After singing,Zhao Gang took the lead and applauded,Excitedly:“OK,It surprised me that,Sing so well,One more song!”

Xia Jihan turned off the microphone,Said:“Will sing this song,I can’t sing other well。”
Next Liu Mei sang another song,After Guan Hao and each lady did a dance,Said to them:“Mayor Chang and I have things,Go ahead,Play well。”After speaking, we shook hands with everyone and we left.。
Chang Yuan followed along with a smile。
Liu Mei takes a look at the secretary、The mayor left,Took a breath。
At this moment,Wang Ping and traffic bureau director Shen Hui came in from outside,They saw Xia Jihan here,Can’t help but froze for a while。Shen Hui and Wang Ping are relatives,Are Li Lisha’s cousin,They are the maidens at the wedding today,It’s reasonable to see Xia Jihan, especially when I saw her today.。
Xia Jihan is not clear about their relationship,Nod and smile at them。She saw Guan Hao gone,My heart will follow,So I don’t want to sing,Want to go,It’s not easy to bring up,I have to be patient and listen to them singing。
At this moment, Shen Hui came over,Invite her to dance,She can’t say she can’t jump,Just stood up,Jump with him。
Zhao Gang took out the cigarette,Want to suck,There are ladies here,Just go out,Came to the opposite room,Only then did he discover,The rooms around are empty,Because Guan Hao is here,It must be arranged like this on purpose。
Wang Ping also followed,Zhao Gang handed him one,Said:“Why did Xiaoxia’s ex-husband not want her??”
Wang Ping said:“Don’t blame them,It’s my cousin,No man can stand it,Stalker,Still out……”Cousin after all,Wang Ping can’t tell about Li Lisha’s pregnancy。
“What do you think of Xiaoxia??”Zhao Gang said。
“OK,What do you mean?”
“I want to get married too。”
“you,Would you like Xiaoxia??”
“Can’t it??”Zhao Gang asked back。
Wang Ping was anxious when he heard it:“Hey,Hey,What are you doing?I told you you should pay attention,I solemnly remind you,Don’t make Xiaoxia’s idea!”

Zhuang Hai said frankly,Although he knows that saying this kind of makes Zhuang Yong lose face!

Zhuang Yong is really speechless!
“master,There is such a government son-in-law,So capable again,That’s not a bad thing。What do you say……”
Zhuang Hai said meaningfully。
“Let me think about it……”
Zhuang Yong can’t make up his mind,Change to usual,He is very decisive and resolute in handling everything,But this time it’s a big deal,Especially involving his baby girl,He can’t think about it,After weighing the pros and cons repeatedly,Make more decisions。
“master,Do you want to talk to Miss,Tell her about it?”
Zhuang Hai asked again。
“I’ll talk about it after I think it through……”
Zhuang Yong hesitated for a moment,Helplessly say。
This is how he has been in the underworld for decades,Cringe for the first time,Undecided,He can take any risks without fear,But he can’t take any risks related to Xiaodie!
He is a gangster,But he is also a good father who loves his daughter!Although this sounds contradictory,But the truth is so……
“Yes,master,I’ll go down first,Call me if you have something。”
Zhuang Hai respectfully finished,Turn around and go out。
“wait……Don’t leave,Stay here with me,I might……I have something to discuss with you at any time。”
Zhuang Yong hesitated for a moment,He still kept Zhuang Hai,He thinks the person involved,Bystander clear,He still wants to listen to Zhuang Hai’s opinions。
Zhuang Hai stopped immediately,Back to the study。

“Yes,I understand!”

Liu Xiaoyun nodded seriously and agreed。“If I deal with the dealer alone,By my ability,It is not difficult to escape safely,And it won’t hurt everyone。and so,Action tomorrow,It’s me and you,Serving as a battlefield commander。You must act according to my current order,Never
Impulsive!This is important!”
Qin Liang reminded Liu Xiaoyun again。
Kin Liang is very clear,Fluttershy,He won’t be in any danger。What he is most worried about now is Xiaoyun and the others are young and energetic,I can’t bear it then,Chaos!But the relationship between myself and Xiaodie,He must not let everyone know……
If you really want to fall out with the dealer,Fluttershy caught inside,Is the hardest person,It was obvious that she could not make any choice between the two rivals.,By her character,temper,Character,If you really fall into that situation,That would kill her……
“Yes,I know。”
Liu Xiaoyun nodded again。
She is a pretty pretty smart girl,Qin Liang said so clearly,Of course she understands the key issue here。
“and so,I’m really embarrassed this time,I can only leave this matter to you to help me solve it together。”
Qin Liang successfully convinced Liu Xiaoyun,The biggest worry in my heart is gone,I feel happy immediately。
The reason why he made such an arrangement deliberately,There is another consideration:If once you start with the dealer,,The swallow is bound to be one of the main combat forces,There is absolutely no way to be distracted to lead the Rose Legion,And Liu Xiaoyun is among all the people,The most resourceful!
She is like Jin Yong’s martial arts“Heaven Slaying Dragon”Like Xiao Zhao inside,At a critical time,Can control the overall situation,Talents who turn things around。

“I know you joked,But I felt very sad after hearing that sentence,Uncomfortable。”

Shen Ruoxue is still entangled with herself……The little princess is the little princess,Not only will be willful with others,Sometimes I’ll be angry with myself,Anyway“This princess is unhappy now”That’s it。
“my fault,I’m joking and hit your bottom line,Maybe it hurt your heart accidentally,really sorry,Brother-in-law apologizes to you again,please forgive me。”
Qin Liang said seriously。
“Ok,I accept your apology,This thing ends here。”
Shen Ruoxue nodded and agreed,Then he breathed a sigh of relief,This is what I think“This thorn”Unplugged。
“Thank you,Thank you Little Snow Princess for not killing,Ha ha!As expected to be the most gentle of the Shen family,Most virtuous,The prettiest,The cutest first little princess。”
Qin Liang quickly slapped Shen Ruoxue’s little ass。
“Yep,It’s almost,Hehe。”
Shen Ruoxue finally showed a smile!Although he knew Qin Liang was just complimenting,,Please yourself,But this kind of flattery,Girls always listen,In fact, many men also have this weakness,This is why from ancient times to the present,There will be treacherous ministers in every dynasty!After all, everyone loves to listen to nice words……
“I’ll take you guys to buy snacks later。”
Qin Liang knows,The best way to please Shen Ruoxue,Just take her to buy snacks,As long as there are snacks,This girl’s mood will immediately be happy!This method has been proven countless times in practice;Simple and practical,The effect is immediate。
“OK!What you said!Speak to count!”
really!Shen Ruoxue compromised immediately……But if because of this,I think Shen Ruoxue is a little and no-good girl,That would be a big mistake!Shen Ruoxue is only in the one she trusts most,In front of the closest person,Will be greedy,In front of outsiders or unfamiliar friends,She is still the same as her sister Shen Ruoxi,Always a cold and dignified,A little goddess who combines truth, goodness and beauty!
“Must count!But I have a post condition!”
Qin Liang said thoughtfully。
“Isn’t it a prerequisite??Why are there any additional conditions?What the hell is the latter condition?”
Shen Ruoxue asked inexplicably。


Just when he was stupefied,This number becomes29:23:59:45。
Hu Lai realized that this was a countdown!
There is still a countdown to this task?!
What the hell!
He was thinking about putting this task,Let it be,It will happen,Will it be done automatically when he can play??
But obviously the system doesn’t think so。
See the beating numbers,The last column should be seconds,And so on,Minutes ahead、Hours and days。
Such a count,This task requires him to complete within thirty days!
Hu Lai panicked。
Thought of here,He withdrew from the system space,Set his sights on the head coach Li Ziqiang in the distance。
This is the key figure that determines whether he can play。
Li Ziqiang stands on the sidelines,Today’s training is over,Hu Lai once again completed the training task he gave。
From the time this kid joined the school team,Four weeks have passed,Nearly a month。
He first thought that under his consciously strict requirements and heavy exercise training,This kid shouldn’t last long。
Because looking at the face,Li Ziqiang always feels that Hu Lai’s eyebrows are sly,It doesn’t look like the kind of loyal and honest person who can endure hardship。

Wang Guangwei thought of this,Put away business cards,Walk to the far subway station。

On the campus behind him,A clear whistle faintly came from the direction of the stadium。
Chapter Seventy Nine The glorious years of Dongchuan Middle School
Principal Zhai stood in the inner room of the school’s honor room,This is a completely different place from the honor room outside。
The hall outside is full of certificates of various honors and achievements obtained by Dongchuan Middle School,There are educational and cultural honors。
This hall is well lit,Bright and spacious,Various trophies placed on glass cabinets and shelves、Certificate、Medals,And pennants,Under the light,Very eye-catching。
This is an honor room that is common in almost all schools,Nothing unusual,As the best high school in Dongchuan,It’s normal to have these honors。
Just on the other side of the hall of honor,There is a double door,That’s not the exit of the honor room,After opening it is a relatively dim inner room。
Step into this room which is mostly dark,There are two rows connected by the wallLType cabinet,Enclosed by clear glass,The light came down from the ceiling above the cabinet,Shroud the contents of the cabinet,Make them look shining。
They are the only bright areas in this room,Is also the most attractive arrangement。
“These are the champions of the Anton Cup。”Principal Zhai looked back at the SLR camera in the cabinet and said,There is a red light flashing repeatedly on the top of the camera,Means this machine is working。
“They all look different,Because the shape of the Anton Cup championship trophy has also undergone some changes。Not even a trophy at first,But a pennant……”Principal Zhai with white hair pointed to a dull red pennant under the spotlight closest to the door.,It is written in yellow italics: