has increased speed to the ultimate,The distance from ten meters is like there is no existence.,As if it is transient。
The next second is near before,A memory of the knife。
Fast extra imagination。
This man is obviously a master.。
I have not flustered,Cannot be returned,While singing from the arms。
But he still underestimated the determination of summer murder。
Hand knife is like a knife,Instantly interrupted his arms,Painful pain makes men’s face distorted。
But he still roar,“Man……”Summer face,冷 光,Shape rotation,Another arm,And refer to a knife。
With an arm,Knife。
With a torn voice screaming over the air,Catch a crisp,The man’s back neck is broken。
Summer is flying。


Sound,The door is finally opened.,Liu Da Beauty does not care,Almost……Climb。
I drop the mother。
That picture,It is simply unable to describe。
Summer wiped a DC nosebleed,Feel some unique。
He doesn’t even have a way to determine,Can you withstand the lane status of Liu Da Beauty。
Liu Qingqing will close the bedroom door,Then a head in bed。
She put on underwear with the fastest speed,Then 嗖,Like an ostrich, I will blindly use a towel.。
It’s just that there is no face.。
Liu Qingqing has the heart of suicide.。
It can make her more crazy.,The most embarrassing moment in this life,She can’t control her thinking。
Repeated appearance in your mind,Not how to deal with embarrassment。
But……A picture。
Strong body,Explosive force,One of the scars above……
but,Nightmare does not stop this,Foot walk outside the living room,And constantly in front of their bedroom。
Liu Qingqing only feels difficult to breathe,Nervous,The whole body is white, the skin, the eye, can see a blush,Whole person‘Red’NS。
have to say,People’s thinking is definitely the fastest and most direct reflection in the world.,Even one million times,Thinking。
I am not terrible with my body.,Frank with that damn guy is relatively unfair。
I am not terrible with my wolf to escape the shame.。
but,If you are not strong,I will never lift your head in front of that bastard.。
This is visible,How strong is the character of Liu Qingqing?,Has been used to it。
She fiercely mount,Rapidly,Take off the pajamas,Put on long pants,I have a strict and strictly,Cold face pushed。
at this time,Never show weakness,absolute。
Third floor living room,I saw a lazy scattering in the summer on the sofa.,Two legs are on coffee table,A smoke in the mouth,Swallow,Uncomfortable。
Girls are being passive in this area,Liu Qingqing is no exception。

“elder sister!It’s me!I am Xiaofan!”

“Xiaofan,How did you come?”
Niu Niu did not consciously stretched his body,
“Your mother?”
“I am coming to find my sister.!Said to come to me.,I have been waiting for a long time at home.!You haven’t come!”
Xiaofan rushed up to hold the thigh of the girl,A sense of complaint,
“My mother is not letting me come.,Hate!”
Fortunately, you will come over.。
“Cough!All,Can’t say your mother is not!”
A man follows behind。
That is to say to the one who wants to climb the wall.!
The sound is very nice,How is the behavior so wretched?!
White jade,Month white clothes,Tall。
Clothing angle with some stains,It also does not affect his floating temperament.。
But at this time,Niu Niu, how did he see him?。
“Hey is really too annoying!”
“elder sister,This is your home.!It’s very clean.,How can there be a mouse??”
“He said with me,There will be a mouse with a very dirty place.!So there is no one here.!”
“This yard is not small.!I am very spacious.!I haven’t squeezed the affirmation.!Sister, you said yes.?”
Xiaofan is happy, I’m happy.,The little mouth has not stopped。
“elder sister,What is that!Have a good look!”
“That is a dog,Used to protect the yard!You go with it with it.!Don’t be too hard,It is very obedient,Will not bite you!”
“it is good!”
“Do you take him over??”
Finally spend the little words,Niu Niu is only a kung fu asking other things。
Niu Niu looked at the big man in front of the big brother.。
Some inexplicable,Since he is close to Zhou’s relationship。Mrs. Zhou even gave him a son.!
Can’t you know Xiaofan and your own entanglement.!
So trading people bring people to be in good condition.!
Xiaofan doesn’t understand, even if it is,Don’t he do it?!
I think of here,Niu Niu suddenly felt more than him。
“Um,I am an 舅 舅!The brother-in-law took my sister.,No idle,Take me to take care of him!He is not coming here.,I can’t stand,There is really no way!”
Ye Xunning takes the reason,Such as a clear spring flows。
I waten a brunette of Niu Niu。
“rest assured,I am riding a horse.,No one hits!”
“Riding a horse,Awe!I like Xiaoyu most.!”
“If I don’t take you today,Do you still like me?”
“elder sister,what is this?so cute!Can I touch them??”
Xiaofan’s hand has already stretched out,Wangcai is on the side of the tiger。

Middle-aged wrist is an anti-joint break,Bai Senson bone exposed to air,Bright red blood flow。

Middle-aged face,Double-eyed,Make a painful。
Summer bow,Legs,The situation bombards in each other’s chest。
The knees are sprouting in the chest,Let all hear people,All have changed color。
Crispone sounds again。
Middle-aged body fiercely,Have a ground。
Summer loose,Step back。
Then smashed,Twist waist,Swing,Sweeping in middle age with an extremely arrogant posture。
Not waiting for him to go out,The other leg is connected to the ring,Direct him in the ground,Among the ground shocking dust,Summer foot stepped on his chest,Another slamming。
In a crispy bone,Middle-aged body rolled out。
Then fall at the foot of the youth youth。
Middle-aged figure,Pumping sound emitted in the throat,And the one completely changed my face,More than any degree of screams。
At this moment,Noba’s central square is still quiet。
Quiet, can even hear heavy gasping。
People stunned in place,It has become a sculpture。
The most stupid,It is also confident that you will not be in the summer in the eyes.。
He stands in place,Looking at the middle age of the feet,Finally changed color,The face is a young in the face.。
No more high before it。
Da da da。
Footsteps sound,Qin Haotian is shocked。
Looked up,Seeing this summer。
“What do you want to do?!”
He is backward,Intensity,“summer,You are in public,So many people look at,Police must not let you。”
Say,His eyes are sweeping around,Drink,“If you dare to move me?,At that time, my younger brother will never let you go.!”
Summer continues before。

“You want to be the captain?”Pineapple in“Lose to”Asked after the Huacao team。

“of course,Lao Luo,here is5Ten thousand yuan,You can take it,But I will be the captain from now on……You know,I say one,You can’t say two,I say forward,You can’t go back……”Long Xiyue with her nails cut did not look at the pineapple,Just glanced lightly at a check on the table。
Pineapple wants to reach out,But the man’s backbone strongly supports his spine,His hands and feet are stiff,A strong sense of humiliation is inexplicable。
“I won’t want this money,The team includes my account,I’ll give it to you if you want……but,I advise you to treat the team well,Because the team is not your game。”
The pineapple slammed the door and left,Made the coolest action in my life,Although this action will make him“Cleanse”,But like to use“Big pineapple”The man with this gun is not born stubborn?
however,Pitaya doesn’t seem to put the words of pineapple in ears,After losing in the qualifier final of the National League,Long Xiyue was tired of the level of team members,So I withdrew from the Oscar team,Entered directly“Golden lion”The team’s youth training list。
Pineapple believes,Through the capital operation that Long Xiyue is good at,There is no problem with him being a substitute for at least one team。After all, better than“Golden rose”Kind of female players,Still pressed hard on the bench。
Besides,Pineapple still cares,The results of the Oscars,After he left,The Oscar team as the third position of the Golden Lions Club,Got three players who were sifted from the youth training。
Two of them report to the Oscar team,Use separately“pineapple”with“Yali”’S account,And the other player,But it hasn’t been seen。
Coincidence,Long-term near Jingnan Communication University“Star Way”Pineapple in Internet cafes,I met a teenager who broke up suddenly in an Internet cafe,This boy is wearing a gray gown,Long black hair,There is a tattoo on the wrist,I’ve been playing for a week and I’ve rarely met in an Internet cafe。
Before joining the Oscar team,Pineapple is“Star Way”The first gun god of Internet cafes,Therefore, everyone in the Internet cafe recommends the gray-clothed youth to challenge the pineapple。
I heard that I won500Bucks,Pineapple readily accepted the challenge,And in the three rounds of the game, they have stabilized the gray boy。

Niu Niu’s heart was still holding a silky luck.。

Who knows that is called by a dog?,Several children who are also on the show, running,Like a rabbit,No one is hesitant。
This situation,What else does a group of scones?。
Chasing it with something,Some anxious but slow,Not robbed something。Directly lift the shoes directly。
“father,Helpful!Mother wants to kill me!”
“Milk,Milk!You advise me!Let her don’t hit me.!My ass is still hurt now.!”
“Pain~mother,I’m wrong~”
The male child who is jokeful in the morning,That is, the dog left,I can’t catch unexpectedly。Ten Niang is also a named stagnant in the village.,It is not a vague。
Others see him being caught.,The steps under the feet are slow down.。The eyes have been going to that direction,Worried at your own place。
And other scorpions take this opportunity,win-win,A hit
how many kids,Unlikely
moment,The sky of Qingshan Village is surrounded by a pig-like scream.,I haven’t scattered it for a long time.
Hearing people are trembled
Niu Niu felt a knife on his head,It is possible to fall at any time,It’s even more popular.。
In chaos,Niu Niu suddenly saw the figure of his own big brother,I want to have a quiet retreat.。
“Niu Niu,You said,Do you have followed it today?!”
Su Yuqing took a back collar of Niu Niu, who was going to steal the girl.,Affirmation。
When I saw my own sister, I saw it.!Specially avoided yourself,Also hurt the foot,Make thieves。
“No。How can I close to the river?!I am not near the river!”
Niu Niu Pan,But because of the truth,There are many in my heart.,Rapid return。
I didn’t close to the river.!It is a small meeting on the air nearby.!
Things to go to the water side is a southern brother to dry,There is no relationship with yourself.。
correct,Yang Dawei also washed something to the water。But he is an adult.,This should still do it.!
Niu Niu, the more I feel that I feel。
So the dog left and his mother kiss.?How is it chased?,It also caused bloody storm。
Shouldn’t you?!Even if you accidentally say something wrong.!
Tell the truth, there should be no big relationship.,I haven’t going to go.!
The scene that retracts the picture to the dog left home
“mother,I am back!See me back.?Specially give you back!You try!”
“Ouch,Our dog is sensible.!Feel distressed!Also know that the fruit is brought back to give the mother.!”
“The mother tastes one.!Left you leave yourself.!Not easy!”
“fine,I have a lot of old things today.!I have already eaten a lot.!These give you,Let me give milk to the milk.!”
“go Go!Wash the hand,Let’s prepare to eat.!”
“Ok, good,I will come over now.!mother,What do we eat at noon today??”
Go here,Also a warm scene of a mother and filial piety。
“Nest head!Are you still love to eat before??”
“what~Eat this thing again!Eating every day,I am too tired.!”
“You still want to eat 啥?Your mother is only such a big matter,I can only eat this.!I have to eat, you grow up, earn money to buy!”
“Then I don’t eat it.!Just I am not hungry!”
Dog left butt hurts but hands are still good,With hand speed,I pulled several chicken eating。

“cough,I solemnly declare,Although this violent girl is very violent,People are long,Bare to fight with my wife,So I can marry out。”Lin Feng went to the cough。

“Flutter。”Bei Xueyin heard a smile:“Small forest,Be careful to hear her,She looks at you with a knife,You will pretend to be her boyfriend.,Let her have an account,This is a bit hidden,Don’t ask more。”
“this,I said my wife.,You are not afraid that we have become true?”Lin Feng half joke:“You are so big,Push your man directly!”
NS104chapter Suffocating
“Giggle!”Bei Xueyin heard a laugh:“If you have this, you will take her.,I don’t mind,Let her do small,I am doing big,Anyway, our sisters are good.。”
“I am sweaty!”Lin Feng heard the mad road:“All right,I have served。”
“Promise her,I also said with her.。”Bei Xue Yin smiles:“Tomorrow is just accompanied by you home,You have such a big beauty home.,A fault face,When I came back, I found a time with her father.。”
“Shedy,This father?”Lin Feng’s wondering。
“Her dad is a hand of Huayu Provincial Public Security Department。”Bei Xue Yin laughs:“It’s good to have a good relationship with him.。”
“I see,Shedy。”Lin Feng heard the words:“I agree with this matter.。”Lin Feng thought about it or agreed.。
After all, I will fight for the two majors.,If there is a night home, this big intervene,They also have a lot of greatness。
“Know,The things here don’t worry,All right,I hang it first.,We have to eat。”Bei Xue Yin laughs,I immediately hang up the phone。
Lin Feng is lying on the couch with a mobile phone,The back of his mind is coming out of the night.,This violent girl can take a hand。
I immediately sat on the sofa,Dark understanding of the big days,He is full of freighter,An unique exterior of a stock,Trend the condensation。
But still failure。
Only true envoy,In order to win,His realm and power ratio Honghai,Big flying and others are very inferior,Let Lin Feng have a sense of urgency。
After all, he is the president.,Never drag the leg。
And now the two great power want to swallow their Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Lin Feng wants to fight on the front and these people,Must have a certain strength,Otherwise it goes equal to shooting ash,Even people who have to hold people,This is Lin Feng, I don’t want to see.。
“Congenital suffering,Congenital suffering,How can I get into the situation?。”Lin Feng’s figure stands up,This beautiful girl, the big red robe, did not tell him.。
I immediately walked into the small courtyard.,His figure is high jumping,A trick, a task,Magnificent,Big day。
After a long time,Lin Feng’s figure stopped。
He is sitting on the edge of the pond,Mingyue looking to the sky,The true gas is released,Want to control these freewheels,But again failed。
“Unclear,How can I repair congenital qi?。”Just at this time,The sound of the pleasure comes from。
A warner,Tail,Yingzi-cool woman came in,This woman is at night cold,When she saw Lin Feng,At the glance, Lin Feng is trying to condense the hood.。
“Ren Decoir?”Lin Feng heard the words:“Do you mean that you can do it??”
“good,Ren Duo 2nd,The whole body is ingenuity to flow,The true gas in the body also changed,Repair congenital,to be honest,The situation of qi is to open the second pulse。”Night clear words。
“Ren Decoir,I see。”Lin Fengnan is sitting on the ground。
His look calm,Start impact Ren Duena。
“Hey,You have an accident like this,If you don’t pay attention, you will walk into the magic.,Must be ready to do。”Night Qingqing saw Lin Feng directly impacted,She can’t help but remind it.。
Although I hate this man,However, this person is my own girlfriend’s boyfriend.,And she is ready to take Lin Feng as a block arrow.。
“Hey-hey,fine,For others, dangerous,But it is very simple to me.。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Waiting for me to hit it.,Kawrish you can burn。”
“You are crazy,What is the royal trip?,When the impact is hurt, it is very painful.,And to find the prolonged two vein,Otherwise it will be injured。”Night clear cold。
However, this time Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the night cold.。
Maybe it is very difficult for others.,But it is simple to Lin Feng.,His big day is physically solving the pain,Also there,Everyone’s tenin is different,Must find it to impact。

Ruan Lingna“Oh”Said:“So!Let me demonstrate,Look at”Ruan Lingna finished,I was afraid I plunged into the water。Looks very beautiful,She seems to be a mermaid。Xia Jian couldn’t help but watch,I didn’t move both eyes。

Lin Wei gently pushed Xia Jian and said:“Let’s start Mr. Xia!Swim more”
Xia Jian nodded,And plunged into the water。This swimming is really good exercise,Xia Jianzai two beautiful women*under,The more you swim, the better,But soon she felt a little hungry。
“Hey!Manager Ruan,Let’s take a break,Can you get something to eat”Xia Jian gasped and said。
Ruan Ling smiled and said:“Already arranged,Let’s go up!”Ruan Lingna finished,He took the lead in swimming towards the shore。Lin Wei glanced at Xia Jian,Xia Jianchang took a breath,One forward,It didn’t take much effort,Then swam to the shore。
Lie down on the sofa,Xia Jian only felt weak,It seems that he still lacks exercise in the water。Have a chance in the future,He still has to come to places like this。
Ruan Lingna picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted,Dessert and coffee were served soon。These things Xia Jian doesn’t catch a cold,But he doesn’t care much when he is hungry。Drank a cup of coffee,Xia Jian ate a few more pastries,Then I feel a little more comfortable in my stomach。
Suddenly a girl who looked like a waiter ran in,She attached to Ruan Lingna’s ear and said softly,Ruan Lingna,Face changed,Said quietly:“How is she so coincidental?Never use it for a card,President Xia is here today,She came to swim”
Xia Jianyi listen,Asked quickly:“Who are you talking about?Let people travel!Wouldn’t it be wasteful for us to swim in such a big pool?”Until now,Xia Jiancai figured it out,It turned out that Ruan Lingna wouldn’t let other people in,No wonder you have swam for so long,Did not see a stranger。
Ruan Lingna walked to Xia Jian,Squatted down,Speak softly:“Liu Yuping, secretary of the Qingshan County Party Committee, is here,What do you propose?I am not going to open this afternoon,I just want you to swim alone”
“okay!Don’t say so much,Hurry up and let her in!Don’t let people wait too long,She is the leader of Qingshan County,Don’t offend her”Xia Jian said softly to Ruan Lingna。
Ruan Naling nodded,Walked out in a swimsuit。In a while,A woman in her fifties walked in in a bathing suit。If you don’t look at her face,Just look at her figure,No one can guess,She is over fifty years old。
Xia Jian met this woman once,When talking about the plot of Qingshan County Complex,Wang Yihua took Xia Jian to find Liu Yuping。Which time did they talk a little bit short,Little impression。
Liu Yuping walked towards the pool,Look up,She suddenly smiled at Xia Jian:“Yo!President Xia is here too?”Xia Jian didn’t want to say hello,I didn’t expect this woman to have such a good memory,Actually recognized him。
Xia Jian stood up quickly,Walked a few steps,He stretched out his hand and said with a smile:“Hello, Secretary Liu! I didn’t expect to meet you here’
Liu Yuping stretched out his hand,Shake with Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“Not feeling well recently,Rest at home。I suddenly wanted to swim this afternoon,So I came along“
“Oh!Secretary Liu is unwell?Is it not a big problem?!“Xia Jian asked with a serious face。
Liu Yuping smiled and said:“small issue,Already done。Since it’s here,Just go for a swim,Don’t stand and talk“Liu Yuping said,Chao Xiajian made a launch gesture。

Lin Heng doesn’t want to worry about these things anymore,The top priority now is to give the holy.

Chapter One Hundred and Ten:Arrive at Parkway,Goodbye Morfin
The dean’s breath became extremely terrifying,The oppression spread throughout the room。
“Lu Hengzhi,Pay attention to your attitude!”
Ding Junao hurriedly spoke,The dean glanced at Ding Junhao,Only then did you put away the turbulent breath,Looking at Cui Zuo with cold eyes。
“Ding Chengzhu,This is Ye Fuming’s personal business,Are you still going to arrest his parents?!”
Heard the dean’s words,Ding Junao took a deep breath and said:“Dean Lu,I hope you can understand,This is the pursuit order issued by the palace,Irresistible!”
The dean felt a sense of powerlessness in his heart,Clenched fist,But don’t know how to refute,Just like Ding Junhao said.
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven:In the Keng Wang She,Dean’s mind!
“Where are you going next?”
Fu Ming said:“Run around,I plan to go to a fourth-tier city!”
Morfin,Frowned:“You have to think about it,The more you go to high-end cities,The closer to the temple,That way your risk factor will increase!”
Nodded,He knows this kind of thing,But now that the fifth-tier cities continue to be brought, there is nothing to improve their strength.,It’s better to go up,He also wanted to see what the legendary temple of the Holy Spirit looked like!
The two drank until late at night,Morfin is already drinking,Fuming hello,.
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve:Everything is ready,Worried parents
Wang She went all the way to Gan Xin’s city lord’s residence,The guard at the door knows the king’s house naturally,Just let him go and throw him in。
“Santo,Wang She is here!”
Hear the reminder from the attendant,Gan Xin just raised his head,There are a few wrinkles on my face compared to before,The black hair on the previous end actually added a bit of white hair。