Eating seafood can be harmful

Eating seafood can be harmful

Although the seafood is delicious, eating more or long-term consumption is also harmful to people.


Environmental pollution causes marine organisms to exceed heavy metals in their bodies. Of course, seafood is no exception. Therefore, continuous consumption of seafood will cause the accumulation of toxic and harmful substances such as heavy metals in the body and endanger health.


Coveting “fresh” and “tender” while eating raw seafood is more harmful.

Because seafood contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, such as Guangzhou Guanyuan nematodes, Whipworm, lung fluke, if raw or incomplete heating, food poisoning may occur, causing infectious or parasitic diseases.


Seafood contains arsenic pentoxide. If seafood and fruit are eaten together, vitamin C in the fruit may reduce arsenic pentoxide to arsenic trioxide, which is arsenic.

Therefore, if you eat seafood and fruit together, it is easy to cause poisoning.

Furthermore, the fruit acids, implanted acids and other ingredients in the fruit can be combined with the minerals in seafood to form non-digestible substances and stimulate digestion.

Drinking beer and seafood together produces too much uric acid, which can cause gout and arthritis.

Therefore, such patients need attention.

Don’t touch the sensitive zone in public

Don’t touch the “sensitive zone” in public

The human body has two “sex sensitive bands”, one is from the lips, chest to the genitals, and the other is the crotch.
In public, even when couples and lovers are engaged in body language communication, they should pay attention to these two “forbidden areas”. Colleagues, friends, and superiors should pay more attention to it. Otherwise, it may be caused by a small action., Cause misunderstanding to others.
  Many men and women in love, in public places such as parties, do some small actions, such as wiping the leaves of the lips of the lover and the vegetable soup dripping on the chest, tidying a tie, wearing a hat, buttoning, and zipperingSuch as the practice of entering a no-man’s land, in fact, to show the people around them the relationship between the two.
Examining these “little moves” with common sense in sexual psychology is “sexual provocation language”.
  Because in public, the first role of men and women is not the close love of each other, but a very ordinary member of society. If the actions in the bedroom or kitchen are taken on this occasion, it is equivalent to “polluting” the public eye.
In fact, one of the best ways to show intimacy is to stay inseparable. Two people are closer together, and others naturally know what the relationship is.
Of course, if it is between the opposite sex, whether it is a colleague, a subordinate, or a friend or a client, it is absolutely impossible to do these actions.
  Also, for these two “sex-sensitive zones”, except in public, do not touch them with your limbs, and be careful not to stare for a long time.
The saying “eyes high and hands low” also means “eyes are extensions of hands”, whether intentional or not, this long-term gaze actually violates the “sex sensitive zone”.
Knowing these rules will make your social role more and more perfect.
  If in public, the “territory” is inadvertently violated by the opposite sex, you must cleverly reject it.
Zhang Dong, a psychologist at Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, recommends that, for example, in the office, colleagues send some food such as cherries and biscuits to each other. If you are of the opposite sex, you want to give it to your mouth. No matter how important your hand is, you must let it goQuickly catch things with your hands.
If on a very formal occasion, a subordinate of the opposite sex wants to help his boss organize his tie or zipper, the boss can say that he suddenly feels uncomfortable and wants to go to the bathroom; in some social occasions, some bosses, partners or important people are used to young womenDoing pulls and slaps on the shoulders, or even further violations of the “sex-sensitive zone”. At this time, women can also leave for a reason, not only to give their counterparts, but also to preserve their dignity.

Non-stimulating Hanfang skin care products list


Non-stimulating Hanfang skin care products list

Hanfang’s essence, which has been tempered for thousands of years, can effectively help skin reshape the beautiful barrier, and with this mild nature, it will not cause skin irritation.

Is there one of these hot-selling non-irritating Hanfang skin care products that you love?


1: Kose Sekkisei Toner Sekkisei Toner Reference Price: 560 yuan / 360ml Chinese Formula: Angelica has the ability to inhibit melanin production, expand the skin capillaries, make the skin moist and shiny, and increase elasticity.

Used to treat melasma, freckles and other types of pigmentation.

  Product introduction: A natural-type lotion with excellent whitening and moisturizing effects, condensing essence like a beauty liquid.

Cutting-edge coix seed, angelica, licorice and other Chinese herbal extracts prevent the dark spots and freckles formed by the sun, make the skin gradually white as snow, and improve the skin’s essence.

Whitening products that have penetrated women’s minds like never before.

Gently and effectively improves the dullness of the skin, making skin tone brighter and clearer.

Sekkisei has added ultra-fine moisturizing ingredients (wheat germ oil), so it has a distinctive white turbidity, and it can make the skin feel comfortable and moisturized after use.


2: Affordable Materia Medica Quadruple Silk Whitening Mask Affordable Materia Medica Quadruple Silk Whitening Mask Reference Price: 79 yuan / 7 tablets Han Fang: Sea buckthorn can prevent skin melanin production, whiten the skin, and eliminate pigmentation spots.

Makes skin moist and elastic, vitamin E can protect against sun and prevent skin aging.

  Product introduction: Each tablet contains 25g of high-concentration essence, which intensive care makes the skin plump and smooth.

Skin-friendly silk is an excellent moisturizing and brightening ingredient. Combined with sea buckthorn and licorice essence, under the action of “introducing element”, it can directly achieve the amount and brightness enhancement and create a constant humidity environment, lasting softness and brightening the complexion.

Continue to use to improve dry and rough skin, skin is moisturized, white, supple and bright.


3: Sofina core beauty lotion Sofina core beauty lotion Reference price: 220 yuan / 160ml Chinese recipe: ginger essence Ginger contains a compound similar to salicylic acid, which is equivalent to blood substitutes and anti-Coagulants have special effects on lowering blood lipids, lowering blood pressure, and preventing myocardial infarction.

Therefore, ginger prevents aging.

  Product introduction: Suitable for you who are prone to differences in skin age.

The key to making your skin more beautiful is the “skin core.”

Control the skin permeability, make the “skin core” maintenance ingredients penetrate into the “skin core” deepest in the stratum corneum and function.

Hydrates the “core of the skin”, gradually making the skin shiny and firm.

Makes skin easier to absorb lotions and lotions

Formulated with amino acid inducers that control the skin’s environment.


4: Herborist New Yurun Moisturizing Essence Cream Herborist New Yurun Moisturizing Essence Cream Reference Price: 200 yuan / 50ml Han Fang: Motherwort Motherwort is known as “the sacred grass that bleeds blood, and its application in beauty is very early.

Can effectively moisturize the skin, remove wrinkles and whiten.

  Product introduction: Herborist “Xintiandi Yurun Fang” takes the effect of Dendrobium nobileum to awaken the moisture in the body, absorbs the power of nourishing nourishing liquid from Asparagus asparagus, moisturizes the power of fresh Huanghuangze, and receives the benefits of warming and cooling the skin with yamSoften and moisturize the skin, clear and nourish the skin, awaken the inner water of the skin, and keep it moisturized.

Herborist Xinyurun Moisturizing Essence Cream contains the essence of Xintiandi Yurunfang, which can penetrate into the skin, awaken the inner moisture of the skin, and improve the water-absorbing ability of the skin.

Between fresh and moisturized, the skin appears young and fair, moist and elastic, and it looks like jade crystals.

Combined with Herborist New Yurun Moisturizing Series products, it can bring comprehensive and detailed moisture care to the skin.

Tianyuyurun, water resident.

Ren changes with the weather, time flies, the jade muscles are filled with water, and the beauty of jade is blooming forever.


5: Yuxi Shengji Essence Milk Yuxi Shengji Essence Milk Reference Price: 260 yuan / 30ml Han Fang: Lingzhi Ganoderma can accelerate blood circulation in the affected area, enhance skin metabolism, and clear pigments.

Leaves skin nourished and smooth.

  Product introduction: A new member of the Vitality Water family that sold a bottle in one minute!Sources of energy, advancing layer by layer, rejuvenating the skin and the earth.

The energy of ganoderma, in conjunction with fungus, shiitake, and layers of advancing, “charges” the skin and stimulates health potential!

Yingnen, delicate, soft, smooth, instantly glowing!

The magic skin “energy booster” releases source energy, implants into every inch of skin, and coordinates skin function.

Skin is instantly energized: feels fresh and delicate and silky; pores are visible to narrow!

Two weeks later: the blemishes are gone, the pores are tightened; the skin tone is evened out, and the rosy radiance is naturally revealed!

Optimize skin effect: Promote subsequent skin care to achieve the desired effect.


6: Fu Lifang silk deep cleansing cream Fu Lifang silk deep cleansing cream Reference price: 170 yuan / 125ml Han Fang: Honeysuckle contains grass herb, which can penetrate pores with strong force, and has obvious antibacterial and bactericidal effects.

Preventing excessive keratinization of the hair follicles and embolization of the hair follicles is conducive to the normal discharge of sebum.

  Product description: Moisturizing and smoothing cleansing cream quickly replaces and floats makeup as it melts.

The use feeling is soft and smooth, it is not easy to cause friction, so that the dry and rough skin is kept moisturized, and the dirt in the pores and texture is completely removed.

Non-sticky, leaving skin smooth and moisturized after washing.

Strict selection of high-quality and low-irritant ingredients does not add any burden to the soft skin.


7: Dream makeup water-rich flower extract sleep mask Dream makeup water-rich flower extract sleep mask Reference price: 179 yuan / 120ml Han Fang: Rhodiola Rhodiola can effectively protect the skin from free radicals at a very low dosage.Invasion improves the ability of skin cells to resist external stimuli.

  Product description: Sleeping mask containing flower energy and concentrated supply of moisture essence.

The magic mask that condenses the essence of moisture, transforms into a gentle massage after absorption, and generates water droplets that can be easily absorbed by the skin within 5-10 seconds, bringing smooth and smooth water to the skin, creating a moisturized and vibrant skin.

After applying it, you can go to sleep directly without washing. It extracts the energy of natural flowers and high-moisturizing sodium hyaluronate. It brings moisturizing and nourishing skin to your skin in your sleep, and works with SC-glucose ingredients to effectively improve skin repair power.

An elegant fragrance that is thoughtful of the skin’s emotions, relaxes the skin, relieves stress, and makes the dreams sweeter. The skin is rejuvenated and revitalized the next morning.

Can sprouted ginger and garlic be eaten?

Can sprouted ginger and garlic be eaten?

Someone asked: I bought some ginger and garlic a few days ago and put them at home. I took them out yesterday and they sprouted.

The “Life Times” previously introduced that germinated potatoes are poisonous and cannot be eaten. I wonder if ginger garlic is the same?

  In daily life, many people buy more ginger and garlic when they are ready for use, and they may sprout after a long time.

  Many people know that potato sprouts are poisonous and must not be eaten, so many people are worried that this problem also exists in ginger and garlic, and they are thrown away immediately when they see sprouts.

  Before that, let’s first understand the life tips in the kitchen: onion, ginger, garlic, salt.
Large search of kitchen health medicines. Germinated ginger is edible. We cut the ginger, and we can see that the meat inside is dry and empty, and the fiber is thick. That means that the nutritional content of ginger has begun to decrease, and the nutritional value has decreased.Damaged.

  In fact, most ginger on the market has buds, but it is not obvious. However, if ginger is not stored properly after germination, it will cause dormant growth, begin to rot and breed bacteria, and if you eat it, it will cause diarrhea.

  The folks have a statement that “rotten ginger does not taste bad”, which means that rotten ginger can be eaten as well, which is actually wrong.

  Rotten ginger contains safrole, which may degenerate and necrotize liver cells and cause liver cancer, so it is absolutely not edible.

  The germinated garlic can also be eaten. However, after the garlic germinates, the meat will become empty and dry, which will cause the bulbs to shrink and dry up, and the food value will be greatly reduced.

  Therefore, although sprouted garlic can be eaten, due to its nutritional consumption, health care functions are almost exhausted.

  So, how can you make ginger or garlic last longer?

  The method is very simple, as long as the ginger and garlic are packed in a plastic bag, and the plastic bag is sealed tightly, the carbon dioxide released by the ginger and garlic in the bag cannot be emitted, and the entry of water is blocked, so that the garlicIn a comfortable sleeping state, it can prevent decay.

Beautiful DIY: Mung Bean Milk Mask


Beautiful DIY: Mung Bean Milk Mask

Efficacy: Whitening, covering all ugliness, fair skin can often leave a deep impression.

Summer is the time when the ultraviolet rays are the strongest, using the materials in life to make whitening masks at home, beautiful and convenient.

  Material: Mung bean, milk, a sheet of masking paper Production method: 1.

Grate the mung bean skin, then pour the milk slowly and stir into a paste.


Apply the adjusted mask on the face, starting from the chin to the nose, forehead, and then flatten the mask on the face, and apply a slightly moisturizing mask paper on it to avoid the mask from evaporating too quickly in the air.


The mask can be washed off in about 30 minutes. The mask should not be left for a long time, as it can easily block pores.

  Frequency of use: Generally once a week, if it is dry skin, it is recommended once every 10 days.

  Tips: It is best to avoid using lemon, cucumber and other sensitive foods before sun exposure. For example, replacing mung beans with egg whites can make the skin delicate and smooth, and it can replenish water.

Don’t Offend the 13 Tips of the Marriage

Don’t Offend the 13 “Tips of the Marriage”

I. Learn to Tolerate Many times, it is not the “big things” that destroy principles that destroy marriage.
Often small details that are not noticed are more lethal.
  Either I often forget to wash my socks, I often forget to ashtray, or I often go to bed with the TV on.
It may be just a habit, an attitude.
Over time, marriage is exhausted in disgust and strife.
  It is ridiculous that sometimes the vows before the marriage can’t beat a pair of stinky socks in the corner.
But that’s the truth.
So learn to be tolerant. You must know that living with a person not only means that you want to enjoy his advantages, but also tolerate his disadvantages and tolerate his past.
  Second, learn to trust. In the face of marriage, our usual goal is only forever.
In fact, it is always a dummy word, and the visibility is less than five meters.
Maybe, only if trust can make our way of life clear, can we always give a direction.
  I know this is an era of lack of integrity.
  Sometimes trust is about closing one eye.
Forever, we have no choice.
  Third, don’t pin your marriage on love, and stick to love, its vitality is less than four years.
At the right time, there is a right person.
That’s enough.
  4. Don’t ask your child to slap your child easily. It is hope and responsibility.
Don’t ask if you haven’t learned to take on it, or if you are not sure about the future.
Also, don’t dream of tying a marriage with your child.
It’s just hurt and cruel to the child and to the child.
  Fifth, learn amnesia: No matter how unforgettable the love you had with others before your marriage, how much tearing your heart, that is already a dream, and it will no longer become a reality.
In order to live happily, forget it.
  Six, learn to respect him, love him, love him, all respect him.
Of course, if he respects you.
A marriage without dignity cannot be happy.
  7. Don’t forget independence. Don’t resign easily.
Save some money for your home in case you need it.
The world is very realistic.
We can leave anyone, the only thing is not to leave money.
  8. Learn to communicate Communication is not 唠叨, this scale is difficult to master.
But it is better than the silence between husband and wife.
Silence can be compromise or contempt.
But more of them are weapons that can easily destroy your feelings.
  Unless you have the courage to face a zombie-like marriage.
Otherwise, don’t skimp on the language.
  Nine, accepting his family to say nothing, mutual, human nature.
  X. Don’t give up the beautiful life after marriage is a file, it is easy to silently file your face.Don’t expect anyone to be moved by this.

Protect yourself carefully and you will feel safe again.

  Eleven, don’t give up confidence Sometimes, confidence is your last weapon.

  Twelve, responsible marriage condenses the whole world into two people.

You are no longer a single nobleman who eats and feeds dogs.

You should take on your own responsibility at home.

  Especially, try to be faithful to your marriage.

  Not hypocritical.

Unless you have decided to give up, don’t try to derail easily.

Extramarital affairs are, in fact, like drugs, instant joy and excitement.

All that remained was emptiness, remorse, and guilt.

  I really can’t resist the temptation, and try not to give emotions.

Lover is usually just entangled in desire.

Whoever takes it seriously will die first.

  Thirteen, still want to bless marriage no matter what the reason, choose marriage, that is, choose the whole second half of life.

  Maybe doomed, maybe helpless.

  But at least we should watch for happiness and expect happiness.

  Maybe we are doomed to change the world, but at least we can change our view of the world.

Isn’t it?

Identify the top five killers in the office mood

Identify the top five killers in the office mood

How to get rid of this vicious circle?

Let psychologists help us deal with these killers that endanger the good mood of the office one by one.

  Killer 1: Get together to chat and fight back Killer: Don’t talk about topics In the office, colleagues spend the longest time together, and chat becomes a way for everyone to communicate and connect with each other.

  Personal content may involve a variety of things outside of work. Mastering the personality of a colleague becomes a part of interpersonal communication that cannot be ignored. After all, the office is not a “chat” where you can talk freely.

  Psychological analysis: Many employees like to get closer to their colleagues by talking about personal topics. In fact, this is very dangerous.

  Other employees always want to know the situation through chat, and alternately ask each other about the salary, because the salary of colleagues is often different.

In fact, there is always a reason for whether your salary is high or low.

It’s better not to talk about this curious topic.

  Tips for you: The workplace is an arena. Everyone may become your opponent, even a good partner, and may suddenly change his face. He knows that the more you are, the easier it is to attack you and the more you are exposed.The easier it is to get hit.

  Don’t talk about personal issues, and don’t talk about the length of the company.

You think it’s okay to talk about other people, you can get around yourself without a few round trips, set yourself on fire, and then run away to attract the passive.

  It is better not to disclose other personal issues such as your own living conditions. It may be that someone is jealous if you say it, otherwise someone will think that you are showing off and it ‘s not easy to grasp it.

If you want to talk, talk about news, weather and other potential things.

  Killer 2: Congee the phone and fight back Killer: In addition, curiosity originally wanted to take the time to write something and organize the copywriting.

But I only heard the female colleagues around me softly talking on the phone: “What are you doing?

Want to eat somewhere?

I am waiting for you to pick me up!

“As long as this time of day, I feel like I don’t exist, and the gentle phone congee of my colleague at the next table always makes me work without mood.

  Psychological analysis: From a psychological point of view, love to make a personal phone call in the office is first of all a performance without a plan and a serious attitude. Only with this mentality, you will want to start a long personal phone call.

At the same time, some people subconsciously want others to hear his personality, and hope to get everyone’s admiration and praise, which is also a manifestation of misgivings in the work center.

  For other colleagues in the office, such a phone porridge may affect the relationship between colleagues, cause curiosity of other colleagues, or someone suspects “Is the phone content related to me?

“At the same time, these noises will psychologically increase people’s stress and make people feel irritable and disgusted.

  Here’s your tip: Don’t talk too long about your office phone.

The official telephone should be adjusted and controlled within 10 minutes. You can think of the content of the telephone in advance, so that it is concise and clear, and the expression is clear; it is best to make a private call without affecting the work of others, and it is best not to exceed 3 minutes.

  In the case of a call that is not convenient to answer in the office, some measures can be taken.

If it is a private call, it is best to answer it with a mobile phone and go to the stairway to answer it; or tell the other party to call him back later.

  In the face of a colleague who is making a personal call, you can try to control yourself without listening to her personality content curiously, without having to get angry. You can take this time to go to the bathroom, make a cup of tea, stand up and stretch.

  If the other party’s behavior persists for a long time, then she also speaks the private phone aloud while she is working seriously, which affects her and controls her in his own way.

  If she is really “incomprehensible”, write a small note directly to her and remind her clearly.

Of course, special attention should be paid to the wording, so as not to affect or even intensify the relationship between colleagues.

  Hitman III: Desktop clutter counterattack killer 锏: Make the desktop full of “fun” When you habitually turn your neck that is about to stiffen, and want to take a good rest, in the face of countless files, instead of debris, you can only wrinkleBrow, because I can’t find an open space to lie on my stomach, I suddenly become irritable because of this table that has not been arranged for a long time.

  Psychological analysis: Some investigations have shown that people who work in the office 30% of the time will be weird temperament, complaining, irritability.

Office clutter can easily lead to a worse working mood, and worse, it can infect others.

The stronger a person’s sensitivity and compassion, the more likely they are infected with bad emotions. This contagious process is done unknowingly, and the low emotional transmission only takes a short time.

  Tips for you: From now on, sort out your alternatives.

A clean and tidy temporary will make people feel happy and will make the work orderly.

However, a personalized flash can make you feel better. You can put some interesting decompression decorations on your desk, such as a more popular solar-powered decompression plant. If it is placed in a place with light,The leaves of this small plant will automatically sway, which is very interesting and does not require you to take care.
The cartoon decompression doll is also a good choice. The most important thing is that the cartoon doll’s wrist will always have a sun-like smile. When you install the battery, it will nodded to you, and see it so happy, yourI will feel better soon.
  Hitman 4: Addicted to snacks and fight back Hitman 锏: Do not put snacks in the office. Colleagues travel back and bring many specialties.

Suddenly, she tasted delicious snacks at work, which made Miss Shi feel a lot easier.

In the next few days, Miss Shi specially bought a lot of snacks and put them on the top.

A bag of biscuits and a bag of potato chips made her feel relaxed.

Gradually, she became accustomed to using snacks to relieve work stress.

  Psychological analysis: This “snack syndrome” has two main symptoms: one is anorexia, that is, do not like to eat dinner, but especially like snacks; one is gluttonous, in addition to meals, they also eat a lot of snacks.

This is related to confronting the working pressure and other external pressures.

  Frequent snacks in the office can be described as a response to external stress.

The general characteristics are: when you are in a good mood or in a bad mood, you are eating snacks, hiding in a cubicle, having an appetite, and eating snacks with impunity.

  Tips for you: If you want to eat snacks (besides normal) in the gap between work, you must first think about whether you are really hungry, or talk about it for no reason.

You should consciously control your mouth and eat on time.

After work, it’s best to go to the gym to let the stress and tension of the day be vented.

Of course, the best and most effective way is to keep snacks out of the office at all.

  Killer 5: Dressing up to fight back Killer: Easy to look “professional”. Some people wear shiny parts of their clothes. Some people wear outdated clothes, and they smell bad. Some people have dark white shirts on their shoulders.Others wear only one outfit a week and don’t coordinate well.

Women should pay more attention to their appearance. Generally, women do not have the problem of dirty clothes, and there are relatively many cases where the clothing is not suitable for the environment.

  Psychological analysis: Most of these men and women do not put themselves in the correct position of a professional person.

It may also reveal his lack of enthusiasm and responsibility for his work.

I also lack careful thinking about the maintenance of interpersonal relationships in the office, but prefer to be self-centered and do things by preference.

  Tips for you: In addition to paying attention to your own health, you must also consciously establish a good self-image, which can make people maintain manners and manners at all times.

Professional women’s clothing should choose appropriate dressing on different occasions in order to reflect the proper manners and demeanor.

Sometimes, a working man who respects himself and wears clothes can polish what industry he is armed with.

For example teachers, lawyers, etc.

  Modern women are mostly professional women, and there are no more places to go than office buildings.

The office dress should basically be generous and decent, reflecting the professional qualities of professional women.

Definitely your profession as a soldier, at least you should dress like a senior person.

“Clothing Language” silently interprets your industry and your professional attitude, which directly affects your image in the hearts of others and affects their attitudes towards you.

N benefits of office men practicing yoga


N benefits of office men practicing yoga

Can men practice yoga?

Kinematics expert Professor Dou Wenhao believes that yoga is a kind of physical and physiological exercise that is suitable for both men and women, so it is not exclusive to women.

If confused by the flexibility of the surface of yoga movements, it is undoubtedly a loss for many men.

  For modern people who are in a hurry, if they can’t learn to relax and release catharsis, it will cause a series of psychological and physical complications, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cervical spondylosis, and bone spurs.

Not only that, when the human body is fatigued in the brain, many functions will be affected, making people tired and listlessly sub-healthy.

Yoga is a kind of training that consciously adjusts breathing, achieves full body balance in a body posture, and restores the body’s ability to heal itself.

The deep breathing of yoga helps to concentrate, complete and balanced contraction, and contraction can train the elasticity of muscles and joints throughout the body, which cannot be achieved by a single exercise such as walking or cycling.

  Because yoga moves are more soothing and slower in pace, softer requirements are relatively high.

At the same time, yoga is more adept at breathing and putting the body into a calm state.

In fact, men’s flexibility is not as good as women’s, so it’s not very fast when getting started, but through the depth of practice, you will find that because of the increase in physical changes, men may benefit more from yoga and their physical strength will changeBetter, the peace of mind.

  In fact, while giving the external image of the sculpture, yoga also gives people a power from the heart.

After a period of exercise from the inside to the outside, people will be surprised to find that while losing weight by a few kilograms, the mentality has also changed dramatically.

Most women practice yoga in order to find a more perfect figure, and they also care about the beauty of gestures when they are doing movements. Men’s aesthetic sense of movements is not very prominent, but they can better understand the true meaning of yoga.

Although the flexibility of yoga in the primary stage is very important, but the more fatal movements required for strength, but many movements are almost impossible for women, but men can easily complete.

  What is even more unexpected is that practicing yoga can also give men another benefit of sleeping and waking up.

According to data, some postures of yoga are quite effective in improving intercourse, such as bending forward, leaning backward, cobra posture, posture, etc., can help the waist and abdominal muscles, and help people to be particularly specialsmoothly.

  Stress reduction, weight loss, increase the style of men, there are so many shortcomings that increase the interest of men, what other reasons do men have to come to practice yoga soon?

5 kinds of food therapy can be completely removed when getting angry

5 kinds of food therapy can be completely removed when getting angry

Click to buy Chinese medicine believes that the symptoms of anger are often: redness, swelling and pain in the eyes, or sore throat, swollen gums, painful ulcers in the mouth, and erosion of the tip of the tongue.

What if I get angry?

Chinese medicine teaches you to use food therapy to get rid of fire.

  Drinking lotus seed soup is divided into two kinds of fire and heart fire. The fire is manifested as low fever, night sweats, upset, dry mouth, etc. The fire is manifested as repeated oral ulcers, dry mouth, short urination, and upset.

Food therapy: 30 grams of lotus seeds (no lotus heart), 15 grams of mast (gauze bag), add the right amount of rock sugar, decoction, eat lotus seeds and soup.

  Eat pork liver to lung fire dry cough without sputum or sputum is sticky, hot flushes, night sweats, hot hands and feet, insomnia, red tongue.

Food therapy: 1 set of pig liver, 30 grams of chrysanthemum (wrapped in gauze), cook until the liver is cooked, eat liver and drink soup.

  Drinking mung bean porridge to detoxify the stomach is divided into two types: deficiency and coughing, a slight cough, low diet, constipation, bloating, red tongue, and less moss; burning fire is manifested as epigastric discomfort, dry and bitter mouth, and dry stool.

Food therapy: 30 grams of gypsum powder, the amount of rice and mung beans before, cook the gypsum with water first, then filter to remove the residue, take the supernatant, and then add the previous rice, mung beans to cook porridge.

  Drink pear water to get headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, bitter bad breath, and pain in the ribs.

Food therapy: 10 grams of Fritillaria smashed into pieces, 2 pears, peeled and cut into pieces, add the right amount of rock sugar, and stew in the right amount of water.

  Eat pig waist to kidney fire dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, soft waist, hot flashes, night sweats, five heart irritability.

Food therapy: 2 pork loins, 15 grams of wolfberry, and mangosteen meat. Put them into a casserole and cook until the pork loin is cooked. Eat pork loin and drink soup.

Flow Yoga Practice Feeling Report

Flow Yoga Practice Feeling Report

More and more people are practicing yoga, and the introduction of yoga has gradually broken through the original single model. The author has experienced it once about “flow yoga”.

In fact, Flow Yoga is a type of Hatha Yoga.

Flow yoga is a comprehensive exercise that focuses on strength, strength, softness, endurance, balance and concentration, especially endurance, and pay attention to the coordination of breathing and body position.

The connection between asanas gives people a sense of success.

At the same time, flow yoga also combines the characteristics of assisted yoga, highlighting the details of the posture and the auxiliary use of tools.

After a class, I feel that the biggest difference between flow yoga and traditional yoga is that there is a continuous short breath adjustment during ordinary yoga practice, and flow yoga is consistent, all the moves are almost in one go, and at the end is relaxation.Rest, and its rest is also done by doing actions, so it feels a lot more intense and hard for a long time.

  The coach said that members who are practicing yoga are not very physically fit. Generally, they are not recommended to go to upper yoga classes. The movement and intensity exceed the physical endurance limit too much, and they ca n’t even experience the charm of flow yoga.The opposite.

However, people who are a little basic will feel very addicted to practicing flow yoga, and they will feel especially comfortable after practicing.