He pushed the blue blue to himself.,Holding her hand,It seems to swear to the world,This woman is her only existence。

Blue Xin saw him,Not talking。
Ning Feifei laughed in this happiness,They can love。
do not know when,I can find a man who loves yourself.。
She is not coming to the bottom of the European, looking down the computer.,Mood is very complicated,More than half a year,The relationship between their two has increased many,But there is still a boundary between two people.。
European, ten fingers, flying on the keyboard,Not10Minute time,Turn a video from a video。
Yu Siyun looked at Ning Feifei,Lip corner bruises,Fortunately。
European,Lu Haocheng pushed Blue Xin’s past。
Ning Feifei bowed,Face giant change,“How”Some secrets in the video,Obviously shut down the lamp,but,The style of the clothes is a clear。
It is the pink sweater that Ning Feifei has been going to work.,Women in the video wear a hat,The technique is very skilled in the computer on the European PC.,Cut design graphicsUIn the plate,Just use only two minutes to leave。
European,Tight sharp shot to Ning Feifei,“How can you be you??”
The cold tone is with a strong disappointment。
Yu Siyun listened to this,I have a lot of peace of mind.。
“not me!”
Ning Feifei was stabbed by his cold eyes.,He actually does not believe her。
He is actually the first person who does not believe her.。
She has been working hard for work,And she needs this job to support her own and family.,It is impossible to do such a thing to ruin your future.。
European:“This dress,Your no mistake,I have seen you through several times.。”
Ning Feifei is cold and negative,“Is it what I did like me??”
Ou Jingzhen looked at her pain and strong,Slight eyebrow,He has just impulsive。
Blue Xin also carefully read the woman in video,She wears a hat,The face was covered,The shape and Ning Feifei is more similar。
But one thing she is clear.,Phi Phi needs this job,I have been working overtime for half a year.,No complaint,It is because she needs these money.,To subsidize home。
Sudden,She noticed that the woman manipulated the computer.,Ring wearing fingers,This is a diamond ring,Fifi can’t afford it.,And she has never seen something that Philippi is a category of rings and necklace.。
and many more,This ring does it seem to have seen it??
Blue Xin suddenly determined。
Blue Xin’s words,Let Ning Feifei see the hope。
She really did not have done。
Lu Hao’s face is difficult to see,I saw that Ning Feifei’s face is strong.,Also frown,Ning Feifei passed from the company,Waiting hard work,Work is also very serious,It is not to make such a thing in order to make a reason.。
“Blue,Why are you so definitely not an assistant??”
Lu Haicheng asked。
Blue Xindao:“Although the clothes are wearing the same style with Fifi,But the same clothes on this market,The same style is much,And each other is deliberately wearing a hat,Take the light,Can only watch the back image Phi Fe。
No face,We can’t mess with people。
But you look at her fingers.,Her finger on this ring,Evil rays,This should be diamond ring,And Feifei has not brought such a diamond ring.?”
Ning Feifei quickly reached out his hands to see everyone,Pain in the tone,“Conditions of my home,I can’t afford a diamond ring at all.。”
Although she also likes diamond ring,But she really can’t afford it.。
Ou Jing, I looked at her.,The scorpion flashes slightly。