Decoding Men’s Psychological Stress

Decoding Men’s Psychological Stress

White-collar men in cities are playing an increasingly important role in a rapidly developing economy and society. They also clearly represent a state of life. They are full of competition and fast pace in their work or life.The psychological pressure on them is by no means ordinary.

  I. Workaholics: The normal working time of an average person is 8-10 hours, which is the load of human health.

If you work for more than 12 hours, it will cause stress to the human body.

  Second, the extreme loss of everyone’s life will always be followed by a lot of unsatisfactory, not everyone is enough to solve the problem, which will produce a “feeling of loss.”

The emotional response derived from feelings of loss leads to pessimism, disappointment, lack of confidence, and even cynical attitude.

Career pressure is most harmful to white-collar men.

If this pressure cannot be aggravated, there is often a sense of loss, which is often referred to as the “gray” mentality.

  Third, the personality and age characteristics of the hard-working high-collar white-collar men marry, giving birth to competition.

Being in a fiercely competitive atmosphere for a long time has caused them to be extremely nervous, depressed and depressed, and interrupted their emotional decline.

When I can’t bear this kind of mental stress, I often cannot control myself and lose control.

  Fourth, the working environment of the family crisis, the social environment, and the value choices between family members, and emotional involvement may all hide and trigger family crises.

Even when there is no reason for conflict, stress can come to you through your family.

This makes many white-collar men depressed and unhappy all the time, and sometimes anxious and upset.

  Fifth, the fight against disease is the easiest to cause depression, and some will lose confidence in life.

The stress of illness comes from the worry of losing a healthy body and losing confidence in recovery.

  Six, greed is too high If you have a high desire for money, wealth, etc., that is greed, which will make your relaxed brain nerves nervous for a long time, accelerate normal cardio-brain movement, and produce a beat that is inconsistent with normal physiological functions.Will hurt the brain, sad, and hurt the body.

  Relieving psychological stress can start from the following aspects: First, slow down your work speed. If you are overwhelmed by the stressful work, it is best to immediately put your work down, slow it down, take a rest easily, maybe you doBetter.

  Second, reasonably arrange the work and rest time and strictly implement the work and rest system established by yourself, so that life, study and work can be carried out normally.

  Third, pay attention to cultivate a good mentality, strengthen psychological cultivation, and develop their own habit of psychological analysis.

Consider making friends with a psychiatrist in order to get their help often.

  Fourth, ensure that adequate sleep does not offend the laws of nature, otherwise you will suffer revenge from the laws of nature.

  Fifth, correctly evaluate yourself to always keep one by one, don’t make life difficult for yourself, set goals unattainable, do everything within your ability, and adjusting goals at any time may not be the behavior of the weak.

  6. Dealing with the relationship between the cause and the family. The harmony of the family and the success of the cause are by no means indispensable. Their relationship is interactive. “Family and everything are prosperous.”

  Seventh, we must be mentally prepared in the face of stress. We must fully realize that the high efficiency of modern society will inevitably bring high competitiveness and high challenges. We must have sufficient mental preparation for the impact of some concerns, so as to avoid temporary panic and increase stress.
At the same time, we must maintain a normal attitude, be optimistic and open-minded, and do not worry about adversity.

  Eighth, we must cultivate ourselves to have a broad-minded mind and be kind to others.

Zheng Banqiao’s “rare confusion” has been chanted to this day, because of the truth in life.

  Nine, rich personal amateur life, the development of personal hobbies and life tastes often make people feel comfortable. Painting, calligraphy, chess, sports, entertainment, etc. can add a lot of fun to life, regulate the rhythm of life, and come out from the monotonous tension at the same time.Towards cheerful and relaxed.

Itchy skin in spring looking for hydration time

Itchy skin in spring looking for hydration time

How to maintain the skin has a lot to do with the season. Now it is the dry season in spring, and the skin is prone to various problems, such as acne, peeling and cracking.

Often when we encounter these problems, we will treat them symptomatically, choose the method of removing acne, and choose the method of removing dead skin.

However, these are just solutions to the symptoms and not the root causes. We still have to solve the problems from the root cause.

Most skin problems are caused by dryness, so “drinking” the skin is the most important.

  So, how to replenish it?

Are there any requirements for hydration time?

  First, the internal hydration 1, two cups of water in the morning after getting up early is best to drink 2 cups of water, about 200 ml.

Because the body is in a state of sleep and also needs to consume water, after a whole night of rest, the body is actually in a state of dehydration.

Even if we don’t feel obvious thirst symptoms, we need to add 2 glasses of water to ourselves.

If you can’t replenish your body with water in time after getting up early, your body will overdraw and consume the water in your cells, causing your cells to dry up.

The same is true for skin tissue cells. Wrinkles, acne, and other problems can occur when there is no water.

  Can you add some spices in the water?

  In the first glass of water that we drink after getting up in the morning, we can add some salt, but it must be some salt, otherwise the body will be drier if it can’t replenish water.

The function of salt water is to help the body detox. Sometimes skin problems also reflect too much toxins in the body, so it is necessary to help the body detox after getting up early.

  2. If you are thirsty, you must drink water. If you feel obvious thirst symptoms, we must drink water in time.

Many people, for various reasons, start drinking water when they are really hungry for it. At this time, drinking water is too late because the body has begun to “hydrate itself”.

The so-called self-hydration of the body is to absorb water from the originally full cells to maintain the body’s operation, so that the originally full cells become dry, which will accelerate the aging of the cells.

Therefore, as long as you feel thirsty, you must add water in time. In normal life, you can put a glass of clean water on the table and take a few sips at any time.

Xiaobian recommends this method of slow hydration. The so-called slowness refers to drinking the water that has been consumed at one time and drinking it separately. This helps the body to continuously absorb water and reduce water loss.

  Second, external hydration 1, ready to spray at any time External hydration refers to the method of hydrating from the outside, is our common spray hydration.

Many people think that as long as we bathe or wash our face with moisturizing water or cream.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding. If you just spray the skin with moisturizing water twice a day, it will not achieve a particularly great moisturizing effect.

  Moisturizing still depends on the usual bit by bit. We can prepare a moisturizing spray around us, which can replenish the skin every 2 hours.

This also helps the skin resist radiation.

Some people think that spraying water after painting will cause halo makeup. In fact, don’t worry, the hydrating spray will not affect the cleanliness of the makeup, such as Qian Qian Cao loofah moisturizing spray.

The advantages of this product are three points. The first point is the addition of flower water essence, which is more nourishing than ordinary sprays. The second point contains a variety of pure plant extracts, which has a better moisturizing effect.Atomization experience, more dense.

Let’s take a look at user reviews?
2. Apply a mask before bedtime. Before going to bed, be sure to take care of your skin. From cleaning to moisturizing, we need to pay attention.

When washing your face, you must extract a facial cleanser with good moisturizing effect, and then apply a mask directly after washing your face.

But when replenishing the mask, we need to choose according to the individual’s skin quality.

The best time to apply the mask is not more than 20 minutes. The longer the mask is, the better.

Because the mask has been applied for a long time, some cotton masks will become dry, but instead will absorb the moisture in the skin, which is counterproductive.

  After applying the mask, do a good job of massaging the skin. Gently massage with your fingertips to help the skin absorb surface moisture and nutrients.

  Through the above, we will introduce how to hydrate the skin in spring, and let us know when it is most effective to hydrate the skin.

The key to spring skin care is moisturizing, and a lot of skin problems can be avoided by doing a good job of moisturizing.

I will tell you some big mistakes of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment

I will tell you some big mistakes of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment

Guide: I will tell you some of the major misunderstandings of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment, acupuncture and moxibustion.

Acupuncture is to pierce the needle with a certain point into the patient’s body, and use acupuncture techniques such as twisting and lifting to treat the disease.

Moxibustion is to burn the wormwood with a certain point to burn the skin, and use heat stimulation to treat the disease.

  It is often used in people’s lives today.

Acupuncture is composed of “acupuncture” and “moxibustion”, which is one of the important components of traditional Chinese medicine. Its content includes acupuncture theory, acupoints, acupuncture techniques and related instruments. It has a distinctive Han culture in the process of formation, application and development.And the regional characteristics are based on the precious heritage of the Han national culture and scientific tradition.

  However, many people are now learning acupuncture, but it is difficult to go deep. The important factor is that when they first came into contact with acupuncture, they were instilled with some common sense knowledge by textbooks or teachers, and this knowledge constitutes the theoretical system of many people.Foundation, but if the basic concepts are all wrong, it ‘s just that the foundation of the building is crooked and that building is not tall enough.

I know that if you analyze the deep-rooted basic knowledge of many people, you will definitely feel uncomfortable, but I really want acupuncture to flourish, and I want to make the acupuncture doctor in the lost way sober, and I really advise to let go of what you have learned and take a good look at the ancientsRemember.

  First, the misunderstanding about getting Qi is now assuming that Qi and Swelling has become a basic concept lingering for many acupuncturists. In fact, the Qi and Hemp Swelling was first overcome in the Qing Dynasty.Acupuncture works, the specific title is not clear.

In acupuncture books of the Song and Ming dynasties, the needle under the needle has always been encouraging.

Qi is defined in the Neijing as a change in the patient’s pulse.

Therefore, in my personal opinion, acupuncture does not need to care about the patient’s feelings, just focus on the changes under the needle and the changes in the patient’s pulse.

I have also repeatedly tested in the clinic, and the evidence I have obtained is that no matter whether the patient feels soreness or swelling, as long as the doctor’s hands feel like a fish swallowing, it will be effective. Of course, in many cases, the doctor’s hands are like a fish swallowing.At the same time, the patient also felt the feeling of soreness and swelling.

  Second, the misunderstanding about the needle retention time. Acupuncture now requires needle retention for half an hour, and even the needle retention time has arrived. It is not a precaution to look at ancient acupuncture works. The records of the needle retention time in each point of the Acupuncture A and B Classic are kept a few words.(Usually ranging from 1 to 10 breaths), look at the acupuncture books of later generations. The acupuncture points are recorded as a few breaths. A few breaths are a few breaths. Ten breaths can be up to half a minute.In ancient times, no needle was left.

Although in “Lingshu.

In the nine-needle-twelve-primitive method, although the method of supplementation and diarrhea requires “quietness to stay for a long time”, it also requires “hold the needle without placing it” (place it immediately).It is impossible to leave the needle for an hour, so in ancient acupuncture, the longest stay is only one minute.

  Third, the misunderstanding of the depth of acupuncture. Acupuncture points are generally deep. Generally, acupuncture doctors need to acupuncture more than an inch deep.Very deep, look at the acupuncture books of later generations, the requirements on acupuncture points are also a few points, rarely used to record.

Moreover, in the “Inner Canon”, if the needle is too deep for many times, evil spirits will enter. If you pay close attention to the feeling of the doctor during the operation, it is easy to feel like a fish swallowing a bit deep in the needle.Feeling of Qi, this feeling of getting Qi is where the “machine” lies, in “Lingshu.”

“The Nine Needs and Twelve Originals” requires “the way of knowing the opportunity, not to hang it with hair” (the last word “hair” in the ancient words was “hair” “hair”, not “fat” “hair”, two wordsIn ancient words, the writing is different, and simplified words are the same.) If you find this “machine”, you must not go deeper. After you get to this machine, you can’t even add a hair.

I have tried to continue to work hard when I got the opportunity, the patient’s condition immediately changed from improving to worsening, and the machine is not lost, it is difficult to come back.

“It cannot happen every time, it cannot be pursued.”

Of course, most acupuncturists find this machine, it is difficult to have higher efficacy, and at the same time there will not be too much fault.

  The above are some of the big differences between the acupuncturist and the ancient acupuncturist that I temporarily thought of. Of course, there are still many details, and small problems have no time to elaborate.

For example, regarding the meridian acupoints of the trunk trunk, the acupoints of the trunk in Neijing are reclassified into meridian acupoints, and the meridian acupuncture points are classified into the meridian for the convenience of later generations to remember or for other purposes.

  Net warm reminder: In the “Inner Canon”, only the five points of acupoints below the elbow and knee joints and the acupoints are included in the meridians, that is, only these acupoints have the effect of adjusting the collaterals and viscera.

The article I wrote is rewritten improvised, without detailed documentary evidence. Those who are interested can consult the literature by themselves.

Drink plenty of water to avoid pharyngitis

Drink plenty of water to avoid pharyngitis

For patients with chronic laryngitis, the most painful thing is that the throat is dry and uncomfortable all year round, I always feel foreign bodies, and I feel nauseous and nauseous in the morning.

Is such a contradiction really lingering and will accompany you throughout your life?


Open windows often: Keep air flowing, it is not easy to suffer from respiratory diseases, and it is an effective measure for chronic pharyngitis treatment.


Pay attention to oral hygiene: eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, and supplement collagen and elastin, such as trotters, fish, milk, beans, animal liver, lean meat and so on.

Morning and evening, you can use mouthwater to rinse your mouth. After mouthwashing, you can drink another glass of saltwater to prevent bacterial infection.


Keep warm and suffer from mouth and nose diseases: The onset of chronic laryngitis is related to mouth and nose, and the body does not pay attention to keep warm.

Therefore, the temperature in the room should not be too cold when sleeping; wipe your body and dry your hair immediately after bathing or shampooing; wear a mask when going out or cycling on a cold morning so that the mouth and nose are not stimulated by dry and cold air.


Carry out diet maintenance: It is advisable to eat a light and digestible diet, and then eat more refreshing, soft, tender and juicy food at the same time.

Drink plenty of water and refreshing beverages, but do not drink too thick.

Avoid tobacco, wine, ginger, pepper, mustard, garlic and all spicy things.


Drink plenty of water: This is a golden rule that you must never forget.

In addition, fumigating the throat with saline is also a good way to relieve the condition.

Use a large bowl or soup pot, put more boiled saline, open your mouth to inhale and exhale, about 10-15 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.


“Sitting” treatment: Put your hands on your two thighs, your eyes closed slightly, your tongue against the upper palate, calm down, breathe naturally, keep your throat, keep your mouth full of fluid, wait for fluid to fill your mouth, and slowly swallow.-20 minutes.

  Open your eyes slowly, rub your throat gently with one thumb and the other four fingers, and breathe naturally.

After the fluid is full, swallow slowly, so press for 5-7 minutes.

Practice 2-3 times a day, 15-30 minutes each time.


Strengthen exercise: Ensure a walk every day to improve physical resistance.

Expert guidance: commentary on meditation sitting

Expert guidance: commentary on meditation sitting

Yoga sitting position is the best posture to practice meditation.

The ancient yogis noticed that when yogis practice meditation that is characterized by contemplative introspection, the vital energy that lives in the spine needs to flow unimpeded between the spine end and the brain.The spine is straight.

And when the mind of the meditator is concentrated on a fixed point, it must not be disturbed by any movement, so the positions of the legs should not be moved frequently.

In addition, since the practice of meditation is often prolonged, the body and head need to be continuously stable.

As a result, various yoga sitting positions have become the product of such requirements.

Yoga sitting position is a very important preparation before practicing meditation and meditation. It should be noted that the yoga sitting position must be maintained in a relaxed and unforced manner, try to keep the body and mind quiet and peaceful, and focus on one point.

This book introduces the best sitting, thunderbolt sitting, and lotus sitting are more advanced Yuga sitting postures, while others are relatively simple, suitable for beginners.

These sitting postures can greatly help with weight gain, ankle and foot complications and flexibility.

[Simple sitting]This is the simplest sitting style, suitable for beginners to practice yoga movements and meditation.

You can step into this sitting position slightly according to your situation (for example, if one of you stepped on an injury.

Then when you sit down, you can straighten one leg. * Posture: Sit on the ground; stretch your legs forward and breathe naturally.

Cross your legs, press your left foot under your right leg, press your right foot under your left leg, straighten your spine, and tighten your jaw (pictured).

  * Practice essentials: During the sitting process, the head, neck and torso should be kept in a straight line.

  * Exercise effect: This sitting position is beneficial to the health of joints such as thighs and reduction, and enhances the function of the nervous system.

[Lotus seat]The lotus seat is the oldest yoga pose. It is the cornerstone of various poses. Its method is similar to that of sitting meditation.

  * Position description: Sit with your legs straight on the ground, hold the right neck with both hands, place your right leg on your left thigh, and your feet facing up.

Hold the left ankle neck with both hands and place the left leg on the right thigh with the soles of the feet facing up.

Straighten your back, tighten your chin, and keep the apex and the navel in a straight line. After completing the lotus position, breathe naturally and quietly until your heart is calm (this way).

  * Practice essentials: practice this posture, do not avoid floating.

  * Exercise effect: The lotus position increases blood supply to the head and chest area, strengthens the nervous system, eliminates tension and restlessness, makes the body peaceful and mentally focused.

[Half lotus position]* Posture description: Sit on the ground with your legs straight forward.

The right leg is bent, the floor of the right foot reports the position of the inner thigh of the left thigh, and the sole of the foot is facing upward.

Bend your left leg and place your left foot on top of your right thigh. This is the half lotus position (see below).

  * Exercise essentials: Straighten the back, adduct the lower jaw; keep the head, neck and main axis in a straight line.

  * Practice effect: The half lotus position has the same effect as the lotus position, but with a lesser degree.

[Lightning Sit]* Lightning Sit is an introductory position for other yoga poses, and it must be practiced frequently to achieve proficiency.

Kneel on both knees with the heels separated and the toes of the two feet touching slightly, but not overlapping.

Sit on the front of the feet and place the palms down, inserting the thighs.

After completing the thunderbolt, breathe naturally and focus on the tip of the nose (pictured: front and back).

  * Exercise essentials: When you sit down, relax your shoulders and straighten your back. This will relieve the pressure on your legs and prevent your legs from getting numb.

  * Exercise effect: Thunderbolt can flex knee joints and eliminate aunts with excessive body.

In addition, the whole body is relaxed; it can keep the heart calm and help to treat nervousness and insomnia.

[Best Sit]As the name suggests, this is the best posture in yoga.

Yoga believes that perfect sitting promotes the clearing of the body’s meridians; it is conducive to the improvement of the vitality of life.

  * Position description: sit with your legs straight on the ground, with your hands near your back.

Bend the left calf, and use both hands to help the left heel firmly against the perineum, and the bottom of the left foot plate should be close to the right thigh.

Bend your right calf and place your right foot over your left bare foot.

The right heel is near the pubic bone, and the right foot is placed on the calf of the left leg.Put your hands on the top naturally, close your eyes, and start imagining inward. At the same time, stare at the tip of the nose to both eyes and keep this position for a long time (see below).

Let your feet go straight and take a break.

Swap your legs and redo the exercise.

  * Exercise essentials: Keep your upper body and torso straight during the whole process.

  * Practice effect: Perfect sitting has important effects on both sides of the limb.

Physically speaking, perfect sitting promotes blood circulation in the lower body, strengthens the lower half of the spine and abdominal organs, and activates both knees and limbs.

From a spiritual perspective, it has a calming and sobering effect, and is especially suitable for breathing exercises and meditation exercises.

In addition, because it exerts pressure on the perineal area, it can direct sexual impulse upwards, which is extremely useful in the practice of improving the vitality of life.

  * Note: People with sciatica or sacral infection should not use this sitting position.

[Auspicious sitting]* Position description: Sit on the ground, straighten your feet forward, put your hands on top and bend your left calf, put the bottom of your left foot against your right thigh, and put your right foot on the left calf’s belly.Toe claws are wedged into the two elbow sockets, with both hands on both knees (pictured).

  * Exercise essentials: Apart from auspicious sitting, the rest of the details are exactly the same as the perfect sitting.

  * Practice effect: The effect of auspicious sitting is roughly the same as that of perfect sitting, but it cannot guide upward momentum, and its role in calming tranquility is slightly inferior to that of perfect sitting.

  * Precautions: As with the best sitting, it is not advisable to include sciatica or muscle infection.

[Position of the hand]* The posture of the hand is specially designed to accumulate energy in the body. The posture of the hand is a closed alternating shape so that energy can circulate in the body.

  Place your hands on your knees or thighs and relax your elbows back and forth on both sides of your body.

  Choose one of the following two postures: hold your right hand with your left hand (A); place your two hands on your thighs or align them with your palms down;With your palms facing upwards, your thumbs and forefingers are brought together (B).

Detoxification, slimming, forget about eight kinds of food

Detoxification, slimming, forget about eight kinds of food

If you want to lose weight, the first thing you need to do is to detoxify the intestines and adjust the body to the circulation. Only such other weight loss efforts will be effective.

The most healthy way to detoxify the intestines is to take the diet. The following 8 kinds of foods, including the main ingredients of fruits and vegetables, are indispensable, both nutrition and cleansing of the stomach.


hzh {display: none; }  1、最佳调味品——醋   醋在烹调中必不可少,夏季菜中放醋更是有益。In summer, bacteria multiply and internal infectious diseases increase. At this time, vinegar can have an alternative killing effect on various germs.

  2, the best vegetables – bitter dishes as the saying goes: the hot food “bitter”, better than tonic.

Bitter food contains amino acids, bitterin, alkaloids, etc. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, antipyretic and heat-reducing, refreshing, and eliminating fatigue.

  3, the best meat-duck duck meat is sweet, salty, cool, from the Chinese medicine “hot person cold” treatment principle, especially suitable for people with hot body, such as low-grade fever, weakness, less food, stoolDrying and other reasons.

  4, the best drink – hot tea leaves added potassium, both quenching thirst and lack of.

A study in the United States pointed out that drinking green tea can also reduce skin sunburn, slack and roughness caused by sun exposure.

According to tests conducted by British experts, the cooling capacity of hot tea is much higher than that of cold drinks, which is an outstanding leader in summer drinks.

  5, the best fruit – watermelon watermelon sweet, cold, folk is also called “cold melon”, is the first choice for quenching thirst in melons.

The folks have the narrative of “half a day, and the heat can count.”

In summer, if you have heatstroke, fever, upset, thirst or other acute fever, you should use watermelon for adjuvant treatment.

  6, the best porridge – mung bean porridge in the summer to eat more porridge food, is a traditional traditional health care method, which is good for the body.

Drink porridge is best to drink mung bean porridge, mung bean is cool, has the effect of clearing heat and heat.

The porridge used for heatstroke prevention is lotus leaf porridge, fresh porridge, raw ruin and so on.

  7, the best anti-fatigue food – fruit and vegetable juice summer limbs burnout, drink more fruit and vegetable juice is a good choice.

Because fresh fruit and vegetable juice can effectively supplement the body with vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, it can enhance cell vitality and gastrointestinal function, promote secretion of digestive juice and eliminate fatigue.

  8, the best sunscreen food – the results of research by tomatoes and German scientists show that eating more tomatoes can protect you from sunscreen.

If you eat 40 grams of tomato sauce a day, the risk of sunburn will be reduced by 40%.

Scientists believe that this may be the main role of lycopene.

Diet and exercise prescriptions for thinners

Diet and exercise prescriptions for thinners

In today’s society, there are too many young and old-fashioned young men and women who are doing everything possible to gain weight. This group of people who eat and eat too much fat also account for a large proportion.

In fact, gaining weight is harder than losing weight.

  To gain weight, you should first look for the cause of weight loss.


genetic factors.

Genetic and endocrine factors.

Under the influence of genetics, endocrine and other factors, some family members are relatively thin, but there is no organic disease, which is a weak body type.

Its characteristics are: body thin, neck, shoulders, chest, sternum xiphoid lower angle less than 90 degrees, can also be very abundant, fully qualified for study or work, but susceptible to a variety of chronic diseases.


Disease effects.

Various chronic diseases and organic destruction.

For example, diarrhea, peptic ulcer, tuberculosis, tumor, anemia parasitic diseases.

  Chinese medicine believes that physical illness is caused by low spleen and stomach function and lack of blood.

The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood.

The spleen and stomach are healthy, the blood is strong, the muscles are plump and the limbs are strong.

On the contrary, the body is thin and the limbs are weak and weak.

To treat the body thin, we must eliminate many chronic diseases such as hyperthyroidism, liver disease, kidney disease and tumor.

Then using traditional Chinese medicine treatment, there will be good results.


Bad eating habits 4.

Emotional and mentally over-stressed life is irregular, overworked, lack of sleep, and the body consumes more than absorbs.


Lack of physical exercise.


Lack of nutrition, especially the lack of protein ingredients.

  How to organize the diet of “skinny”?

Satisfactory “weight gain” should focus on the proportion of muscles and adults.

There are many picky and partial eclipses in the diet of thin and thin men and women.

Therefore, these bad habits should be removed and the expected amount of supplementation should be increased.

Pricing should be rich and varied.

Enough protein, eat more foods that contain fat, carbohydrates (ie starch, sugar, etc.).

In this way, the excess energy can be converted into unfortunate storage under the skin, so that the thin person is physically strong.

  Focus on high protein, high dietary diet.

Concentrated protein and high-metabolism foods, such as heavy cheese cakes (the cheese contains 4 times more calcium than milk), small pastry, small cakes, etc., a small amount of meals, supplemented with papaya enzymes or synthetic enzymes to help digestion,Increase the digestion and absorption rate of food.

Choose high-quality protein sources such as eggs, meat, poultry, beans, sea fish, etc., which account for more than half of the daily protein volume.

  Lipid supplements: On weekdays, you should not leave those healthy snacks, such as peanuts, toffee, milk (yoghurt), almonds, sesame, cashews, etc. You can add almonds and sesame powder to milk to drink, cashew nuts.You can think of snacks to eat, drink beer and drink some juice is also a good idea.

Supplementing aunt can be done by cooking food oil, nutty foods, but not eating fried foods.

  Eat more starch, vegetables and fruits can not be less, sugar substitute is also an important part, choose higher starchy foods, such as: taro, rice, sweet potatoes, taro, pumpkin and so on.

6 major bad habits of listening to the phone seriously damage your health

6 major bad habits of listening to the phone seriously damage your health

For calls involving private content, many people like to hide in the corner of a building to answer.


Private phones “hide quietly in the corner” and generally, the signal coverage in corners of buildings is poor, so it will increase the radiated power of mobile phones to a certain extent.

Based on the same reason, you should also use your mobile phone with caution when you are in a small and closed environment such as an elevator.


Hanging the mobile phone around the neck or waist The radiation range of the mobile phone is a capillary band centered on the mobile phone. The distance between the mobile phone and the human body determines how much radiation is absorbed by the human body.

Therefore, people and mobile phones need to maintain the “beauty of distance.”

  Some medical experts have pointed out that people with cardiac insufficiency and especially arrhythmias cannot put their mobile phones on their chests.

If the mobile phone is often hung around the waist or abdomen of the human body, it may affect the function of the newborn.

The safe and healthy way around is to put the phone in a carry-on bag and try to put it on the outer layer of the bag to ensure good signal coverage.


When you make a call, place your phone close to your ear phone and make a call. If the call is not connected, the radiation will be significantly enhanced. At this time, you should separate the phones and talk after about five seconds.


The weaker the cell phone signal, the closer the ear is attached. When the cell phone signal becomes weak, many people instinctively try to hold the cell phone close to the ear.

However, according to the working principle of the mobile phone, when the signal is weak, the mobile phone will automatically increase the emission power of the electromagnetic wave, and the radiation intensity will increase significantly.

Close your ears at this time, and the radiation to your head will multiply.


“One ear” pot “mobile phone porridge” research shows that continuous and continuous radiation may affect the brain.

Experts suggest that you should not use a mobile phone to talk continuously. You can consider using a fixed phone or headphones. If you have to use a mobile phone to talk directly for a long time, you should also rotate the left and right ears every one or two minutes to answer.


Some people like to walk around and move around. Some people like to walk unconsciously while walking on a cell phone, walking around alternately, but they do n’t know that the exchange position causes the strength of the received signal to fluctuate.

  In addition, when a mobile phone is used in a transmission vehicle, the mobile phone may designate a high-power base station with a wider coverage area to provide services in order to avoid excessive area replacement. At the same time, the transmission power transmission is increased due to the increase in transmission distance.

Manly Food Collection

Manly Food Collection

Many middle-aged men feel physically weak and have poor energy to overcome tonic health. In fact, natural foods must have better safety and reliability than synthetic drugs.

Seafood has good nourishing effects.

  Sea cucumber has the effects of aphrodisiac, nourishing qi, moistening intestines, stopping bleeding and anti-inflammatory.

Consumption often, it is quite uncomfortable for enuresis caused by kidney deficiency, sexual dysfunction and so on.

Sea cucumber diet includes sea cucumber porridge and sea cucumber chicken soup.

  Eel can tonic and impotence, remove rheumatism, strengthen bones and bones, and regulate blood sugar.

For sexual dysfunction, diabetes, impotence, impotence, rheumatism, soft muscles and bones, etc., have the effect of regulating.

  Sea snake can nourish kidney and impotence, cure impotence due to kidney deficiency, and has the effect of removing wind and collaterals, promoting blood circulation and nourishing skin.

  Seaweed seaweed food has the highest iodine content in food.

  Excessive iodine deficiency can cause defects or deformities in the nervous system, auditory organs, thyroid development, and even cause sexual decline and decreased sexual desire.

Therefore, eat some seaweed foods, such as kelp and wakame.

  Tuna contains a large number of pigment proteins such as myoglobin and cytochromes, and its fatty acids are mainly unsaturated fatty acids, which have the functions of lowering blood pressure, plasma and cardiovascular diseases.

  In addition, tuna can also tonic and impotence, remove rheumatism, strengthen bones, and regulate blood sugar.

  Shrimp has the function of tonifying the kidney and aphrodisiac, especially the freshwater live shrimp has the strongest aphrodisiac effect.

  Carassius auratus has the effects of strengthening yang and refining, replenishing the five internal organs, and has the effect of regulating qi and blood deficiency, lack of food, and dry skin.

A medicated diet that makes you smart

A medicated diet that makes you smart

Hair growth and shedding, moisturization and wilting are all related to diet.
As diet is the source of nutrition and energy for the human body, for patients with hair loss, balanced nutrition is the root of hair growth and hairdressing. Pay special attention to your diet: eat enough protein-rich foods such as milk and eggs, Lean meat, fish, etc., because protein is the growth factor of hair; eat vegetables and fruits with high vitamin content, such as spinach, celery, apple, coriander, etc., because vitamins can promote hair growth and make hair shiny and natural;Zinc foods, such as animal liver and dried fruit foods, because zinc can improve hair tissue and enhance hair elasticity and gloss.
  While paying attention to the above nutrients, choose some medicated dietary treatments, which can achieve more effective results.
Chinese medicine believes that the growth of hair is related to the growth and decline of human blood gas and nerves. Some traditional Chinese medicine that supplements blood, warms the kidney, and nourishes yin is used in combination with food to make medicated diet, which can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  Polygonum multiflorum simmered in eggs, 60 grams of polygonum multiflorum, 2 eggs, boiled with water. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and cook the eggs for about 5 minutes. Eat egg soup.
This product is suitable for those who have weak hair and weak hair, such as premature graying, excessive hair loss, and aging before aging.
  Hairdressing nourishing dried fruit dried longan meat 50 grams, 30 grams of small red dates, 30 grams of mulberry seeds, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, the amount of honey.
Add the right amount of water, cook over low heat for 30 minutes, add honey and cook until the juice is thick.
Eat about 10 grams a day.
This side has the function of nourishing blood and growing hair, and is especially suitable for those with pale faces and loss of yin and blood.
  Shouwu Liver Tablets 60 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 200 grams of pig liver, 200 grams of cucumber, oil, salt, monosodium glutamate.
Crush Polygonum multiflorum into powder, add 300 grams of water to boil about 100 grams of thick juice, soak in pork liver slices for 2-4 hours; cucumber slices.
Put oil in the pot until the mature time of May 6th, put the liver slices over oil, add the shallots and ginger powder to smelt, and pour the cucumber slices, salt, monosodium glutamate, a little Shouwu thick juice, pork liver slices, and wolfberry, Stir fry for 3-5 minutes.
This product has the functions of nourishing liver, expelling wind, replenishing essence and nourishing kidney.
It is effective for dry hair, early whitening and early hair loss. It should be taken 2-3 times a week.
  Lamb bone porridge 2 tibia of lamb, mashed, add red dates and longan 10 each, 100-150 grams of glutinous rice, add water and cook for porridge.
It can be eaten from the winter solstice to the beginning of the following year.
This porridge has the effect of warming the kidney and blood, and is suitable for those with hair loss and kidney deficiency and backache and mild anemia.
  Peanut-coated red jujube soup and 100 g of peanut rice are soaked in warm water. Take 10 pieces of peanut-coated red jujube into the pot, soak it in water of peanut rice, cook over low heat for about half an hour, and add an appropriate amount of brown sugar.
Drink 3 times a day, drink soup and eat dates.
This side has the effect of nourishing and nourishing blood, suitable for the hair growth and black hair of the weak.
  Hair-growing black bean soup with sesame seeds 30g, black beans 30g, wolfberry 12g, white sugar 20g.
After boiling for about half an hour, eat the soup residue.
Once daily for 60 days.
This product can nourish hair and is especially effective for those who have insomnia and dreams.