Everyone says that bitter gourd can be beautiful.

Everyone says that bitter gourd can be beautiful.

How is bitter gourd beauty?

American scientists have extracted a bitter quinine extract from bitter gourd.

After testing, this substance is rich in obvious physiologically active protein components, which is conducive to human leather regeneration and wound healing.

Therefore, regular eating bitter gourd can enhance the vitality of the cortex, make the face tender and radiant.


hzh {display: none; }  苦瓜怎么美容?Momordica charantia can moisturize fair skin and calm and moisturize the skin, especially in summers that are prone to dryness. Applying iced momordica tablets can immediately relieve skin irritation.

  Bitter gourd also known as: gourd, broccoli (gold) lychee, coriander grape, toad, red girl, cold melon, gentleman dish.

Momordica charantia is native to eastern India, and was transmitted to the south around the beginning of the Ming Dynasty.

Bitter gourd belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. It is an annual vine.

Its stems, leaves, flowers and fruits are quite peculiar and can be cultivated as ornamental plants.

  Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach warm internal steaming up, or the lung meridian internal heat, or digestive tract dysfunction, or irritation of irritation, rise and stagnate on facial acne.

  Summer is a season of frequent acne. In the summer, it suddenly rises suddenly, the human body sweats a lot, the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands increases, and the clothes are not breathable or rubbed with the body, causing the wound to show an outbreak.

  The bitter gourd has a bitter cold taste, and it has the functions of clearing heat and quenching thirst, lowering blood pressure, blood lipids, beauty and beauty, and promoting metabolism.

Bitter melon is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C, and minerals. It has been used for a long time and can maintain energy. It has great disadvantages in treating acne.

  In summer, you should eat less spicy, greasy, high heat and sugar, and crude fiber foods, and eat more vegetables such as bitter gourd, carrots, etc., and pay attention to drinking more water.

See how much dark time you waste

See how much “dark time” you waste

If you have a computer and you leave it there all day after installing a system, do you think this computer is actually used?
Because the CPU runs idle processes all day.
It is also a day to run idle processes, and it is also a day to run programs that calculate large amounts of data. For the same day for the CPU, the value is completely different.
  The same goes for the brain.
  People who are good at using thinking time can virtually spend more time than others, so they can live many years longer than others.
We often hear the term “psychological age”. People who think more often tend to be older.
It takes 10 years for someone to understand a truth, because they are passively aware of it-they only feel pain when the reality hits his face. After the pain is over, they still do n’t remember to remind themselves.When I met the same pit for the second time, I had forgotten that I had fallen over the head. Efficiency like this, unless I fell into the pit every day, the efficiency of forgetting was always greater than the memory of loss.
People who are good at using thinking time can actively remind themselves of important things from time to time, turning temporary memories into hard-coded behaviors.
  Everyone’s watch goes as fast, but everyone’s life is not.
To measure how many years a person has lived, one should use thinking time to calculate.
To give an extreme example, if a person stays in a sterile protective room specially built for him since he was born, without social interaction and knowledge acquisition, after 18 years, would you think he is an adult
  It is an illusion to think that time is equal to everyone, and to think that one day someone else, and I will one day, are actually not the case at all.
If you are studying a major and you use the number of days you have invested to measure it, it is easy to create the illusion that you have invested a lot of time, but in fact, the term “investing time” is itself ridiculous and actually investedIs the product of time and efficiency.
You can “invest” a lot of time on one thing, but find that there is no progress, because you do n’t spend all day on what you have to do, and what you want to learn is resident in your brain, giving it the highest priority at all times.
When you eat while walking, you are thinking about it when you dream, and your CPU is always allocated to it. At this time, your thinking time is used to the extreme, and the time you put in is really equal to the actual passage.Time because your CPU is fully loaded.
  If you have the habit of summing up, after you spend some time, sum up how much time you have invested in a certain field, it is recommended not to roughly calculate how many days after work to pick up a book and read it, because then youYou may find that the book is often turned, but the comprehension is not much deeper. It takes a lot of time on the surface, but the benefit is not necessarily so great.
Because reading and remembering things in the book are only memories, and there is no reasoning involved. Only by reasoning can you understand a thing deeply and see places that others cannot see. This part of the reasoning process is your thinking time, and it is also in your life.Occupying a significant proportion of “dark time”, you walk, buy food, wash your face and wash your hands, take a bus, go shopping, travel, eat, sleep. All these times can become “dark time”. You can make full use of these times to think,Rumination and digestion of what you usually read and read can make your understanding separate from the level of copybook.
This period of time may seem insignificant, but the accumulation of time will have a huge effect.
  Those who can make full use of dark time will have a huge extra life. You may find that such people seem to play no less than you and see no more than you, but somehow they go farther than you.
For example, I often find out why some cattle people in foreign countries not only learn about Niubi, but even those who play “amateur” also do a great job. They are not amateurs at all.A bull, a PhD in theoretical physics, and the top six holders of the World Poker Tournament, so far has won more than six million dollars in cumulative prizes), you will be surprised, where exactly these guys can come in more than one timeDo fields excel?
  Programmers know that task switching requires a lot of extra costs. Generally speaking, you first need to save the current context so that you can switch back smoothly next time, and then you need to load the context of the target task.
If a system keeps going back and forth between multiple tasks, it will spend a lot of time on context switching, and a lot of time is virtually wasted.
  In contrast, if you only do one task, there will be no such loss.
This is why people who are attentive use time more efficiently than those who are not.
The dark time of task switching seems very insignificant, and even many people think that “multitasking” is a good thing (sometimes it is), but over time, you will find that the time spent on switching is increasing.
  In addition, the brain must have a certain amount of time to “warm up” when starting a task. This time varies from person to person and can be changed through practice.
For example, after reading the book for a while, you suddenly feel bored. You ca n’t help but open the browser. After ten minutes you remember to continue to read the book, but to return to the ideal state at that time, it takes some time to work hard.Concentrate and activate all the relevant knowledge in the memory, so that you can enter the “state”, because these memories have been suppressed after you have been online for ten minutes.
If this “warm-up” state takes a quarter of an hour, then it seems that ten minutes of hanging out on the Internet actually took 25 minutes.
  If the examples you read are not lively enough, there are actually better examples for programmers: you write a program that is written high, and suddenly you are called to hold a meeting, and half of the code you write is left there.
How long will it take you to return to the state after you return?
Or, you are debugging the program, and you have spent twenty minutes understanding the code that may be related to this bug before and after, and built a rough map in your heart. At this moment, uh, you againThe called person went to a meeting (: D) and came back after the meeting, but you can imagine that it would take some time to think back and forth about the things that had just been figured out.
  The ability to quickly enter the state can be exercised, according to my personal experience, it can be shortened to at least 3-5 minutes.
But if you want to enter the state completely, it is difficult to achieve in such a short time.
The so-called full state, for example: after you read a book for 3 hours, or debug a program for half an hour, you are often full of related things, all of this knowledge is in an active state, in other words your brainAll relevant memory neural networks are activated, and it is not a matter of three or two minutes to achieve such an “immersive” state (psychologically called “flow experience”) that forgets the passage of time.
Once this state is destroyed, the intangible efficiency will be greatly reduced.
This is also why I always tend to create large chunks of time to read important things, because this is conducive to “immersion”, so that new knowledge can be fully integrated and related to the various existing knowledge related to it in the brain.The latter is very helpful for deep memory.
  To make full use of dark time, not only must you be able to enter the state quickly, another important habit is how long you can maintain the state (mind physical strength).An introduction to Poincaré’s thinking habits in “Inventive Psychology in Mathematics” is very likely.

Poincaré often thinks about mathematical problems in his mind when going to the beach for vacation or walking on the road, and often the answers suddenly flash at these times.

Although I can’t compare with Poincaré, I often come up with the answer on the road, which is really a pleasant experience.

  Being able to enter a state of concentration quickly and being able to stay focused for a long time are the two most important habits for efficient learning.

  Many people have this experience (including myself). After working, there are a lot more things to be dealt with. Unlike on campus, the environment is simple, the life is simple, and one can do one thing without being disturbed.

The situation after work is that the first thing you have to deal with is more, which leads to the need to switch between multiple tasks from time to time; unless you can even assign the task priorities to be more reasonable, it is inevitable that when you do somethingThink of another thing that hasn’t been done yet, because what you don’t do will leave a “hidden process” in your brain, and from time to time send a message to remind you to interrupt what you are doing.

  So here comes the last efficient habit: anti-interference.

Only with super anti-interference ability can we effectively use the dark time mentioned above.

The anti-interference ability can also be practiced. I would often take a car when I was undergraduate, so I often held the large part of the car to watch in the car, either sitting or standing. It turns out that reading in a noisy environment isOne way to exercise your concentration skills: D In addition, reading and thinking often using various pieces of time is very helpful to quickly focus and maintain your attention.

I remember a long time ago, everyone on TopLanguage had an interesting discussion about the use of “toilet time”, including a small bookcase in the bathroom.

(It is estimated that many classmates have a heart in mind: D)

Can dress a woman’s character from dress code

Can dress a woman’s character from dress code

Recently, the Life Times conducted an online survey of 5,220 women and found some interesting results, which also reflected certain psychological characteristics of contemporary women.

  In our impression, skirts are women’s iconic outfits.

But the data from that survey upended previous perceptions.

On the question of “most pants or skirts”, 70.

88% of women choose pants.

This not only reflects the changes in women’s requirements for clothing, but also reflects their subtle psychological changes.

First, skirts are more feminine and feminine, while pants are more neutral.

There is a trend in modern society, and women are beginning to pursue a neutral temperament, which can be seen from the selection of “super girls”.

In addition, women mostly work hard in the workplace. They want to work like men and prove themselves with strength, but are not willing to accept the gender characteristics of women to show off their weakness.

Therefore, they want to conceal their feminine temperament as much as possible. Therefore, they are naturally more favored because of their able and steady pants.

  In the survey, there were 22.

15% of women never buy the same clothes, 61.

24% of women occasionally buy the same model.

Of course, this is closely related to the variety of clothing styles. At the same time, more than 80% of women are pursuing changes in clothing styles, reflecting their psychological characteristics of maintaining their personality while pursuing people and things.

These women like to accept new things, new mobile phones, digital cameras, and they often become the first customers.

In addition, they are uneasy about the status quo, and once the passion is gone, they will find ways to find new stimuli.

  Foreign psychologists say that women can also be understood through the brightness of the color of their clothes.

In this survey, the number of people who like warm colors and cold colors is not much different, being 27 respectively.

18% and 32.


From a psychological point of view, women who just like warm colors are more disturbed and feel uncertain about life.

A study by Masahiro Shibuya also found that women who usually wear high-brightness clothes unconsciously use bright colors to restore their anxiety in their hearts.

  Of course, there is no absolute equivalence between women’s clothing and their psychology. The former is just a reflection of a few. Choosing a certain type of clothing is also related to the mood of the moment and place.

Therefore, we don’t have to pretend that we have to see what other people are wearing.

Love Wife Lecture

Love Wife Lecture

Preface to the class: In compliance with the rising trend of domestic divorce rates, the chairman of the “China Men’s and Women’s Communication Association” specially appointed me to participate in a “love wife special training seminar”, hoping to help men, women harmony, husband and wife together; happyBachelors should also study hard, keep in mind, and be prepared.

I hope you will register enthusiastically and exchange the tuition and fees for the top 99 students.

No chance!

  Textbook for elementary class: Wife must wait for soup to serve rice beside her. She must not use food first.

  Wife makeup must be happy waiting for heartfelt praise, and must not be bored.

  The wife must help ironing to provide advice, and must not be ridiculous.

  The wife must adjust the water temperature and scratch her back while bathing. She must not be lustful.

  When his wife goes to work, she must be transported by bodyguards and guards, and she must not be at ease in society.

  His wife is in danger of struggling to sacrifice generously, and must not be greedy for life or death.

  When his wife is tired, she smiles and massages her back. She must not have chauvinistic behavior.

  Wife must be courageous in purchasing and encourage, and must not act reluctantly.

  The wife must praise the food and eat a few more bowls.

  Wife sleeps in the hot summer fan, cold winter and warm quilt. No snooze and robbing behavior is allowed.

  Homework: The above ten items are the contents of the elementary class teaching materials. After reading, you must bear the heavy responsibility of washing dishes today.

If you do not want to, you must intensive study intermediate courses.

  Preparing for the middle class of the wife training class lectures: Don’t let your wife find out that you are secretly attending the class, otherwise she thinks that your homework is false and pretending to make your couch alone even bitter.


  Intermediate class textbooks: Wife must take care of soup, medicine, sleep, and food without any indifference.

  Wife giving tears to money is grateful to save money, and there must be no way of extravagance and waste.

  Wife must send flowers and prepare a feast in person on his birthday.

  Wife must take the trouble to carry heavy loads while shopping, must not be lazy and afraid of heavy behavior.

  His wife is bored and wants to perform colorful clothing and entertainment, and must not have any indifferent behavior.

  The wife must be gentle to appease the worries, and must not cheer on the fire.

  His wife admonished to stand upright with both hands and not to be absent-minded.

  Wife should take notes while listening quietly, and must not forget to listen.

  The wife must regret and blame herself for making mistakes, and must not involve the wife.

  Wife must take care of her when she goes out, she must not be lonely.

  After-class homework: After watching, you must kiss your wife.

If it has been implemented, you can continue to study advanced course materials.

  Preparing for the expert class of the wife’s training class lecture: meditate “everything is right in my wife” 100 times.

  Expert class textbooks: The wife’s prescription requires repeatedly strengthening the exact premise, and there must be no forgetting the road of omission.

  The wife must provide a method to test herself, and she must not laugh.

  Wife playing cards to have snacks and snacks on hand, and must not act out of class.

  His wife sings like a spring breeze and can’t help but laugh.

  The wife was angry and knelt and begged for mercy, and she must not ignore her behavior.

  The wife scolded him to thank the Lord Ron, and she must not act with dazzle.

  My wife must be coquettish to care for all pets and coquettish, and must not act in empty vernacular.

  Wife stays up late to have snacks and sleeplessly, and must not act in advance.   The wife must help the study circle to draw the key points in the exam, and must not act irrespective of her behavior.

  When his wife comes home, she has to take off her shoes and socks and sit on a chair. She must not act high.

  Homework: From today onwards, you must not violate your wife’s will.

If you feel you have infinite potential in this area, please study the master-level textbooks.

Remember: Do n’t eat big mangos

Remember: Do n’t eat big mangos

Recently, many patients with facial redness and swelling and red spots on their bodies have been diagnosed as allergic reactions caused by eating mangoes. Most of them are young people and elderly people.

  According to the doctor, mango contains a lot of irritating substances such as fruit acids and amino acids. When eating mangoes, citizens can easily apply mango juice to their mouths, faces and other parts, irritating the skin, causing skin redness, inflammation, and severe casesEyes are swollen and tingling.

  Mango anti-cancer and anti-vomiting. Many patients are allergic to eating small mangoes sold by street vendors. Small mangoes are high in irritants. Therefore, the elderly, children and people with poor autoimmunity should not eat them.

  Therefore, experts recommend that when eating mango, it is best to cut the flesh into small pieces and directly send it to the mouth. After eating, you should immediately rinse your mouth and wash your face to avoid fruit juice residue.

Couple intimate yoga

Couple intimate yoga

Always eat and go shopping, you and yours should change the trick to “play around”, right?

Double yoga is now in vogue. Many intimate physical contacts are more suitable for couples to practice together.

The couple’s set of yoga recommended by the editor today is mainly to let him complete it for you. Maybe you can’t do it when you do some moves. With him, it can be perfect for you.

  Action: A girl is lying on her stomach, her belly is on the ground, her feet are apart, and she is lifted off the floor. Most of her are straight, holding her toes with both hands.

The boy stands at the back, holding the girl’s wrist with both hands, helping the girl stretch her body.

  Action 2: The girl is lying on the floor, holding her chin with her hands backwards. The man is standing in front of the girl’s head, and she lifts her feet off the floor with both hands, and tries to raise it.Be as confident as a model.

  Action three: The girl lays flat on the floor, drags her hands behind her head, leans and bends, her feet touch the ground, the boy kneels on one foot, crosses, puts her hands on the girl, and pushes the girl’s legs slightly to the cross.
  Action four. The girl lays flat on the floor, her hands are pulled behind her head, her thighs are stretched, her legs are aligned and bent, her calf also enters the floor. The boy kneels on one leg.

  Action five: The girl lays flat on the floor, aligns it until it reaches the floor and points to the body, straightens her right leg into the floor, and straightens her left leg to the right. The boy holds the girl ‘s chest forward with one hand and the girl ‘s left with one hand.Feet keep stretching.

  Action six. The boy is lying on the floor, flexing and flexing, with his feet on the ground. The girl ‘s waist is lying on the boy ‘s alignment, his legs are kept straight, and the boy is holding the girl ‘s arm socket with both hands and stretching backwards at the same time.

  Action Seven: The girl lies on the floor with her legs straight and close to the floor. She stretches straight into both sides of the body. The boy sits on top of the girl and pulls the girl’s chest backwards with both hands.

  Action Eight girls prone on the floor, lift the top off the ground, insert the right hand into the back of the head, the left hand into the back and rear, the boy fixed the girls’ feet in the rear.

Eating spicy food will cause more sensitive skin


Eating spicy food will cause more sensitive skin

Eating hot peppers has become a must-have for many beautiful women.

Spicy, single-sided, double-sided, and the hottest is metamorphosis.

Perverted spicy is probably a spicy realm. Many hot-sexing beauties say, “Sichuan girls have mostly good skin, and it can be seen that pepper is good for the skin.

“But the beauty department experts of the Air Force General Hospital pointed out that if you are spicy and addictive, you may already be sensitive and dry.


Eating spicy food causes more sensitive skin In China, 36% of people think they are sensitive skin, but do you know which province has the highest proportion of people with sensitive skin?

According to an expert from the Beauty Department of the Air Force General Hospital, an expert conducted a test on sensitive skin in Sichuan and found some facts: the proportion of sensitive skin in Sichuan is higher than in other parts of China.

Experts believe that this has a lot to do with people in Sichuan who like to eat peppers, because peppers contain spicy elements, and excessive amounts will cause skin sensitivity.


Spicy eating makes the skin drier. Research from Singapore shows that in spice processing plants, 26% of workers will feel the skin feel hot and dry. This is because their ground chili or pepper will release spicy ingredients, while spicy ingredientsWill cause a reduction in the amount of skin stratum corneum.

You can also understand the control of moisture by chitin in applying slimming products containing pepper dregs. It is naturally a good thing to deal with edema of the calf, but it is definitely a bad dream for dry skin.


Spicy is the enemy of acne muscles. If your acne is spreading, experts in the Air Force General Hospital Beauty Surgery recommend that you avoid eating spicy food.

This is because in many cases, the generation of adult acne originates from damp heat in the body, while over-eating spicy food will easily aggravate the damp heat in the body, which will cause further deterioration of the acne.

Although pepper can exert a certain detoxification effect, excessive intake of pepper can cause internal secretion disorders.

  Experts point out that there are different ways to solve the above-mentioned sensitive skin and skin ulcer problems. For example, people with sensitive skin can perform meso-rejuvenation. This method can increase skin collagen and supplement a lot of skin loss due to agingNutritional ingredients to maintain youthful appearance; acne problems can be saved by laser, photon skin rejuvenation, fruit acid, photodynamic therapy and other treatments to make the skin softer.

Common male abdominal muscle training methods

Common male abdominal muscle training methods

Sit-ups are the most common exercise for abdominal training.

  Equipment needed: a soft foam or air cushion.

  (1) Start lying on a flat mat, align it at a 90-degree angle, with your heels on the ground and your toes facing up; place your hands under your head, or place your hands across your chest so that your chin andKeep a certain distance from above, bend the abdomen, so that the side just lies on the air cushion.

  (2) Straighten your abdominal muscles forward, make your body as small as possible, and make a certain angle with the air cushion, relax the foot muscles, and maintain this posture for 2-3 seconds, then slowly relax the muscles to make the bodyApproach and return to the starting state.

  Action description During the whole process, please note that your chin should always keep a certain distance from both ends, and put your hands behind the head, but do not lift your head hard.

Five questions you must ask while in love

Five questions you must ask while in love

Question 1: Do we have a common goal in life?

  If you’ve been married for 20 or 30 years, that’s a long time.

How do you plan to spend this time?

Eating together and running?

You must share deeper and more meaningful things with him or her, and you must have common goals in life.

  Two things happen in a marriage: you can grow up together, or you can grow up individually.

Fifty percent of people grow up individually. To be able to marry successfully, you must know what you want on the bottom line of life, and then marry (or marry) a person like you.

  Question 2: Is it safe to share feelings and thoughts with him or her?

  This question is related to the quality of your relationship. “Feeling safe” means that you can communicate openly and honestly with this person. Good communication is based on trust.

Be honest with yourself!

Make sure the person you are getting married is emotionally safe.

  Question 3: Is he (she) admirable and special?

  This question means: Is he or she a noble and sensitive person?

How do you test him (her)?

  Here are some suggestions: Does he or she use a general basis as a method of personal growth?

Does he or she seriously improve himself?

Someone defines “good man” as someone who constantly strives to do the right thing.

So ask your spouse: How does he or she use his or her time?

  There are basically two kinds of people in this world: one is a person dedicated to personal growth, and the other is a person seeking a comfortable life.

Those who aim at comfortable life will put personal enjoyment first.

You have to know this before you step on the red carpet with him or her.

  Question 4: How does he or she treat other people?

  The most important thing in promoting interpersonal relationships is empowerment.

The so-called giving is the ability to make everyone happy.

See if this person likes to give?

What is his fact to those who have nothing to do with it?

For example: waiters, bus drivers, etc.

How does he treat parents and siblings?

Does he know how to be grateful?

If he doesn’t appreciate the person who gave him everything, don’t expect him to thank you.

Does he gossip and speak ill of others?

A gossip person will not know how to love someone. You can be sure that if he is not good to others, he will not be good to you.

  Question 5: Do you want to change this person after marriage?

  Too many people make this mistake, hoping to “change” his spouse after marriage.

You may want someone to change after marriage . it may get worse, if you can’t fully accept what he or she is like now, you are not ready to get married.

In summary, you need to use more brains and less snacks during the love stage.

  Marry, have you polished your eyes?

  We can’t force marriage to be the purest crystallization of love, and in the face of such a big choice in life, you may regret it for the difference in your life.!!  The first wrong reason to marry-downgrade, marry for marriage.

  This is obviously the dumbest mistake.

Pay attention to proper exercise after fracture treatment

Pay attention to proper exercise after fracture treatment

Because of the fear of exercise affecting recovery, it is not scientific to think that the injured area should be moved less after fracture treatment.

After fracture treatment, not only must move, but also move more.

In technical terms, it is a functional exercise.

  There are three major processes for fracture treatment: reset, fixation, and functional exercise.

The most important of these is functional exercise.

Many people who have been exposed to orthopedic treatment know the phrase “three points of treatment, seven points of exercise”, which shows how important functional training is for orthopedic patients.

  The ultimate goal of fracture treatment is to restore the normal function of the injured site to the greatest extent possible.

For the ultimate purpose of restoring function, whether it is a complete fixation or surgical treatment, it is only a preliminary treatment.

In order for patients to return to normal as soon as possible, various forms of functional training must be performed under the guidance of medical staff, and there is no other way.

  The benefits of functional exercise are, first of all, promoting swelling and preventing joint adhesion and stiffness.

After a fracture, the soft tissue at the fracture usually has varying degrees of bleeding and edema, and a mass may appear on the injured limb.

If the lump is not removed in time, the corresponding soft tissue will stick, or even harden.

This adhesion will occur in the muscles and tendons, between the tendons and the synovium, and in the joints, affecting the function of muscle contraction.

Therefore, many people feel that the joints around the fracture do not move as well as they did after the fracture, and some even swell and appear deformed.

This can be avoided by functional exercises.

  The first is to promote fracture healing.

Through functional exercise, the muscles of the injured limb undergo repeated contraction and contraction activities, and the crushing force of the fracture gradually increases, the fracture gap becomes smaller, and the fracture is more stable, which can improve the nutrition of the fracture and promote the healing of the fracture.

Functional exercises can also correct orthotopic fracture dislocations, which is also conducive to fracture healing.

  The third is to prevent thrombosis.

Patients with fractures who have been bedridden for a long time, because the muscles do not have diastolic motion, blood circulation will slow down, and blood will easily form thrombus when the blood flows slowly in the damaged blood vessels.

Small thrombi can dissolve on their own. If the thromboembolism descends from the blood vessel wall and enters the systemic circulation with the blood, it can cause heart, brain, lung and other important organs to infarct and even cause sudden death.

Through functional training, the elasticity of the blood vessel wall around the wound can be enhanced, blood circulation can be smoothed, and thrombosis can be prevented.