To know that his opponent is blue,It is a monster that they can’t even feel,But now it is sick,This is simply leaving。

Night now has more,they do not know,After all, no matter whether it is blue, it is still a night.,Sprinkle, they have not been able to understand。
But now looks,Obviously the night is more,But the opportunity to win is quite big.!
“According to this situation,It’s probably not to protect the kid.,Night, the guy really can do。
As long as he really won the blue dye this time,I will do the mainman and the bee.。”
See the night whispering of blue staining,Night expression is very happy,And crazy standingfg。
The bee is a family of four maple houses.,Obviously he is the contemporary home of the four maple yard,Indeed to this right。
And as one of the four major nobles,If you can pull it with a master like this?,And you can get rid of the entanglement of the bee,At night,Undoubtedly a stone multi bird。
Night is a beautiful thinking,Even if you can’t wait to wait for the night, wait, win the blue dye,Go back to the corpse society and put hundreds of tables,Troning things。
As for the side of the night,He still doesn’t know as long as you win blue dye.,It will be married by people.。
Seeing everything is blue dye,Two half of the body is still rapidly healing,The night wrinkled frown to disappear in the same place,Once again,Already come to blue dyeing。
“Flying sky·Inactive·Chaotic butterfly!”
Dozens of knives that are difficult to capture,It is the blue dye in healing,The body is like a tens of pieces of tofu.!
But the blue dye at this time,already“Complete body”form,The collapse is already integrated with his body.。
Night 哉 哉 蓝 蓝 染 身,But still did not find the collapse of the body。
And even now the body is cut into dozens of pieces,Although the blue dye is also weak,But there is still no disappearance。
Means of,Although the other party has been injured,But there is still no death!
Such vitality,Have far more than『Ten blade』Super speed regeneration regeneration is the strongest Urcheola。
The latter’s overspeed reproduction ability is strong,But once the visceral is damaged,Can’t restore。
But now the blue dye in front of the night,Don’t say it is the internal organs.,Even the body is cut down.,But actually has no dead!
Wrinkled over the night,A gas power wave,Directly to float dozens of blue-stained powders。
But the latter is broken by Qigong,Actually became a group of white viscous substances,And start gathering together。
See this scene,Night is simply,Is this Nima be a magistar??Such vitality,It’s too long.!
Even“Collapse”Ability,But don’t take this way!
White substance gradually gathered,A body shape is slowly standing,But now blue dye,Compared to just,Another change again。
Blue dye at this time,The forehead has a slit similar to the eye.,Face becomes black,And the previous facial skin tears from the middle and located on both sides of the black face,Three holes in the upper body。
Crackwear in hand“Mirror flower”It is also integrated with the right arm。
Six huge butterfly wings behind the original,Every wing ridge grows out of a flavor,Compared to the third form of human beings,Now blue dye is more like a virtual。
And now blue staining,I have entered the next state,The final fusion stage。
Seeing blue dyeing because he was violent,Consumption of seven seven eight eight,When you skyrocket,The mood of the night is quite complicated。
This is too bullying.,what is this?Is it stronger??
Originally he was dyed twice in slaughtering blue.,The epigladous,It can be launched。
But now there is no seal in blue dyeing.,And it’s also again on the sky.,Enter the next stage!
Although the blue dye at this moment,I can’t do anything that makes the night can’t match the enemy.,But after this stage,Can he still evolve again?,It’s really not the heart.!
“I am very grateful to you,花 花 哉 哉,I have never thought of myself.,You can actually make me evolve to this extent。
I am gone at this moment.!This ultravailable from all organisms,Just a waving, there is a murderer!”
White substances on the ground recalls the blue dye,Like it is in a self-pattern,Excite of an expression。
In the cognition of blue dyeing itself,His present gesture,It should be the most perfect stage with the collapse of jade.。

“I know not to tell you??So long,Some things I have forgotten,You figure yourself!”

“Um~Good flavor,Good fragrance!I want to eat it ~!”
The small hair stretches the nose.。
“Owner,You live on the side of the mountain?”
“Yup!It is the biggest mountain in the square.,How did you know?”
“Of course it is smelling!I went out to find some eating.,Soon, come back!”
Minority“call out”I slipped out from the window opened.,Soon, there is no trace
“where did you go?”
Niu Niu contacts small hair in my mind,But it seems to have no time to take care of yourself.,
“Many beasts in the mountains,Don’t go in!”
“rest assured,What do they dare to treat me?!”
Put down this sentence,It’s completely no news.。
The little hair lives for so long.,The old ancestors in the mountains in the mountains have more than a balance.。Should not be stupid to send death。
Holding this idea,Niu Niu quickly entered a dream
“Niu Niu,Have you got up??”
“Woke up!Waiting for it, it will come out.!”
The sound of the waves successfully woke up with sweet small hair sleeping next to the Niu Niu.,Then I got the eyes of Niu Niu。
“what is this?”
“If you are looking for it, you are looking for this.?”
“Yup!There are more mountains.!These have been left for you,Be delicious.!You try!”
“You remember that I have to let me come out later.!It’s too fun outside.!Now I have a break in the space.!”
Small hair is rare to let go,Samuan ran all night,Can not be tired。
Proud on the eyes,There is a bit of cute。
Niu Niu looked at it,Take it back。
Pick a few thick ginseng placed on casual place,Fine friction
Look at this head,It is not difficult to guess this year.
“Minority,Is there a lot of mountains on the mountain??”
Niu Niu only got some snoring as a response
“Niu Niu,Why didn’t you come out??I have breakfast.!”
Finish,Su Grandma took a dinner with Niu Niu

Middle-aged wrist is an anti-joint break,Bai Senson bone exposed to air,Bright red blood flow。

Middle-aged face,Double-eyed,Make a painful。
Summer bow,Legs,The situation bombards in each other’s chest。
The knees are sprouting in the chest,Let all hear people,All have changed color。
Crispone sounds again。
Middle-aged body fiercely,Have a ground。
Summer loose,Step back。
Then smashed,Twist waist,Swing,Sweeping in middle age with an extremely arrogant posture。
Not waiting for him to go out,The other leg is connected to the ring,Direct him in the ground,Among the ground shocking dust,Summer foot stepped on his chest,Another slamming。
In a crispy bone,Middle-aged body rolled out。
Then fall at the foot of the youth youth。
Middle-aged figure,Pumping sound emitted in the throat,And the one completely changed my face,More than any degree of screams。
At this moment,Noba’s central square is still quiet。
Quiet, can even hear heavy gasping。
People stunned in place,It has become a sculpture。
The most stupid,It is also confident that you will not be in the summer in the eyes.。
He stands in place,Looking at the middle age of the feet,Finally changed color,The face is a young in the face.。
No more high before it。
Da da da。
Footsteps sound,Qin Haotian is shocked。
Looked up,Seeing this summer。
“What do you want to do?!”
He is backward,Intensity,“summer,You are in public,So many people look at,Police must not let you。”
Say,His eyes are sweeping around,Drink,“If you dare to move me?,At that time, my younger brother will never let you go.!”
Summer continues before。

The scary thing about blood ghosts is,Their resentment level will make their strength improve rapidly,The weakest blood ghost is also level 5,But as long as they have enough grievances,Easily reach level 9。

In order to refine the powerful undead,Captured a seventh-level fighter,To kill his family even more,Wife, son and daughter’s parents were all killed by the necromancer。
So unwilling to resent,Such a seventh-level fighter is transformed by undead magic,Became a blood ghost。Even because of strong resentment,Strength has reached level nine。
As the undead transformed through undead magic,Not the undead who entered the underworld after death。Although I lost most of my memory,But the obsession of resentment still remains,Even clearly knows who he hates most。
But not much use,The undead transformed by the undead magician is naturally forced to accept the undead magic contract,It is impossible for it to harm the undead magician who controls itself,Even if its own strength has far exceeded,This is the most fundamental function of the contract。
The blood ghost found that as his strength grew,The longer it takes for undead magic to summon itself
And the opportunity came soon。In a call,When the blood ghost has decided to surrender,Deliberately attack the enemy,Lure the opponent to directly attack the necromancer,And before the necromancer was seriously injured and dying,Struggling to descend to the material plane。And severely wounded that enemy with howling the undead。
Although blood ghosts are called undead,There is no way to attack the necromancer,But watching the other person die in pain can be done,At that time, before the soul is taken away by the rules of the underworld,,Personally tore his soul to pieces and swallowed it。
of course,Before you fully enjoy your enemy,I want a delicious snack to fully enjoy。
A giant palm formed by flames fell from the sky,Press the blood ghost in the palm,Lightly hold,Ignore the crazy counterattack struggle of the blood ghost。The blood ghost uttered an extremely painful howl under the terrible heat,Struggling to be turned into ashes by the heat。
A figure appeared beside Wright, who collapsed on the ground,The Cromwell Saint Magister saw the disciple beside him,A little exploration,Face changed。
“Wounded soul,Damn,It was the spirit attack of the ghost just now!”
Although he is a holy magister,On the soul attack methods can be ranked in the top three in the sanctuary,But there is no good way to face the injury of the soul。
Soul power covers the entire imperial capital,A man with a neat beard was detected,Middle-aged male in a black gentleman costume。
“William,Come and help me,I owe you a favor!”
“Cromwell Saint Magister”The middle-aged gentleman reacted somewhat in astonishment,Although his teacher is one of the two greatest beings in the entire Magnolia continent,But I just advanced to the sanctuary level,The status is far worse than the ancient sanctuary extreme powerhouse,In front of the other party。Can make the other party owe someone,But a good thing。

result,Was destroyed,Everything has become particularly worrying at this time。

despite this,This matter can only end here,All this is still in his grasp。
No matter what the other party has prepared,How much effort it took to do these things,As long as they play them, there will be flaws,From Long Liang’s point of view, it might not be too much to deal with them,It just needs a little thought。
He worked out his plan as quickly as now,then,Implement everything smoothly,Back to his grasp,This means that all of this becomes great at this time。
wait,Until tomorrow’s game,The situation will become very good,The whole world will become quiet,Everything will become extremely expectant。
He likes this feeling,He also likes everything,Just so far,Still have more new ones,Some other things will be involved in this,To avoid making time more troublesome,He feels that sometimes it is necessary for him to make some things go more smoothly。
So far,He didn’t show any abnormalities,He doesn’t know if there are people with the surname Song Song and Bai Zhang Bai beside him,If you have it, you will suffer,He has to maintain some of his own state,Try not to be caught by others。
Otherwise, he must be the one who suffered in the end。
Huang Lei and they slept like pigs that night,This is also the message that Long Liang received from Chen An in the middle of the night,Confirmed this。
These guys really drank those wines,Took those medicines,at this time,Everything has developed as he thought before。
Smiled,Never have as many ideas as before,Tonight Long Liang is destined to make himself a particularly stable sleep。
The game is about to go,Half an hour before the start,So far, I haven’t seen Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, who is Zhang Bai, appearing on the scene.,Just like this,The people who were waiting,I started to panic at this moment。
Didn’t you say it well at the party last night??Why can’t even people see it at this time??

But if the man behind Chen Fei,It’s really worth letting Li Qingqiu throw everything away,At least to survive!

One of them said:“So he Li Qingqiu broke our life!?”
Just half a day,Li Qingqiu revoked all dark world business resources。
These underground casinos,Underground Boxing Gym,All face bankruptcy。
Anyone can guess,This is to run away!
Li Qingqiu got into trouble and wanted to run,But he took all the people from the dark world in,This won’t work。
“and so,Before he runs,money,status,We all have to grab it back,By the time,Where does he like to go。”
The two nodded in agreement。
“I will send an invitation letter to Li Qingqiu,right here,Have a banquet。”
Ding Zhimeng smoked a cigarette,Keep saying:“At that time, it will be the day when Nancheng Dark World reshuffles,Everyone has their own skills。”
“right here!”
Ding Zhi points to the ring in the middle of the hall。
“The boss of Nancheng is about to change。”
If Li Qingqiu doesn’t come,Then there is no need to say more about the reputation in the dark world,First counseled Chen Fei,Now even the little brother I used to be scared。
If Li Qingqiu come here obediently,You are not kind,Don’t blame the brothers for being unrighteous…
Other people know immediately,Pull Li Qingqiu off the horse,There must be someone who wants to be the boss。
This feast,Is their chance to reach the top。

Zhuang Hai said frankly,Although he knows that saying this kind of makes Zhuang Yong lose face!

Zhuang Yong is really speechless!
“master,There is such a government son-in-law,So capable again,That’s not a bad thing。What do you say……”
Zhuang Hai said meaningfully。
“Let me think about it……”
Zhuang Yong can’t make up his mind,Change to usual,He is very decisive and resolute in handling everything,But this time it’s a big deal,Especially involving his baby girl,He can’t think about it,After weighing the pros and cons repeatedly,Make more decisions。
“master,Do you want to talk to Miss,Tell her about it?”
Zhuang Hai asked again。
“I’ll talk about it after I think it through……”
Zhuang Yong hesitated for a moment,Helplessly say。
This is how he has been in the underworld for decades,Cringe for the first time,Undecided,He can take any risks without fear,But he can’t take any risks related to Xiaodie!
He is a gangster,But he is also a good father who loves his daughter!Although this sounds contradictory,But the truth is so……
“Yes,master,I’ll go down first,Call me if you have something。”
Zhuang Hai respectfully finished,Turn around and go out。
“wait……Don’t leave,Stay here with me,I might……I have something to discuss with you at any time。”
Zhuang Yong hesitated for a moment,He still kept Zhuang Hai,He thinks the person involved,Bystander clear,He still wants to listen to Zhuang Hai’s opinions。
Zhuang Hai stopped immediately,Back to the study。

Shu Qing said:“Yes。this afternoon,I got a call from Nana,She said after the first class,There is a parent forum,After her school,Didn’t see mom,Lao Kang said her mother went to Jinan for a meeting this morning,The power system has a commendation meeting before May Day,Can’t come back at noon。She told me that she didn’t want Lao Kang to hold a parent seminar for her,At school in the afternoon,Called me on the teacher’s phone,Let me hold a parent meeting for her。”

Since the fat pig director of the Electric Power Bureau was transferred away,Shen Fang has always been responsible for the work of the bureau’s labor union,Power System May Day Commendation Conference,She must be attending。Peng Changyi said with a smile:“She’s pretty good at finding a way,Called you?”
Shu Qing said:“Didn’t call me at first,Called Old Gu first,Ask old Gu if I have a meeting,Old Gu said I didn’t have a meeting,Just call me。”
“Ha ha,Will engage in investigation,did you go?”
Shu Qing said:“Of course I went,Trust me so much,Don’t say i didn’t have a meeting,I have to go to the meeting。I went early,The teacher said,Nana told her,Her father is studying in Beijing,Her mother went to Jin’an for a meeting,She is looking for her best and most trustworthy friend for the meeting,So I found。”
“Ha ha,nice。”Peng Changyi said with a smile。
“Yes,I cherish this trust,Arrived at school long ago。”
“Ha ha。What spirit?”
Shu Qing replied:“the first,It’s a school choice;second,Talked about the results of the whole class in the whole grade,Sent out the transcript of the last exam;third,Answered questions from parents。At last,Leave the parents of key students for a separate discussion,I am honored to be the parent of key students。”
“Ha ha。”Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Congratulations,How is Nana’s grades?”
“Great!Second place。Many parents gathered around the teacher to ask about their children,I waited till the end,The teacher told me,This period of time compared to the previous period,Nana’s learning mood is very stable,Academic performance is also very stable,And always care about the class collective,Have strong organizational and leadership skills……”
“Ha ha。”Peng Changyi smiled。
Shu Qing continued:“But occasionally there will be times of distraction,Performance is not paying attention to lectures in class,Watching her attentively,I didn’t even listen。The teacher said it might have something to do with her reading the book in advance at home,There is also a sloppy phenomenon。”
Peng Changyi believes,Because that’s what he asked his daughter,After finishing homework,Just look back at the textbook,Appreciate the new content and knowledge of the textbook in advance。

“Ok,Who else is called?”

“Called Shang Zhigang and Lao Xiao,Lao Xiao’s business is basically fine,It’s this half a day,So personnel issues must be on the agenda in advance。”
Peng Changyi thought about it:“I feel,It’s better for you to meet Mayor Bao alone,Think about it,If you call me,But not Lao Yin and the head of the organization,In case someone else knows in the future,Will you criticize you for pulling the mountain??”
Peng Changyi said this far。
Jiang Fan said:“Nothing,Since I don’t call him,He won’t know,It’s him I’m avoiding,rest assured,Zhigang is principled。”
Jiang Fan is really smart,He knew who Peng Changyi was referring to,and so,He doesn’t worry about anything anymore,Just say:“When I go to work in the afternoon,Open the room in advance,Waiting for you。”
“In your building,Don’t go to the front。”
Peng Changyi asked again:“Where is Lao Qin??”
Jiang Fan said:“Where exactly is not yet finalized,But the deputy mayor has already decided。”
This arrangement is not ideal,But for Qinling,It’s also an improvement,After all, I have a real job。
What Peng Changyi cares about is that after Xiao Aiguo went to the municipal party committee,Who will take over the post of government secretary。He asked again:“Secretary of the government who do you want to do。”
“This one,to be honest,I’m not too mature,So I want to discuss with you and Zhigang,Do you have a suitable candidate?”
Peng Changyi thought of Lan Kuangyi,Said:“I haven’t used my brain in this regard,The reason why I care about candidates for this position,Because I belong to the government,Have to deal with often,What do you think of Lao Lan?”Peng Changyi tentatively asked。
Jiang Fan said:“I did think of Lao Lan,Lao Lan works hard,Upright,No matter whether it’s work or discipline,It’s just that it’s inappropriate to remove him from the Construction Bureau,Our idea of running a city has just been put into action,Bring him up this time,I’m really not at ease with others,Because of Lao Lan’s personality,I need him to stay there for a year and a half。”
Peng Changyi also meant the same,He began to think Jiang Fan would bring Lan Kuangyi up,I just want to do it once,I didn’t expect Jiang Fan to think like him。

“understand,It seems they are going to hand over things in the bathroom。”

Yang Shiyun pretended to rub his nose,Cover your mouth and say quietly。
“Yang Zhige,You go to the bathroom。”
Liu Xiaoyun in the car outside immediately said in the headset。
In front of the window in another corner of the lobby,Yang Zhi turned around to distinguish a lower position,Then he walked straight to the bathroom……
Swallow,Yang Zhi entered the hotel with Yang Shiyun and Meizi,Yang Shiyun and Meizi are in charge of monitoring,Observe the situation,Yanzi and Yang Zhi are responsible for the unexpected situation,Use force to solve problems。
And outside the hotel,It’s the special forces and a large number of policemen hidden in the car……Wait for the rabbit,The scene of catching turtles in the urn has begun,The next step is to see when Liu Xiaoyun plans to get someone。
“Skin monkey”After sitting on the sofa alone for a while,Confirm that everything around is normal,Then stood up,I went to the bathroom calmly……
“Xiaoyun,The two goals probably went to the bathroom to hand over things,What to do next?Do you want to take people??but‘Skin monkey’But it hasn’t appeared yet!”
Yang Shiyun takes advantage of the opportunity that the target is not around,Immediately ask Liu Xiaoyun for the next action plan。
“Don’t take people yet,We have to wait until the monkey appears,If the two of them leave,I will arrange two teams to follow them separately。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered without hesitation……ten minutes later,Wang Lin walked out of the bathroom first,Then he left the hotel without looking back,and“Skin monkey”I don’t know what I’m doing in the bathroom,Although Yang Zhi is in the bathroom,But in order not to reveal the identity,Before entering the bathroom,He has turned off the wireless communication headset,So no one knows the situation in the absorption room。
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