In case he didn’t score,Instead, let the opponent seize the opportunity to score another goal,There is no suspense in this game。

Chinese team slows down,He also slowed down。
The two sides spent the last ten minutes of the first half in testing and dealing with each other.。
After one minute of stoppage time,The referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half。
There was a huge boo over the World Cup Stadium,I don’t know if these booing South Korean fans are dissatisfied with the referees who only gave one minute of stoppage time.,Still dissatisfied with the Korean team’s performance in the first half,Or dissatisfied with the Chinese team players who scored their two goals。
But in their boos,The Chinese players are in a good mood,Every player has a smile on his face。
The smile on Hu Lai’s face is the brightest,He looked at the frustrated Korean fans in the stands,Eyes swept across them,I found the small area where the Chinese women’s national team is located in the dense crowd,Then he raised his arm and waved there。
The Chinese team players who followed him off the field,See him doing this,Also look towards,Discovered the players of the women’s national team,So they followed Hu Lai and waved their arms over there。
Simultaneously,The women’s national team players in the stands have also stood up,Wave to them,Thumbs up,Applaud。
“Look!Qingqing waved to me!”
“Go away,Qingqing clearly waved to me!”
“Ha ha,I am 100% sure that Qingqing was looking at me when she waved!”
The young people of the Olympic team are arguing about who the goddess is。
Hu Lai rolled his eyes at them,Then shook his head and ran into the passage,Left the field。
he does not know,Behind him,A camera keeps following him,Until he entered the passage,Did not end the shooting。

Bagan brought back the bay red horse for Jiang Fan,Handed the rein to Jiang Fan’s hand。

Jiang Fan glanced at the place where the sun set,Forced the thoughts down,Deep gaze,There is a touch of pain,He turned on his horse again,With Bagan,In twilight,Direction from time to time,Walk slowly……
Ding Yi can be said to be peaceful and calm during this period,After she came back from Kangzhou,Have been living in the old house,Reading,Writing。Dad also prepared for the calligraphy exhibition,Pack out the big picture on the first floor,day,Accompany my daughter to write in the old house,at night,Back to Aunt Qiao,At the beginning of her return,Dad comes to the old house almost every day,Spent some time with her,day,It seems to be back when mom just passed away,Father and daughter depend on each other。
this day,Dad came to the old house as usual in the morning,He holds the breakfast for his daughter in his hand,After opening the door with the key,I yelled when I entered the yard:“Small one,Small one。”
Xiaoyi didn’t come out,It’s called“One by one”Dog got out of the crack in the door of the house,Shaking his head and spinning around the old professor。
The old professor came in,Immediately,The fragrance of rice porridge,Filled the room,He called again,Ding Yi walked out of the cabin behind the living room,She is holding a small pot of yellow millet porridge,Heard dad call her,Just replied:“Here it is——”
Talking,Just put the millet porridge on a small solid wood table covered with floral tablecloth,Then take off the apron,Fill two small porcelain bowls with millet porridge。
Ding Naixiang hung his coat on the coat hook on the wall,Sniffed,Said:“My daughter has great cooking skills,The aroma of millet porridge is everywhere。”
Ding Yi smiled,He knows that dad is always trying to make himself happy recently,Just said:“father,Who can cook porridge?,It has nothing to do with cooking。”Talking,Put a small plate of fermented bean curd、A small dish of diced kimchi,A small dish of pickled diced carrots,There is also a small sauced cucumber diced,Even fermented bean curd,She cut into dices with a knife。These are my dad’s favorite side dishes。
“Ha ha。”Dad wash his hands,Sitting on an old-fashioned small square table,Looking at the four small butterflies on the table,Said:“Or my daughter knows my taste,Don’t have too many dishes,Get a few more varieties,Not like your Aunt Qiao,Everything is a big bowl,A large plate,Give me one end of the table,Can you eat it?Eat,Greasy look,Such a big plate,No appetite,Don’t eat,Hungry。”
Ding Yi giggled,Take out the Huangqiao sesame seed cake that Dad bought from the food bag,Code in a disk,Said:“father,I’ll tell Aunt Qiao what you said in a while。”
Dad laughed too,Say:“Tell her it’s okay,I said it not once,I said,You have two more varieties,In addition,Don’t make so much,Full before eating,Ha ha,It’s useless to say,She is that habit,Can’t change,I can only adapt。”
Ding Naixiang took a sip of porridge,Put down the spoon,Just said:“I have good news to tell you。”
Ding Yi lowered his eyes,I bowed my head and drank a spoonful of porridge,Said:“The good news is wrong,Because it’s not good to come to me recently。”
Ding Naixiang glanced at his daughter,Did not speak,stand up,Took out a newspaper from his jacket,Handed it to Ding Yi。
Ding Yi flipped through the newspaper,Did not find anything,I don’t understand what the good news is,Dad snatched the newspaper,Said:“I come,Bring me the glasses。”

At the moment the film was exposed,Peng Changyi wants to understand what to do,He picked up the note on the table,Said:“Xiaole,Look at this transcript,You make this place,See clearly?this place。”He pointed to one sentence,Say:“‘Upside down into the east,I can’t see’,Ends at this place,This paragraph of this page,You are doing it again,Let him press his handprint,Then I called his uncle,Let him lead people,This kid can’t stay in Kangzhou anymore,Must get out!”

Chen Le looked at the transcript again,Looked at the exposed film again,I understood what the director meant,Said:“it is good,I will go up,Do this place again。”Talking,After tidying up the things on the table,Waiter again,Let them quickly bring the rice and vegetables they ordered。
Peng Changyi said:“If you eat,Just a bowl of rice and a dish。”
At this time the waiter said:“Doing it for you,Rice can be returned,Food can’t be returned。”
Peng Changyi waved his hand impatiently,The waiter went out。
quickly,Peng Changyi’s rice and two dishes were served,He looked at the food in front of him,He has lost his appetite,May be too hungry,It may be blocked,After a few simple mouthfuls,Put down the chopsticks。
At this moment,Chen Le came in with the paper bag,He said nothing,Took out the transcript from inside,Peng Changyi took a look,I found that the paragraph just now has been changed,Add another sentence at the end:After i woke up in the morning,Took the camera and came to the east,The mayor’s car is still parked there,Later, I saw the mayor came out and left。
Peng Changyi didn’t ask how this sentence came from,I read the transcript carefully before and after,After making sure that there is nothing wrong with the donkey’s lips,I found the original page,I asked for a lighter from Xiaole,Burned,Talk while burning:“Xiaole,remember,Today’s things are rotten in my stomach,Can’t talk to anyone。”
Chen Le nodded solemnly,Said:“director,Don’t ask me,I know what to do。”
“Ok,When I asked him to press his handprint,Is he watching?”
“No,He was stupid,I told him to press where he is,And told him,Just said he didn’t see anything。”
“How did he say?”
“He said he did not see anything。”
Chang Yi almost made a sound,Said:“Xiaole,You handled it well,Work hard。”
“Ok,I don’t know anything else,I only know to complete the task you gave me,I have to do。”
Peng Changyi patted his shoulder,Said:“You won’t show up in the place for a long time,How to tell what?”
“Needless to say,I’m on night shift for a week,No other situation in the institute,Won’t call me。”

“Can i stop breathing……”

Feifei Sun can’t hold on,This stretch*Posture,She has been holding on for ten minutes,Can’t hold on anymore。
“amount……Ok,You take a break,Let’s come to the next proposition。”
Qin Liangyi’s unfinished answer。
Feifei Sun is also a genius,She didn’t want to think;Which woman would wear such a dress is obviously to increase the interest of husband and wife,Thin and translucent underwear went to the beach to breathe fresh air?Fucking hawaiian white beach……
Sun Feifei leaned on the edge of the sofa, moving her arms and panting……
Qin Liang turned around,Secretly wipe off the saliva from your mouth。
“it is good,Now let’s proceed to the next proposition。”
Qin Liang is in his mind again。
“right now,In the bedroom,You face your newly married husband,This is your bridal night……”
Qin Liang compiles the plot by himself。
“I……I can’t do this……I don’t have a husband……I don’t even have a boyfriend yet。”
Sun Feifei blushed,Stuttering to explain。
“It’s ok,I am your husband!Oh no no no,You treat me as your husband,come on……”

Outside the machine window is a white cloud that can’t be seen,Sun shines on white clouds,Sometimes you can see the dazzling reflection!

“Mr,Do you need something to drink?”
A sweet voice rang around me,“Skin monkey”Turn back,I saw the charming smile of a flight attendant,Zhengtian smiled and looked at herself。
“Oh,Orange juice!”
In an instant,“Skin monkey”I remembered the famous satin that Mr. Jin had……So he blurted out,And also imitated the accent of Teacher Jin when he said this sentence,Imitate vividly!
Finished this sentence,“Skin monkey”Smiled happily。
The stewardess was shocked,Then he smiled more beautifully……
Encountering such a childlike customer,Always make people happy,So this flight attendant couldn’t help watching more“Skin monkey”A few glances,of course,When I gave him the glass of orange juice,And really gave him an orange!
“Look,Smiling always brings good luck,and so,Don’t be stingy with your smile at any time。”
“Skin monkey”Reach out and pick up the orange,Smiled and said to the flight attendant!The stewardess looked at him in surprise,Then smiled again……
After eating out together,Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun once again followed Liu Xiaoyun’s family back to Liu Xiaoyun’s home。
Just have time temporarily,So Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun plan to let Liu Xiayun stay with her parents for a while。
On the surface, this family is reunited,And actually;Liu Xiaoyun’s father is back,But Liu Xiaoyun left home……Even though it’s in the same city,But Liu Xiaoyun is already a dragon soul fighter,Now I rarely have time with my parents。
This is no way,Liu Xiaoyun is an active special forces fighter,And the warrior,Just stay in the army at all times,Waiting for battle orders,Ready to go。
After everyone happily spent the whole afternoon together,It’s time to say goodbye again……
“mom,I want to take Xiaoduo away,I want to be the same,Always want her by my side。”
Liu Xiaoyun hugged her“younger sister”,Said to his mother like a baby。

The nurse took some things and went in,Zhang Meng has already advanced into the operating room。

Skin preparation,anesthesia,It all takes time。
Gao Qiang is very nervous,Keep pacing outside the operating room。
Kicked me twice,Then I went to the bathroom at the end of the corridor and opened the window to smoke。
Relax a lot after smoking a cigarette。
A doctor and nurse came out and asked the family to sign,Found during the operation**Fibroids,Ask if resection。
Gao Qiang signed immediately,How could it not be removed!
After forty minutes,The operation has ended successfully。
Took the child out,Mother and Zhang Meng hugged and took a bath。
Is a big fat boy,Over eight catties。
Zhang Meng came out later,Still under anesthesia,Looks very pale。
Director Huang came out and Gao Qiang told me to continue to go back for other operations,Their work,Almost nothing when idle!
Gao Qiang gave the anesthesiologists red envelopes,But they didn’t want it。
Change to the Haicheng side,It is estimated that nine out of ten!

“Yep,I will work hard,Master, don’t worry。”

Liu Xiaoyun answered confidently……
In a blink of an eye, everyone returned home together,But found that Qin Liang had already brewed the new tea, waiting for Bai Dao to return。
“Master Uncle,Please use tea。”
Qin Liang saw Daochang Bai,He respectfully held the tea in front of Daochang Bai。
“it is good,Thank you。”
Daochang Bai said politely,Reached out and took the teacup。
“I don’t work hard,Uncle Master, you are working hard,To teach so many disciples。”
Qin Liang said modestly。
“correct,If you encounter something you don’t understand while practicing,You can also ask me directly。”
Daochang Bai added another sentence。
“Yes,Thank you uncle,I will always ask Master Uncle you for advice,My master is not here,You are also my master,But don’t dislike me for being dull。”
Qin Liang said gratefully,This is exactly what he has been latent in his mind。
“will not,Your master’s apprentice,That’s my apprentice,Moreover,Since your master can teach you one of his secret skills,It can be seen that you are a very qualified apprentice in his mind,Then why is it dull?。”
Bai Daochangyun’s calm answer。
“That is my master, his old man praised me……”

Qin Liang asked in surprise。

“I agree!You want to be beautiful!”
Murong Shan directly hit her face!Answer without hesitation。
“I care if you agree or not,Again!your people,I am going to make!Love it!I think you can run?I still don’t believe it!”
Qin Liang said even more rudely。
“Neuropathy!Too lazy to care about you!Humph!”Encountered such a messy master,Murong Shan has nothing to do,It just happens to have nothing to do with him!Although Murong Shan is tough,,But she knew,If you really let Qin Liang get a chance,It’s still hard for me“Escape”Of his claws,I’m afraid of the final knot
Sure enough, I was forcibly taken over by him……But Murongshan can think about it too,First of all I didn’t plan to find another husband to marry,So even if Qin Liang takes over himself,It’s nothing great。Secondly,Murong Xiaoyao, my only baby girl,Now it’s basically treating Qin Liang as his biological father,
So even“Her mother”Be“Her dad”Occupied,Also“Reasonable”of!
Anyway, this kind of thing is always a wish,A thing I want to suffer,As long as Murongshan doesn’t mind,Then there will be no problems。
So whether Murongshan minds or not,Only she knows best in her heart!
“I don’t know the daughter you will give birth to me,Will she be as beautiful as her sister Murong Xiaoyao。”
Qin Liang saw Murongshan ignored herself,Su Xing deliberately cheeked and continued to molest Murong Shan。
Murong Shan didn’t speak,Pretending to hear nothing,It seemed that she was going to ignore Qin Liang so directly!Anyway, she can’t take Qin Liang’s words,There is no way for him to keep his mouth shut,Then we can only adopt this method of using silence to express resistance。

Shen Ruoxue replied without mind。

Usually Liu Xiaoyun molested“Sexual assault”Shen Ruoxue,Today it’s completely upside down,In order for Shen Ruoxue to continue to take her own“offense”Go through,Also fight。
“Then I am also an honest little fairy,And you are not,You are a liar little fairy。”
Liu Xiaoyun unceremoniously said something to Shen Ruoxue。
“I do not have。”
Shen Ruoxue denies cheeky。
“you have!”
Liu Xiaoyun did not back down。
“No no,I don’t have。”
Shen Ruoxue started to shame……This is her usual style,Acting like a baby,And usually when she uses these two talents,She is always invincible,Invincible。
“Why can you mess around so stubbornly??”
Liu Xiaoyun asked angrily。
“Because i look pretty?Because I’m the number one beauty in the world,Do you still need to ask such a simple truth??”
Shen Ruoxue used even the cheeky……
“I suddenly don’t want to talk to you!Your face is too thick!”
Liu Xiaoyun said with an expression of lovelessness。
“Don’t you love me again?I just kissed you for nothing?”

“You all shut up!I hate it!Never finished!Is it my fault!Born to grow so big,What can i do!”

Shen Ruoxue screamed red and red……
Shen Ruoxue is right,It’s not her fault,she also“Don’t want”So big,Isn’t it impossible,Something,She can’t be the lord。
“OK OK,Xiao Nizi is upset,Let’s stop making fun of her。”
Yanzi is a big sister,Of course she must protect Shen Ruoxue’s face at this time,Even though she was just coaxing。
“You bully me every day,Make fun of me with my figure every day,Wouldn’t your conscience hurt so much??I didn’t offend you。”
Shen Ruoxue’s complaint is not over yet,Still going on。
“We just joked with you,Didn’t bully you。”
Liu Xiaoyun held back his laugh,Trying to pretend to be serious and explain。
“You think this is kidding me,But I think this is insulting me!”

Chapter three thousand nine hundred and twenty five I also said I married you