“Oh!”Joe Yiyi’s red lips,I have done a president.,Is it so small??

She takes out her mobile phone,Snoving the next video to Xiaoyan。
[Xiaoyan,look,My name is Jiang Lan Xin to send me back.,She will send me back.。]
The other party immediately returned her news.:[Look ,She is still a good bullied ginger,It’s better to let her pick you up tomorrow.?Which time,You let her help you clean the classroom,Did she not do it??]
Joe Yiyi is full of superiority:[Wait a minute, ask her。]
More than twenty minutes,Blue Xin parked the car in the subway,Of indifference:“Arrived 。”
“Oh,Thank you.,Blue Xin,Do you have time tomorrow morning??Have time, come and take me.,In the morning, the subway is especially squeezed.。”
Blue Xin listen this,The heart is turning on the bear angry,Her Joe Yiyi thought she was the soft and bullying of Jiang Sanxin.?
She looked at her answer from the rearview mirror.,Slow down,Laughing, I looked at her.:“how?Still treat me as the previous ginger, is you bullying??I can’t conflict with you before.,That’s because I want to study well.,Didn’t care about you seriously。but,Now I am now,Joe Yiyi,You can’t climb。Roll down,Don’t have my car 。”
“Jiang Lan Xin,you……”Joe Yiyi did not think,Blue Xin will say this。
Especially the sentence“Roll down,Don’t have my car”This sentence,It’s simply trampling her self-esteem.。
Joe Yiyi pulls the door,Anger away。
Lan Xin did not do any stay,Open navigation,Drive away。
Joe Yiyi stationed in the original place:“Humph!But it’s luck.,Jiang Lan Xin,What is you??You wait,I must climb your husband’s bed.,Today’s humiliation,I will give you all.。”
Blue Xin goes back,Not thinking more,She knows how to come over these years.,I will not let myself feel upset for a Joyyi.。
arrive home,She is still happy with my mother.,Dinner,Walking with your child to eight o’clock with your child.,Le Yu is coming over,Everyone goes home and talks.。
Le Yu said,Wen Qi has already followed Le Zhenxi back.,As for the two people talking about,She is also unclear,Can only wait for the decision of two people。
Lan Xin also doesn’t say more,I have been talking to the love of the sea.。
Le Yu is very excited,I plan to have time and Muzi to honing it once.。
Le Yu is playing to nine o’clock.,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng has not come back yet,Blue Xin and Dad talked about Yu’s things.。
After listening to Blue Xin,Benefit,Looking at the children after sleeping,Mom and Dad have also returned to the house.,She also returned to the room to organize her knowledge to teach her some knowledge.。
Lu Hao Cheng also came back early,Ten ok is coming back. 。
After bathing,He wrapped around Blue Xin twice,Both people sleep。
Leading Blue Xin last night,She quickly called to Su, I don’t have to pick her up.,Least noon。
Blue Xin and Lu Hao Cheng normal work。
The two have just arrived at the 25th floor.,I saw Joe Yi and the power to wait in the hall.。
The right to help seem to have an urgent。
Joe Yiyi looked at Blue Xin。
Blue Xin’s eyebrows faintly felt bad things happening。
Lu Haocheng did not speak,Blue Xin first asked:“Assistant,What happened。”
King journey smile,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng, I still don’t know anything.,His heart is anxious。
“lady,Before you know this,I have to clarify Lu.,I am present to this evening.,Never not the continental mistake,When we want to come back,Out of the land,I met two young ladies who were drunk.,If you don’t say it, you will hold the director.,so……So this morning……Search again。”
“what?”Lu Haocheng looked at the right game angry。
Blue Xin glanced at Lu Haozheng,Rapid to take your mobile phone,News and push are the topic of Lu Haozheng, president of Lu Hao。
“Lu Hao Cheng。”She called anger。
Lu Haocheng has a bad feeling。