“What is he doing?”

Peng Changyi said calmly:“Studying cooking。”
Jiang Fan was taken aback,Say:“what,Cooking?”
“Ok,North and South dishes、Man Han Feast,Are studying。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“This old comrade,interesting。”
Peng Changyi didn’t follow his words and continued,Just ask Ding Yi:“Xiaoding,What to eat?”
Ding Yi said:“casual,I want to eat whatever the two leaders want。”
Peng Changyi said:“such,Let’s go eat dumplings,Huanyu Restaurant added dumplings,There are more than twenty kinds of fillings,very good。”
“Isn’t they their main barbeque??”Jiang Fan said,Because Ding Yi doesn’t like barbecue。
“Correct,They recently expanded a dumpling restaurant,The boss called me two days ago and said it is a well-known hometown dumpling chain in the country,After the customers ordered,Freshly made stuffing、Now package、Freshly cooked,Very fresh,Winter is the season for eating dumplings,Let’s try。”
Jiang Fan told Ding Yi:“Xiaoding,See it,For the restaurant on the ground in Kangzhou,He knows better than me,But better than me**More,I often have nowhere to eat,Eat instant noodles by yourself,Ugh,Gap——”
Ding Yiguan laughs,not talking。
Peng Changyi said:“Sin,Accidentally exposed,I wanted to be the leader,I didn’t expect to take the wrong place。”
“Hahaha。”Jiang Fan laughed,Just take the lead。
Three people go downstairs,this will,It’s too early to leave work,There is no one in the corridor,After they came out,I learned that Xiao Xu and Old Gu had already eaten in the canteen,Only Lin Yan didn’t dare to move,Waiting for the mayor。Peng Changyi told Old Gu:“Since you have all eaten,Just find a place to squint for a while,I drive by myself。”
Jiang Fan didn’t use Xiao Xu to drive。
Peng Changyi let Ding Yi get on Jiang Fan’s car,Lin Yan got in Peng Changyi’s car,The two cars drove to Huanyu Restaurant in the east of the city。
Peng Changyi went to Jin’an to study。Monday afternoon,Ding Yi finished watching the talk show,Will be broadcast tonight,She sent a message to Peng Changyi:The talk show will be broadcast tonight。
Peng Changyi called,Say:“I’m so lucky。“

The swallow immediately said loudly。

“alright,Let’s change the topic,Your master and apprentice will praise me like this again,I can’t even find North。”
Shen Ruoxi screamed and called……
Silent night,Bright street lights illuminate the empty hospital compound brightly,Except for the night wind blowing through the treetops“rustle”Outside of the sound,There is almost no other sound。
Fully armed Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,Automatic rifle,Strolling casually in front of the deserted hospital building。
Compared with the hospital in Haishang City,Here is really“depression”Too much。
“Not fun at all。”
This is the third time that Shen Ruoxue complained and said this sentence。
“Sisters,Let’s not come out to play, okay?You think every time you go out,The places I go are all beautiful,A picturesque tourist destination!You think too much, you。”
Liu Xiaoyun can’t laugh or cry to refute Shen Ruoxue,She really didn’t want to hear Shen Ruoxue’s endless complaints anymore。
“Isn’t it boring??I’m bored and complaining?”
Shen Ruoxue’s unconvincing answer,But under normal circumstances,She rarely convinced,No matter where it is,No matter who it is,No matter what it is,In short:The first little princess of the Shen family is so short-tempered,Love who,Love it!
She and her before school,But it’s really a world of change,Except people become more and more beautiful,The body becomes more and more graceful and sexy,Almost all the character, temperament and temperament of the whole person have undergone an earth-shaking change!
Speaking of it, this is really strange,Something incredible!In the past, Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were a pair of girlfriends with typical complementary personalities.,Liu Xiaoyun is a typical little girl,And Shen Ruoxue is a pretty lady in the absolute traditional sense.,And two years later today,There is a big tune between the two girlfriends,Shen Ruoxue became a sticky little fire,It’s the same without sticking fire,But Liu Xiaoyun has completely turned into a virtuous and virtuous girl,The kind you don’t want……
“Row!Your little old man is now the first little ancestor among the sisters of the Shen family,Whatever you want,Do what you want,I dare not have any opinions。”

Ou Zhaozhao is in a trance,because,Space is back.

After Ou Zhaozhao passed out,Baby Ou is in a hurry。
Feng Yang persuaded her to calm down while calling people to come and lift Ou Zhaozhao up。Here are all scientists,A lot of miscellaneous studies,There are many people with good medical skills,Some of them came directly to check on Ou Zhaozhao,“Just emotional,nothing。”
Baby Ou frowned,This is also because of space?What excited?Still because she is fine?
But obviously,This is not the time to say this,Leaving the laboratory smoothly,After returning to the ground for isolation,Although it’s not when talking,but,At least not so depressed and tight。
“Jiang Fan, according to An Dong,Launched a new round of experiments。Experimental project between human and metal disc,It’s over temporarily,If there are no breakthrough facts in the future,,Will never restart such projects。”
Baby Ou while eating an apple,Said to Ou Zhaozhao,“They said it was my credit.But i think,This is tantamount to directly letting scientists like An Xiaoqing and I fight to death。”Fake Wang Lan’s real name is An Xiaoqing,A beautiful name,but,She herself is not so beautiful.Not to mention it for now。
“Scientists like An Xiaoqing,My favorite is to start with people,Think all science and technology,Are all related to humans,I want to react to humans when doing any experiment.”It sounds reasonable,but,Really practice,It’s also an unimaginable horror。
Baby Ou speaking of this,Sigh,“Jiang Fan said that scientists like them,Always easy to collapse。Because too many people sacrificed,They are prone to demons。That is, there is a problem in my heart。Like An Xiaoqing,Not bad,It is said that there are more terrifying and inhumane.”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Three detail
Tut,Human progress,Where is it so easy.An Xiaoqing’s blood theory has some truth.,but,She cannot treat anyone as blood that can be sacrificed at will。
Disregarding the wishes of others,Deprive others of freedom and life,It’s a proper crime!!!Even if someone else sacrificed voluntarily,Legally,Is also a crime!!!
Like An Xiaoqing and the others,Everyone in the world is my thoughts,Is really scary。
Baby Ou thinks that science should improve while helping humans and nature,Instead of sacrificing humanity while making progress。This difference is quite big。
Ou Zhaozhao is eating peaches,I don’t know if I stayed there for a long time,Or because of being in the desert,The mother and daughter have recently wanted to eat various fruits。

“Ok,I will。”Lin Yan’s words are very precise,Did not make Ding Yi feel too embarrassed。

After arriving at the bus station,I immediately saw the last bus bound for Langzhu leaving,Lin Yan said:“Is it this?”
“Yes,You hurry up and stop,I go down。”
Lin Yan said:“Don’t worry,I will block it for you。”Talking,He blocked the car at the main entrance,The exit of that bus was blocked by Lin Yan’s car,The driver of the bus kept slamming Lin Yan’s horn。
Lin Yan also pressed the horn,Signal to the driver of the bus。
Ding Yi quickly jumped out of the car and ran towards the bus,Lin Yan got off the car,Shouted at her:“Your suitcase。”
Ding ran back after hearing it,Lin Yan had taken out the suitcase for her long ago,Told:“Don’t panic,I can’t go without this car,Say again,They wish they would all take a passenger。”
Ding Yi said to Lin Yan“Thank you”Rear,Pick up his own box,Ran to the bus,Lin Yan watched her get in the car,To make room for the bus,Drove away from the bus station。
Watching the bus go away,Lin Yan took out his phone,He called Jiang Fan,After Jiang Fan is connected,Lin Yan said:“mayor,Do you have an appointment tonight?”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Why,You want to date me?”
Lin Yan asks Jiang Fan for this interval,Not to eat special snacks,Just take a hot spring,Jiang Fan knows Lin Yan’s intentions,Do not refuse,Because he really needs to relax。
Lin Yan said:“Yes,Do you have time?”
“Not tonight,I’m going to Secretary Wang’s house,Go eat his private food,Or you too。”Jiang Fan’s tone seemed very relaxed。
“This one……mayor,Of course i want to go,but……”Lin Yan does have concerns,Although Lin Yan also respects Wang Jiadong,I ate with him many times,And also visit his house during the holidays,But after all, I’m not yet familiar enough to go to his house to eat his own cooking,Not to mention,Where is Wang Jiadong’s prestige?,Lin Yan should be considered a junior,He is not better than Peng Changyi,After thinking about it:“or,Go to Secretary Wang’s house another day,I invite you and Secretary Wang to eat seafood today?”
Jiang Fan didn’t speak,At this moment,But I heard the voice of Wang Jiadong,“What is Xiaolinyan,Please don’t move you?Is my family’s threshold high or you refuse to condescend?”
Lin Yanyi listen,Said quickly:“Secretary Wang、Secretary Wang,That is not what i mean,I can’t hide it from you?I……I’m embarrassed?”


Xia Chenglong breathed a sigh of relief,The matter is finally solved。
He couldn’t kill the opponent right now,Murong’s secret technique can accurately know the picture at this moment,This is the main reason。
“Then you……”
“I will stay here,Until remembering what happened before。”
Xia Chenglong almost vomited blood,What is this,Co-authored what I said just now。
Turn around,Look at the black tiger。
“Uh……No need to take care of that,I’m going to see that guy。”The adjutant who was supposed to be submissive actually rebutted。
Xia Chenglong turned his eyes to An’s,After all, they are still partners at this moment。
“I want to practice!”
As a person,An’s also understands the situation at the moment,She is happy to give this man with boundless beauty some problems。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Eight Quiet before the storm
“That one,Do you want to take a bath,And then eat something!”
Xia Chenglong didn’t want to spend more energy in this meaningless battle,Can only put forward some constructive comments。
Then Murong Qianxue still stood in place,Staring at the man in front of you。

Shu Qing said:“Yes。this afternoon,I got a call from Nana,She said after the first class,There is a parent forum,After her school,Didn’t see mom,Lao Kang said her mother went to Jinan for a meeting this morning,The power system has a commendation meeting before May Day,Can’t come back at noon。She told me that she didn’t want Lao Kang to hold a parent seminar for her,At school in the afternoon,Called me on the teacher’s phone,Let me hold a parent meeting for her。”

Since the fat pig director of the Electric Power Bureau was transferred away,Shen Fang has always been responsible for the work of the bureau’s labor union,Power System May Day Commendation Conference,She must be attending。Peng Changyi said with a smile:“She’s pretty good at finding a way,Called you?”
Shu Qing said:“Didn’t call me at first,Called Old Gu first,Ask old Gu if I have a meeting,Old Gu said I didn’t have a meeting,Just call me。”
“Ha ha,Will engage in investigation,did you go?”
Shu Qing said:“Of course I went,Trust me so much,Don’t say i didn’t have a meeting,I have to go to the meeting。I went early,The teacher said,Nana told her,Her father is studying in Beijing,Her mother went to Jin’an for a meeting,She is looking for her best and most trustworthy friend for the meeting,So I found。”
“Ha ha,nice。”Peng Changyi said with a smile。
“Yes,I cherish this trust,Arrived at school long ago。”
“Ha ha。What spirit?”
Shu Qing replied:“the first,It’s a school choice;second,Talked about the results of the whole class in the whole grade,Sent out the transcript of the last exam;third,Answered questions from parents。At last,Leave the parents of key students for a separate discussion,I am honored to be the parent of key students。”
“Ha ha。”Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Congratulations,How is Nana’s grades?”
“Great!Second place。Many parents gathered around the teacher to ask about their children,I waited till the end,The teacher told me,This period of time compared to the previous period,Nana’s learning mood is very stable,Academic performance is also very stable,And always care about the class collective,Have strong organizational and leadership skills……”
“Ha ha。”Peng Changyi smiled。
Shu Qing continued:“But occasionally there will be times of distraction,Performance is not paying attention to lectures in class,Watching her attentively,I didn’t even listen。The teacher said it might have something to do with her reading the book in advance at home,There is also a sloppy phenomenon。”
Peng Changyi believes,Because that’s what he asked his daughter,After finishing homework,Just look back at the textbook,Appreciate the new content and knowledge of the textbook in advance。

“Ugh……If my master is still alive,,Seeing that I charged her so much and beautiful,The obedient young disciple,She doesn’t know how happy she is!”

Daochang Bai said with a sigh。
“Grandma Grandma will definitely say;Still my apprentice,The beauty of the world,The little beauty has been accepted as an apprentice for me。”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately took the conversation。
“Xiaoyun,Be humble,Low-key……”
Yang Shiyun said dumbly。
“I’m just telling the truth,Is it for humility and low-key,Do i have to tell lies?Sister Shiyun。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered confidently。
Yang Shiyun was shocked by Liu Xiaoyun’s words.。
“Ha ha,You little girl is really naughty。”
Daochang Bai smiled and interjected。
“master,I’m so naughty you won’t be angry with me,Hate me?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked Bai Daochang straightforwardly,This girl’s personality is really pretty straightforward,Under no circumstances know how to hide,Cover up,Always say what you have。

When he was in the Broken Mouth Mountains, he released the power from the God Realm,I wanted to cover it up with the help of changes in the tides of the world,Unexpectedly, it was discovered。

The military is not his own world,Many people want his position,They will not let go of the opportunity to stay away from the headquarters。
I just didn’t expect the other party to come so fast,Since they don’t want to make him feel better,Then there is nothing to say。
Destroying the fish market is only the first step,If the other party is smart enough, he will show up soon。
Since the blacksmith left,His mind has indeed broadened a lot,So that he was decisive when making a decision。
Down from the attic,Xia Chenglong’s clothes are still the same,At least on the surface。
Heihu and Awu saw the people,Smile at the corner of the mouth,They are not happy that Xia Chenglong can come out,The main reason is that the brother himself is still alive,Even made many people lie down。
“bawl,The task you gave me is completed,Those people are not my opponent。”Ah Wu proudly showing off。
Xia Chenglong nodded:“Are you sure you are done,What i want is to kill,Not simply knocking down the opponent。”He paused and said:“Give me the Three Sword Art,It was bought with my money。”
Ah Wu almost vomited blood,Because of anxiety,Both cheeks became flushed:“I,I,I did not kill,But those people are all lying on the ground,They are waste,Say again,You gave me that martial arts,How can I return the gift??”
joke,Xuan-level advanced martial arts,That’s what many people dream of,And he has tasted the sweetness,How could I be willing to take it out。
“No way,I didn’t say to give it to you,Just for your reference,Give me quickly!”Xia Chenglong is not forgiving。
Ah Wu looking for a job for the first time,He hasn’t reached the point of cruelty,I can only take out the scroll slowly。

“I don’t play with you,So i won’t beat you,Won’t lose to you。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s nonchalant answer。
“Why don’t you compete with me?”
Qin Liang asked confusedly。
“Because i can’t ride a horse……”
Liu Xiaoyun hesitated,Or told the truth frankly。
“What?You can’t ride a horse?”
Qin Liang is a little confused,In his heart,Liu Xiaoyun is from heaven to earth,omnipotent,She doesn’t know how to ride a horse without being quite jacket……
“Is it weird I can’t ride a horse?I haven’t touched horses,It’s normal to not ride?”
Liu Xiaoyun said frankly。
“normal,Too normal……So be it,Brother-in-law takes you to ride。”
Qin Liang was happy,This is the opportunity again!Riding on a horse with Liu Xiaoyun,That’s not how I want to take advantage of her, how to take advantage of her,She has nowhere to hide!
“I don’t ride,I’m afraid of falling on me……”
This is how Liu Xiaoyun is particularly good,What to say,Will not cover up your shortcomings just because you want face。
“rest assured,Have brother-in-law,How could I fall you?You ask Xiaoxue,When she first started,I took her to ride a horse,Then she can ride a horse now??It’s okay,You don’t have to be afraid,I am here,Can i still let you fall?”
Qin Liang tried his best to lobby Liu Xiaoyun。
“But I am scared!”
Liu Xiaoyun is not doing her best now,But tell the truth very honestly。
“A dragon soul warrior,How can you not ride a horse??What to do if you encounter a situation that requires horseback fighting on the battlefield in the future?You can’t ride,Your opponent will ride,Then you will be miserable,You can’t deal with the opponent’s horse,Kick can kick you down。”
Qin Liang said half jokingly and half seriously。

Qin Liang said hello unkindly。

“why you!”
Yang Shiyun asked in astonishment。
“I have a hasty!Is it me that is so strange?Are you waiting for other men to knock on your door?”
Qin Liang deliberately asked provocatively,Stepping into the room at the same time……
“fart!What am i waiting for another man……Can you talk well?”
Yang Shiyun’s face blushed,Scornfully。
She really didn’t expect,I was separated from Qin Liang for a while,He actually appeared again……This has become a lingering soul!
“Ha ha……I just saw the swallow go out,Where did she go so late?”
Qin Youqi asked。
“Oh,She went downstairs to buy things,Come back soon。”
Yang Shiyun answered casually,Although Qin Liang entered the room,,But she was still standing in the aisle at the door。Dress like this,She dare not get too close to Qin Liang,After all, this is not the room she lives in alone……
“Go shopping downstairs so late?What to buy?”
Qin Liang’s curiosity is not small,He wants to explore the rhythm of mysteries about girls。