But the pain caused by the soul attack is disappeared.。

“This?”Lin Feng’s tongue,At the critical moment, the goddess spear in our body is combined together.,One is a big daily heart practice,One is the five poisonous spirit practice,Both two this moment。
Can actually attack the other’s souls to swallow the two nets!
This is too strange.。
At the moment of absorbing the three strong soul attack,Lin Feng’s figure recovered calm,Nine zombies also recovered calm,The power of the moon in the sky is also restored,More and more strong,Crazy flooded into nine big zombies。
Liu Sheng sword looked at this scene。
“impossible!”Jinshan Emperor looked at this scene.。
“Our soul attack is absorbed,What is this??”The mother of his wife, the teacher, looked at this scene.,He has never encountered such a thing。
“Five poison,I see,This is the wilderness!”Liu Sheng sword face mad:“Only eight wilders can absorb everything,The practice of the soul attack is attacked by other big souls.。”
Jinshan Emperor heard the voice:“impossible,Early Wilderness is in the grave of the Emperor Emperor,He can’t be repaired。”
“Nothing is impossible。”Brahmao teaches the main road:“Don’t you determine the rumor in his grave??”
“This should have no mistake,wrong,This is not a complete eight waste,He lacks the master,So can’t attack,Can only beat,If we will force him to enter the desperation,He is impossible to absorb。”Jinshan Daye Road。
“No wonder he wants to trader with live Buddha,If I have not guess wrong,He wants to exchange the Eight Wilder Power of Living Buddha Hands。”Braho God teaches the main brids。
“Once the gathering point,He is really cultivated,He is really tyrant,Sweeping any Nirvana in the world,Even Nirvana is not necessarily。”Jinshan Emperor:“Can’t kill him,Be sure to capture!”
“Be sure to win the wilderness!”
Both the gods of the gods and Liu Sheng swords have been mad,Each body emerges a terrible breath。
“Allocate,This kid is more than there is a knife,There is also eight waste。”Jinshan belt:“We must control this person today.,Winage。”
“Ha ha,it is good!”
Both the gods of the gods and Liu Sheng swords have been hot,Look at Lin Feng’s eyes like a treasure house。
Three strong people did not attack,But continue to call the phone,I started calling people.。
I can’t let Lin Feng walk around today.。
Be sure to arrest Lin Feng。
Soon they inform the masters of their respective forces come。
“Allocate,We have no use now.,Waiting,He is over at the end of today,Inheritance inheritance,His strength plummeted,His soul is also plummeted,Anyone else can hold the godman to kill him.。”Jinshan Emperor:“However, this kid has tried a mysterious lightning power.,Surprise,Never let it escape。”
“Do not worry,This time I can’t let him escape.。”Liu Sheng has no sword and his wife’s gods,Each is retired in the void.,Waiting for the coming of the master’s master。
Lin Feng looked at this scene frown.。
The heart is secretly rising。
As these three old guys say,After the end of the gods,I can’t connect the power of the nine zombies.,Power in your own body,It is only half-pointed by this level.。

Ruan Lingna“Oh”Said:“So!Let me demonstrate,Look at”Ruan Lingna finished,I was afraid I plunged into the water。Looks very beautiful,She seems to be a mermaid。Xia Jian couldn’t help but watch,I didn’t move both eyes。

Lin Wei gently pushed Xia Jian and said:“Let’s start Mr. Xia!Swim more”
Xia Jian nodded,And plunged into the water。This swimming is really good exercise,Xia Jianzai two beautiful women*under,The more you swim, the better,But soon she felt a little hungry。
“Hey!Manager Ruan,Let’s take a break,Can you get something to eat”Xia Jian gasped and said。
Ruan Ling smiled and said:“Already arranged,Let’s go up!”Ruan Lingna finished,He took the lead in swimming towards the shore。Lin Wei glanced at Xia Jian,Xia Jianchang took a breath,One forward,It didn’t take much effort,Then swam to the shore。
Lie down on the sofa,Xia Jian only felt weak,It seems that he still lacks exercise in the water。Have a chance in the future,He still has to come to places like this。
Ruan Lingna picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted,Dessert and coffee were served soon。These things Xia Jian doesn’t catch a cold,But he doesn’t care much when he is hungry。Drank a cup of coffee,Xia Jian ate a few more pastries,Then I feel a little more comfortable in my stomach。
Suddenly a girl who looked like a waiter ran in,She attached to Ruan Lingna’s ear and said softly,Ruan Lingna,Face changed,Said quietly:“How is she so coincidental?Never use it for a card,President Xia is here today,She came to swim”
Xia Jianyi listen,Asked quickly:“Who are you talking about?Let people travel!Wouldn’t it be wasteful for us to swim in such a big pool?”Until now,Xia Jiancai figured it out,It turned out that Ruan Lingna wouldn’t let other people in,No wonder you have swam for so long,Did not see a stranger。
Ruan Lingna walked to Xia Jian,Squatted down,Speak softly:“Liu Yuping, secretary of the Qingshan County Party Committee, is here,What do you propose?I am not going to open this afternoon,I just want you to swim alone”
“okay!Don’t say so much,Hurry up and let her in!Don’t let people wait too long,She is the leader of Qingshan County,Don’t offend her”Xia Jian said softly to Ruan Lingna。
Ruan Naling nodded,Walked out in a swimsuit。In a while,A woman in her fifties walked in in a bathing suit。If you don’t look at her face,Just look at her figure,No one can guess,She is over fifty years old。
Xia Jian met this woman once,When talking about the plot of Qingshan County Complex,Wang Yihua took Xia Jian to find Liu Yuping。Which time did they talk a little bit short,Little impression。
Liu Yuping walked towards the pool,Look up,She suddenly smiled at Xia Jian:“Yo!President Xia is here too?”Xia Jian didn’t want to say hello,I didn’t expect this woman to have such a good memory,Actually recognized him。
Xia Jian stood up quickly,Walked a few steps,He stretched out his hand and said with a smile:“Hello, Secretary Liu! I didn’t expect to meet you here’
Liu Yuping stretched out his hand,Shake with Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“Not feeling well recently,Rest at home。I suddenly wanted to swim this afternoon,So I came along“
“Oh!Secretary Liu is unwell?Is it not a big problem?!“Xia Jian asked with a serious face。
Liu Yuping smiled and said:“small issue,Already done。Since it’s here,Just go for a swim,Don’t stand and talk“Liu Yuping said,Chao Xiajian made a launch gesture。

After entering,Shouted a sentence,“Feng Tianpeng……”

“Small day,I am here……”
Follow the sound,Summer came to the left side of the lobby。
Entrust,I saw Feng Tianpeng, who came slant.。
But the summer is frowning。
I saw that Feng Tianpeng was blood.,Nasal face,And his hands and legs are there in a distorted angle.。
Obviously it is broken。
“Haha,Small day,It seems that my ossity is still very accurate.,Know you will come,I also know that my master is coming back.,Haha……”
Feng Tianpeng seems to feel painful.,Seeing the summer,Also have a joke。
Summer walking to the past,Sound inquiry,“He is Beichen?”
“Bamboo?It seems that you all know?”
Feng Tianpeng is oblique,龇 龇,“A while,Let me help me,The old guy of my master,Seeing that I am not helping me,But murder,You said,I am easy for me.……”
Summer shink,Immediately give him a bone。yy1s
After everything is completed,Also back on the back,Go out of the courtyard。
I have already returned the outside,The people of the ancient family crying and grabbing the earth。
No people pay attention to summer and Feng Tianpeng,Even occasionally sweeping,It is also the kind of hatred like a snake.。
As for the old,I have already disappeared。
“Tell me,What is going on??”
Asked in summer。
“What else?。”Feng Tianpeng disdainful,“That night I have a good night.,I naturally think that the ancient family is related to you and me.。”
Toned,Also,“The ancient family did not dare to go to Qinghai to deal with you.,I want to shoot me first.,Just lotus,Find me to let me give me something,Convert a hair,I directly kill them directly.。”
“Then Beichen’s old guy came to Beijing.,Full of world chasing me……”
Not finished,Summer interrupted him,“I don’t ask this.,You know。”
Feng Tianpeng is silent。
For a long time。
He said,“In fact, this also involved the grievances of the previous generation.,Before I,My master also received an apprentice.,But he was killed by people.,Kill him,Is a guardian named Guyang,Guyang is a pro-hospitality。”
Toned,“That time,My master is for some reason.,I can only eat this dark loss.,This time……”
Summer eyes are slightly tile,“Means of,This is actually the bitter meter between your teachers and men.?I came out from the ancient house.,You deliberately find me,Well to eat late at night with me,It is a misunderstanding.,It is also today.?”
Feng Tianpeng was silent again.。
If the two will go all the way,No one blocks。
Until they leave for a long time,The ancient house gradually became quiet.。
At this time,A middle-aged station。
He is ancient,It is the pang family。
But now except for an ancient ancient morning,The man in the ancient family is almost dead.。

Leaping high!

Leaped over Garnett。
Leaped the Emperor James。
Leaped over Nash, Son of the Wind。
Leap over Golden State Lavin。
Legendary dunkers on the sidelinesJThe doctor seemed to see his young self。
Michael Jordan in front of the TV looks at that eye-catching24Smashed the TV remote。
Old Joe of Philadelphia suddenly understood,Own child has become an eagle。
Flying is the most primitive desire of mankind,Everyone has imagined themselves swaying in the sky。
This is also the charm of basketball。
Fly,Peter Pan!
Fly,Kobe rekindled youth!
Legs spread,Did not touch anyone’s head,Flew over the restricted area。
Time seems to stand still,The flowing place is so long。
In the end, Kobe made a leap for four futureMVP,Leap over myself。

This black and white beam of light hit Li Yusong,Li Yusong’s face changed。

A burst of extreme heat,An extremely cold,Two different feelings made Li Yusong tremble。A kind of fear from the depths of the soul gave him no hesitation,Directly released his body protection soul skills。
“Dragon Guard。”Li Yusong gave a soft drink,The fifth spirit ability on the body is bright。
That is the ten thousand year spirit ring,It is also the only defensive spirit ability Li Yusong has。
Under everyone’s attention,The dragon stick in Li Yusong’s hand suddenly shined,The dragon pattern on the dragon stick seems to come alive,Got directly into Li Yusong’s body。Also at this moment,There was also a faint golden light on Li Yusong。
Used this spirit ability,Suddenly,Zhao Ming’s ice and fire energy is resisted。But the golden light of Zao Wou-ki’s body has also become a lot dim。
This scene surprised Zhao Ming,
But Zhao Ming guessed,The core of Li Yusong’s dragon stick is the dragon pattern on his stick。The dragon pattern blessed on the dragon pattern stick,The power of the dragon stick will become stronger。And blessing is like this on him,Then his physical strength will be greatly improved。
“In that case,It’s easy。”Zhao Ming smiled,Release his first spirit ring spirit ability again,Eyes of Ice and Fire。
See Zhao Ming coming again,Li Yusong’s muscles twitched,He knew he was planted on Zhao Ming this time。
By a student in a short time,Forced to use the fifth spirit ability,This is already a shame。
But he has a good chance of losing。
quickly,The second ice and fire and two instruments shot at Li Yusong’s body。
Third way,
Fourth way,
Crazy ice and fire energy hit Li Yusong,The golden light on Li Yusong’s body gradually dimmed with every blow。
at this time,Li Yusong’s face is green。Such a powerful spirit ability feels like no money in Zhao Ming’s hands。
He doesn’t want to be too much,But then he fucks too much。
Li Yusong is a little bit crying。
“Teacher Li,It should be over。”


Just when he was stupefied,This number becomes29:23:59:45。
Hu Lai realized that this was a countdown!
There is still a countdown to this task?!
What the hell!
He was thinking about putting this task,Let it be,It will happen,Will it be done automatically when he can play??
But obviously the system doesn’t think so。
See the beating numbers,The last column should be seconds,And so on,Minutes ahead、Hours and days。
Such a count,This task requires him to complete within thirty days!
Hu Lai panicked。
Thought of here,He withdrew from the system space,Set his sights on the head coach Li Ziqiang in the distance。
This is the key figure that determines whether he can play。
Li Ziqiang stands on the sidelines,Today’s training is over,Hu Lai once again completed the training task he gave。
From the time this kid joined the school team,Four weeks have passed,Nearly a month。
He first thought that under his consciously strict requirements and heavy exercise training,This kid shouldn’t last long。
Because looking at the face,Li Ziqiang always feels that Hu Lai’s eyebrows are sly,It doesn’t look like the kind of loyal and honest person who can endure hardship。

“Ugh……If my master is still alive,,Seeing that I charged her so much and beautiful,The obedient young disciple,She doesn’t know how happy she is!”

Daochang Bai said with a sigh。
“Grandma Grandma will definitely say;Still my apprentice,The beauty of the world,The little beauty has been accepted as an apprentice for me。”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately took the conversation。
“Xiaoyun,Be humble,Low-key……”
Yang Shiyun said dumbly。
“I’m just telling the truth,Is it for humility and low-key,Do i have to tell lies?Sister Shiyun。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered confidently。
Yang Shiyun was shocked by Liu Xiaoyun’s words.。
“Ha ha,You little girl is really naughty。”
Daochang Bai smiled and interjected。
“master,I’m so naughty you won’t be angry with me,Hate me?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked Bai Daochang straightforwardly,This girl’s personality is really pretty straightforward,Under no circumstances know how to hide,Cover up,Always say what you have。

The students in my brother’s school are different from the students in her school,Few people will have a personal stylist。So take a look,Clear soup,They look the same without looking carefully,Ordinary and rough,Most of them think that the heavy schoolwork is disgraced。In this kind of environment,Looks fair and has a good temperament,Si Fan,Became the crane that strayed into the flock of chickens,Not paying attention。But to be honest,Si Fan’s level,In her high school,Grab a lot。

Baby Ou was disappointed,But also a little bit happy。
but,“You say straw bag?Then you think this new growth is good?”Si Fan and Zhanyan look at the same level,Although Si Fan looks a little better than Zhan Yan,But it’s really still in the same horizontal circle。If Si Fan thinks Si Fan is doing well,,that,Show up?All these years,Brother hates showing up,But Zhanyan is really a very conspicuous pit in the hearts of her and her mother.,I want to step on this pit from time to time.
Yuze thought for a while,“I haven’t actually looked at real people carefully,Huang Tong let me see the photos。He said it was like a mop with a long white wooden handle.”
“.”Bao Bao put his hand on his brother’s arm,“Please tell me in detail the origin of this description,be sure。”
“.”Although I think it’s weird,But you are so curious,I am also quite speechless。Yuze coughed,“I asked,Huang Tong said Si Fan is whiter than the girls in the class,Then the hair is black, not black or gray,Tall and thin without body,At a glance, it looks like a white wooden mop standing upside down,It’s still the one that doesn’t clean after a long time。”
“.”Straight Guy’s Vicious Tongue,Really vicious and poisonous!!!
Baby Ou winked,“that,brother,Do you agree with Huang Tong’s statement?”
Yuze is very casual,“more or less,Really no body.”Boy,Look at your face,Just two。
“.”Although Bao Bao Ou is worried about his brother being involved in the plot that has emerged again,but,It feels compared to her patch,Brother Huang Tong is the real defensive weapon.
Chapter Seventy Six Familiar with
Brother sees Si Fan or thinks of her,The first reaction must be the dirty mop.
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Yanzi immediately asked Yang Zhi mischievously,This girl is much more lively now,I’ve often been naughty and mischievous。

“Junior sister,Don’t you, I’m joking, okay……You are the number one female killer,Still need me to teach you?Moreover,I’m not as good as yours,You now have a master Taoist to give you advice every day,I guess you are better than me!You taught me it’s almost the same?Where do I need to teach you!Ha ha。”
Yang Zhi said to Yanzi jokingly。
“Brother, don’t make trouble……My skill has always been far worse than you!Are you making fun of me when you say that?!”
Yanzi was embarrassed immediately。
indeed:Although the swallow’s skill is quite good,Dan and Qin Liang,Compared with Yang Zhi,She really can’t。Swallow’s kung fu mainly depends on agility,Smart,Qin Liang,Yang Zhi’s Kung Fu is always a tough line,The innate difference in strength between men and women is a difficult gap to bridge,Unless it’s a master like Daochang Baek,if not,In the formal fight,After all, girls are much inferior to men in strength。
“correct,Swallow,I even fought against Xiaoxue,I think her actual combat experience is too lacking,Xiaoyun estimates that this is also the case,So i suggest you:Make more time to fight with them,It’s best to knock them down every time。”
Yang Zhi suddenly made a serious suggestion。
“No? Brother Yang Zhi!Can’t beat us?Even knock us down!”
Shen Ruoxue was immediately unhappy!Questioned Yang Zhi。
Chapter three thousand and twenty-four It’s a little witch, not a little fairy daughter
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Chapter three thousand and twenty-four It’s a little witch, not a little fairy daughter
“Correct,I only defeat you again and again,Only then can you have a deep experience!After being knocked down,You and Xiaoyun think repeatedly:How i got knocked down?Why are you knocked down on this trick?Then I will encounter the same trick or similar trick next time,What should i do?”
Yang Zhitao said endlessly……
Nothing else,Achievements in Kung Fu,Yang Zhi is pretty good,Many levels higher than swallows,It’s just a bit worse than Qin Liang,But the only difference is skill,Rather than the comprehension and accomplishments of kung fu。
“Koyuki,What your brother Yang Zhi said is right,He taught you,Are the most precious actual combat and training experience!Actually I think so too,But every time I fight with you,Never have the heart to make you lose miserably……I’m afraid you will be unhappy。”

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The first thousand eight hundred and twenty-six chapters Is there only you in the world
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Not a few steps away,Qin Liang began to ask Liu Xiaoyun。
“Yeah,Why are you smarter this time?Actually know that I have something to tell you?”
Liu Xiaoyun said funny。
“nonsense!I don’t know you yet?You just looked at me with your eyes,I knew you wanted me to come out with you,Since you deliberately only let me come out with you,Then there must be something to say to me alone。”
Qin Liang answered confidently。
“There is one thing that keeps me entangled,I can’t make up my mind,So I want to ask your opinion。”
Liu Xiaoyun is not kidding,Said to Qin Liang in a serious manner。
“Speak,what’s up?I’m really curious!What else,Can make you entangled,Undecided?”
Qin Liang asked expectantly。
“It’s these two inner ghosts……”
Liu Xiaoyun hesitated and said the beginning。
“What happened to these two inner ghosts?”
Qin Liangwen。