Not hitting《love letter》of3100 million publicity expenses,How could Chu Liuxiang trust Shanhai.com so much?

And compared to smashing funds,Who can beat Shanhaiwang?
in《Gift in Room 7》After success,Zheng Rongrong feels more proud。
Perhaps it is this sense of accomplishment that capital controls everything,Made her float。
Thus have“Chu Liuxiang”In the event,She told the whole Shanhai.com not to rush to make a statement happen。
Chu Liuxiang didn’t say anything at the time,But now it can be clearly seen,It’s not just Chu Liuxiang who is dissatisfied,Even Lu Xiaofeng, who had nothing to do with him,I also have other ideas in my mind。
If the heart hurts,Make up again,But it’s much more difficult!
First517chapter You can!(Four shifts)
Yang Feng can take the initiative to attack Yuzi.com,Go grabbed it from Lu Xiaofeng《strongest brain》,Is very happy。
Everyone was a little worried,Arrogant Yang Feng,Will you be a little bit irritated。
Can be proved,Yang Feng is Yang Feng,He can be aloof,But it’s definitely not chicken intestines。

“but,The blind date she arranged for me,Are old men over 30……And they all look ugly……”Ye Wenwen said depressed。

“Not so much?”Fang Haodao,“Years past30Forget it,For men,That’s not even old,But why do you arrange a blind date with an ugly man??Isn’t she your mother??”
“Dear……”Ye Wenwen said bitterly,“Because it is true,So the blind date she introduced to me are all financially capable。But think about it,Years past30,And has a certain financial capacity,Unmarried man,That has to look like a stubborn look?”
“You have a point……”Fang Hao nodded。
A little sympathy for her。
Think about it,A beautiful girl who fell into Qian’s eyes was forced to have a blind date with some old and ugly rich people,Is indeed a very pitiful thing。
——Script like this,He seems to have seen it many times。
Ye Wenwen said bitterly:“According to her, it’s for my good,So that I can live a happy life in the future,But she never considered my feelings。I don’t think so much about money,I want to live a lifetime,Definitely someone i like,If there is no one,I would rather never marry forever,I won’t just live with someone I hate。”
“But you can’t lie to her like this now,Can lie to her for a year,You can’t lie to her forever?”Fang Haodao。
Ye Wenwen thought:“I lied you to my hands,That’s not a year,That’s a lifetime thing。”
But I can’t tell Fang Hao,Sighed:
“I don’t know what to do later,But if you can pass it now, let it pass。In recent years, for my single thing,No less angry with me,Let her have a happy birthday。”
After speaking,Looking at Fang Hao pitifully。
Blinking eyes,big eyes,Long eyelashes,Looks very beautiful。

Frank Crudy glared at Shen Huan,With his beard,A little scary。

But he still picked up a spoon,Holding a bowl,Scooped a spoon to drink。
No response。
He paused for the second mouthful。
In the third mouth, his brows slowly frowned。
Then he put down the soup bowl,Looked at Shen Huan with a more vicious look,Turn around and leave。
“What’s up,this is?”Lei Xiaode somehow felt that a chill was coming,“or……Let’s check out first,Huan brother?”
“Not urgent。”
Shen Huan motioned them to stay calm,“Wait and see,It’s impossible for a chef to beat up a guest anyway……Moreover,Do you think I will be afraid of him when I fight?”
After Shen Huan’s reminder,Lei Xiaode suddenly remembered,Yes,Brother Huan is a macho who plays five or six gangsters alone,What are you afraid of?
Looking at Yao Kai、Xia Jiajun and Zou Yuhang are a little worried,He immediately started an hearsay speech,Beat Shen Huan violently,Tell me about the hero saving beauty。
While he was talking excitedly,Frank Crudi has walked over with a helper in his twenties。
“Apologize to guests!”Standing in front of Shen Huan and them,His evil voice。
“Correct……Sorry……”The chef turned pale in fright,There are still traces of pushing and pushing。
“I was wrong just now!They accidentally damaged the fresh mushrooms,So I found dried mushrooms instead。”Frank Crudi said irritably:“As a compensation,I’ll give you a dish later!This is my proud cooking,You won’t suffer!”

Big cousin Liu Wen suddenly said with emotion:“What an ordinary one,Just go by,Calm and calm,Quiet and peaceful。”</p>

Zhang Junmi smiled,Just smile a little melancholy,Tao:“Yes,What an ordinary one,But even these,We can’t do it。”</p>
Su Luodao:“In the eyes of others,We are successful,Standing in the most dazzling place,But does anyone know,We are just ordinary people,Same desire for freedom,Affection,love。”</p>
Teacher He sighed:“Take the path of an artist,most of the time,Many choices are involuntary,Go with the flow。”</p>
Everyone present at this remark felt the same,They all rise from weakness,Make every effort,Just climbed to this day。</p>
Seems to be successful,But many times,Are at the mercy and threat of the company behind,Sometimes I know something is wrong,They can’t stop。</p>
have to,This is the sadness of being a public figure,Higher up,The more I can feel my own。</p>
Huang Lei smiled,Tao:“Why did you suddenly talk about such a sad topic?,You are still young,Has great potential,Beyond us,Don’t be discouraged,Work hard to be yourself”</p>
Su Luo, they both nodded,Silent under the moonlight。</p>
Teacher He next to him said:“Susu,Can you sing us a song?”</p>
Hear words,Chen Puppet,Zhang Junmi,Liu Wen and they all shine,Come to the mushroom house so much,I have never heard him sing before。</p>
Definitely listened on site and online,Not a level。</p>
Su Luo thought for a while,Smiled:“Ok,Just now Jun Mi got to the ordinary one,Just hit my inspiration,I’ll sing for everyone。”</p>
Teacher He’s eyes lit up,Tao:“Is it a new song?”</p>
Su Luo nodded,Tao:“Pen Peng,Could you please bring my guitar。”</p>
“Ok,Brother Luo。”Peng Yushang got up quickly,Go back to the house and bring his guitar。</p>
Su Luo thanked him,Tuning tone,The guitar has been useless for a long time。</p>
Tuned the tone,Looking at the quiet night sky,Su Luo’s thoughts followed,In my mind, I keep passing every life in the mushroom house。</p>

result,Was destroyed,Everything has become particularly worrying at this time。

despite this,This matter can only end here,All this is still in his grasp。
No matter what the other party has prepared,How much effort it took to do these things,As long as they play them, there will be flaws,From Long Liang’s point of view, it might not be too much to deal with them,It just needs a little thought。
He worked out his plan as quickly as now,then,Implement everything smoothly,Back to his grasp,This means that all of this becomes great at this time。
wait,Until tomorrow’s game,The situation will become very good,The whole world will become quiet,Everything will become extremely expectant。
He likes this feeling,He also likes everything,Just so far,Still have more new ones,Some other things will be involved in this,To avoid making time more troublesome,He feels that sometimes it is necessary for him to make some things go more smoothly。
So far,He didn’t show any abnormalities,He doesn’t know if there are people with the surname Song Song and Bai Zhang Bai beside him,If you have it, you will suffer,He has to maintain some of his own state,Try not to be caught by others。
Otherwise, he must be the one who suffered in the end。
Huang Lei and they slept like pigs that night,This is also the message that Long Liang received from Chen An in the middle of the night,Confirmed this。
These guys really drank those wines,Took those medicines,at this time,Everything has developed as he thought before。
Smiled,Never have as many ideas as before,Tonight Long Liang is destined to make himself a particularly stable sleep。
The game is about to go,Half an hour before the start,So far, I haven’t seen Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, who is Zhang Bai, appearing on the scene.,Just like this,The people who were waiting,I started to panic at this moment。
Didn’t you say it well at the party last night??Why can’t even people see it at this time??

I’m not sure I will use it one day,If you don’t have it when you want to use it,How embarrassing and embarrassing?

At first glance,To catch the rape today,Shen Huan used it4A spell,Is equivalent to23Billion,Too expensive,Can’t pay。
But this6600Multi-million dollar price,It was in exchange for Shen Huan. I and the animals are friends(intermediate)Skills,In fact, I definitely won’t suffer。
Animals and I are pot friends, this skill is very useful。
Step back and say,Shen Huan will have no other skills in the future,With this, I and the animals are friends,Shen Huan can open a pet shop,Take care of the best pets。
In this society where people are not as good as dogs,Once the pet industry is done well enough,Thousands of eight million a year is really nothing。
Even Shen Huan can use this skill,Do pet business,To find some of the best quality pets,To sell to those who are willing to buy the best pets at high prices。
This intermediary firm makes more money than selling a house。
Accumulated over time,Is it better6000How million?
Had lunch at Tang Yuan’s house,Everyone said goodbye and left。
Tang Yuan is in his forties,Naturally, it’s impossible for everyone to go to Hey after dinner,Just go drinking and find a girl or something。
His meals are now the health club。

although《A laugh》Has a higher pitch,People who don’t have enough voice are easy to sing.。

But no one can manage that much。
They just yelled so loudly。
“La la la la la la……La la la la la la……”
The singing echoed around the stadium,Can’t disperse for a long time……
First984chapter Shaking Xueba!!
“Watermelon.com charity superstar concert”Of course it was very successful。
Few people can think of it,The penultimate sung is actually the classic swan song of the Spring Festival two years ago——《A laugh》。
The three at the time,Zhao Changshou、Shen Huan and Shui Qianyu,All gathered at this charity concert again,Sing the classic swan song again。
《A laugh》The feeling for everyone is very unique。
That kind of free and easy manner,Plus chorus,For fans,Simply the most beautiful enjoyment。
So that the next morning,More than tens of millions of comments are about this song。
They also understand Zhao Changshou’s“Backlash”。
Actually nothing“Backlash”,Zhao Changshou said before,I will only play for charity in the future,Isn’t it a charity concert this time??
Come back to life。
The concert is just a group of people,But the holiday is a common event for tens of millions of students。
1The end of the month is the Spring Festival,Then passed1New Year’s Day holiday of the month,After some final exams,most1month10Around number,It should be a holiday。

What kind of plane is this??

I’m not familiar with him!
“The Knicks didn’t start well,”Kefan Road:“But they played even worse after changing the lineup!”
Knicks substitutions,The Cavaliers also substituted,But they only changed to Varejao,ReplacedTT,The Big Three are still on the court。
This lineup is different from just now,InsideTTis a“Energetic”Young players,His speed is not comparable to that of the old Varejao。
When the Cavaliers speed up their offensive tempo to compress the offense of each round9Seconds or even8Within seconds,The Knicks’ triangle offense completely collapsed.
Although the knight is not a warrior,But the small ball play is still the same。
Triangular offense is the kind of retro、Bulky tactical system,Encountered this kind of small ball play is almost impossible to parry。
If you can,Lao Yu even wanted to attack David·Blatter screamed:Hey,Can we slow down?
Lao Yu can only continue to call timeout and replace me with“Fire fighting”,This scene seems familiar.
“Until now,Xu Xuan still got nothing。”Ke Fan explained:“Maybe he can try to attack by himself,Because the other people in the Knicks don’t feel very good。”
Xu Xuan also wants to attack by himself,But the ball just passed halftime,I yelled and leaned on James to reach out for the ball。
What do you think he can do?Think you haven’t seen it?
Can only wait patiently to find opportunities。

Leaping high!

Leaped over Garnett。
Leaped the Emperor James。
Leaped over Nash, Son of the Wind。
Leap over Golden State Lavin。
Legendary dunkers on the sidelinesJThe doctor seemed to see his young self。
Michael Jordan in front of the TV looks at that eye-catching24Smashed the TV remote。
Old Joe of Philadelphia suddenly understood,Own child has become an eagle。
Flying is the most primitive desire of mankind,Everyone has imagined themselves swaying in the sky。
This is also the charm of basketball。
Fly,Peter Pan!
Fly,Kobe rekindled youth!
Legs spread,Did not touch anyone’s head,Flew over the restricted area。
Time seems to stand still,The flowing place is so long。
In the end, Kobe made a leap for four futureMVP,Leap over myself。

“Hahahaha,Do you know the old man’s hand broke,I will let you taste my ninth spirit ability today,Space solidification!”Lock space at this moment,All energy air stops here,And Tyrant stopped at this moment,Because he can’t move, this space energy tightly suppresses him,If you want Lin Yan to see it,I must think he is similar to the two-level static domain。

“hateful,Can’t move,Even the air in the body is drawn out of the body,Li Qingshan is a bit of a guy。”Yes,At this moment,Even the air in the body is forced out of the body,That piercing feeling,Let the tyrant sweat,Even if his soul power is forcibly drawn out of the body at this moment。
And at this moment all。The soul masters below the soul king all died suddenly at this moment,Because they can’t resist this terrifying force,My own soul power has been pumped clean,Even if my own people have fallen a lot at this moment。
Tyrant stared closely at the dead soldiers below him,If he doesn’t break free from this bondage,I’m afraid that no one besides Luo Qinghe can escape。
And Luo Qinghe did not care about the dead soldiers,In his eyes,These people are just ant cannon fodder,He didn’t care about him,But staring at the Tyrant in the sky,He wanted to know how this young man would struggle with this bondage。
“Ninth Spirit Ability,Colorful shots!”Tyrant’s eyes braved the golden light, gritted his teeth and said,At this moment her body suddenly dissipated,And countless soul-breaking guns in the air,Every owner of a destruction gun is a tyrant,It’s the Tyrant who formed countless people。
“Li Qingshan,You have to take responsibility for what you do and accompany those who died,cut!”The clone that stood up with the roar of the sky at this moment emits that terrifying power at the same time,Blasted everyone out,Even Luo Qinghe receded at this moment,Because this terrifying power is comparable to my own god。
“Ninth Spirit Ability,Petrified clone!”And Li Qingshan also used his second martial spirit at this moment,Petrified clone。
But even if he used the ninth spirit ability of his second martial spirit, it was of no avail.,The ninth spirit ability of the Overlord’s Colorful Soul Breaker is really terrifying, and that feeling instantly makes the entire space seem like an extinguishing effect.,At this moment,Li Qingshan looked into the distance with shocked eyes,The body is broken like a spider web。A generation of semi-god powerhouses fell,Luo Qinghe frowned and hummed coldly,Flying in the air。
“Not bad,Batian admits that you are strong,If you get the position of God,This seat is definitely not your opponent,But you are just a demigod now,You have no god,Even if your martial soul will be an artifact,so what,You cannot make up for the gap between God and man,Even if you millions of people go together,That’s just my trick,I can give you a chance to be loyal to me,Do things for me,Let’s unify the whole continent together,Look good?”
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Chapter 181 The Gap Between God and Man(Subscribe)
“old man,You kill my master, do you think I can spare you?Although the gap between God and man is huge,But I just want to try how big it is,I reached a demigod,Just want to see how strong the fighting ability of the god-level powerhouse is,Either you die or I die today,Old guy put away your dirty heart,I have already seen through,Let you fall here today”Tyrant gritted his teeth。
Luo Qinghe’s face twitched,Wave,Ba Tian’s body suddenly receded,“boom”A loud noise,Tyrant crashed on the wall of Jialing Pass,Everyone is unbelievable at this moment,Looking at the god-level powerhouse in mid-air,There is only one word in their hearts,Is the gap between God and man really that big??
Long Lin immediately ran over,Helped the Tyrant out,At this time, Ba Tian vomited blood out,Looking at the Luoqing River in the sky in disbelief,The soul-breaking gun in his hand is tightly clenched,This is the gap between God and man。
“Cough,Old fellow Lao Tzu is not so easy to kill,Even if you are a god,How different is our strength,I won’t catch it,You can get it if you want Lao Tzu’s life,Ninth Spirit Ability,Puff!”At this moment, Ba Tian vomited out blood again,The ninth spirit ability just finished,The spirit power in his body has been exhausted,Unable to use the ninth spirit ability again。
“Hahaha,Is your soul power exhausted??Batian admits that you are a genius,But what about,You are nothing but a demigod,Your ninth spirit ability directly emptied your spirit power,And you don’t deserve to be my enemy,Even if your dead master died without supporting five moves in my hands, what would you use as a titled Douluo to fight me??”
Luo Qinghe came directly to Ba Tian’s side after speaking,His right hand tightly pinched Batian’s throat,Long Lin is about to shoot,I was slapped by him and flew out to fly far away,Elder Wang and Elder Shui were also overwhelmed by the breath of Luo Qinghe and kneeled on the ground.。