First1804chapter Trading in the dark

? The provincial capital at night,Like a dignified lady。In the flickering of neon lights in the distance,Untold stories are happening。
On the edge of the city,In front of an inconspicuous teahouse,Parked several expensive cars。Look at the door of this teahouse,Didn’t even stand to welcome a guest。I don’t see anyone coming in and out,So it can be described as deserted。
In a private room on the third floor,Hu Huiru sitting on the sofa chair,Is looking down and talking to a man。The man looked up,Turns out he is not someone else,It is Wang Youcai’s second brother, Wang Youdao。
Since Wang Youdao was transferred to the province from Pingdu to work,Always cautious,Almost never interact with others。For him, it’s like eating and drinking,It can be said to be very few。
“Wang Youdao!You hide it deep enough,Your wife turned out to be my chief financial officer Niu Huiling。What are you doing?I want to retaliate?Or don’t have a purpose?”Hu Huiru’s face is very ugly,She asked in a cold voice。
Wang Youdao is not in a hurry to answer Hu Huiru’s question,He took a sip of tea first,Just said in a low voice:“President Hu!Our little bit of trouble has passed away,Really not worth mentioning。What am i to avenge you?Everyone has aspirations,What’s more, radish and eggplant have their own advantages,So don’t think too much”
“is it?Even if it’s like you said,But why didn’t you tell me when you were up?Even married,I’m not peaceful。Your purpose,Really disturbing。you need to know,Niu Huiling, she is my chief financial officer”When Hu Huiru said this,,So angry。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“Why are you?So angry。I am not doing this for your good。We two are different,Can’t do it,So you go through your business,I am from my politics。The so-called Weijing is distinct,We have nothing to do with each other, this is what I want”
“late,Your old Wang family and I are already tied together,So you can take care of some things!”When Hu Huiru said this,,Suddenly came the spirit。
Wang Youdao,His face immediately changed and asked:“What do you mean?I don’t understand at all”
“I once gave Wang Youcai a 300,000 bank card。It’s a pity that this guy is quite self-aware,I only used a small amount of less than 100,000 yuan,Later he actually returned the card to me。But don’t forget,How did your first courtyard house be built”Hu Huiru finally showed his trump card。
Wang Youdao,Suddenly turned pale。It took him a long time to say:“What does this have to do with me?Since you gave Wang Youcai,Then find him。Borrow money to pay back,Owe favors for favors,Can he still make it,That’s his business”
“is it!If not i know you,I can help him Wang Youcai?I only believe this。Wang Youdao,I have all this in your name,It’s up to you to pay it back”Hu Huiru’s voice is as calm as ice。

“You want to be the captain?”Pineapple in“Lose to”Asked after the Huacao team。

“of course,Lao Luo,here is5Ten thousand yuan,You can take it,But I will be the captain from now on……You know,I say one,You can’t say two,I say forward,You can’t go back……”Long Xiyue with her nails cut did not look at the pineapple,Just glanced lightly at a check on the table。
Pineapple wants to reach out,But the man’s backbone strongly supports his spine,His hands and feet are stiff,A strong sense of humiliation is inexplicable。
“I won’t want this money,The team includes my account,I’ll give it to you if you want……but,I advise you to treat the team well,Because the team is not your game。”
The pineapple slammed the door and left,Made the coolest action in my life,Although this action will make him“Cleanse”,But like to use“Big pineapple”The man with this gun is not born stubborn?
however,Pitaya doesn’t seem to put the words of pineapple in ears,After losing in the qualifier final of the National League,Long Xiyue was tired of the level of team members,So I withdrew from the Oscar team,Entered directly“Golden lion”The team’s youth training list。
Pineapple believes,Through the capital operation that Long Xiyue is good at,There is no problem with him being a substitute for at least one team。After all, better than“Golden rose”Kind of female players,Still pressed hard on the bench。
Besides,Pineapple still cares,The results of the Oscars,After he left,The Oscar team as the third position of the Golden Lions Club,Got three players who were sifted from the youth training。
Two of them report to the Oscar team,Use separately“pineapple”with“Yali”’S account,And the other player,But it hasn’t been seen。
Coincidence,Long-term near Jingnan Communication University“Star Way”Pineapple in Internet cafes,I met a teenager who broke up suddenly in an Internet cafe,This boy is wearing a gray gown,Long black hair,There is a tattoo on the wrist,I’ve been playing for a week and I’ve rarely met in an Internet cafe。
Before joining the Oscar team,Pineapple is“Star Way”The first gun god of Internet cafes,Therefore, everyone in the Internet cafe recommends the gray-clothed youth to challenge the pineapple。
I heard that I won500Bucks,Pineapple readily accepted the challenge,And in the three rounds of the game, they have stabilized the gray boy。

But he has tried his best.。

“in this way,bring it on!”
One-handed hands。
A black big bow appears in the palm。
Summer announcement,Suddenly pull the bow。
A tremble。
Black big bow,Its surface seems to have a layer of black matter,The vitality between the world is crazy.。
Big waves,Wind thunder burst。
He pulls big bow into full moon,A black light arrow forms on the bow strings。
“call out!”
Next moment,Chemope a dark light shuttle,No matter the naked eye or the mind,Can’t capture at all。
He continued to shoot two arrows。
Leave three fine white turbulence in the sky,Even the clouds were punished。
Rush three sea demon,Obviously I feel the threat of death。
They have roared,The horrible demon’s own body broke out,One of them is directly exported。
It turned out to be a huge killer whale!“Hoot……”The three light swords arrived in advance to issue an extremely harsh sound.,But falling in their minds,But like a thunderstorm。
This is awkward,Four three sea demon big shock。
But they are not a low-level sea demon,Under the threat,Since the weapon is blocked。
“Bombardment”The three-way arrow is completely condensed by the original fire.,Suddenly fell,I broke out a big margin energy fluctuation.。
“call out咻 咻 咻咻……”Summer is not stopped。
Arrow,Safe sky,Seems to pass the space,Shooting moment,Directly penetrate the void,At the moment, I arrived.。
This seems not arrow feather,I am just like a giant mountain strike.。
A road light arrow tearing void,Put the surrounding air out of a circle ripple,And broken turbulence,Break through the sound barrier。
This is visible,How horror after the upgrade is transformed。
It is already close to five products。
Summer is like a silent mountain,Left leg bow,Overhead,The big bow is constantly pulled into full moon,Transmit an extremely horrible breath。
Wind thunder is constantly,This area is completely frozen, and it is extremely horrified.。
“Taier……”The huge tiger whale after the chemical shape,Can’t get up first,Five blood caves appear on the surface of the body,Screaming downward。
Then there is another sea demon,The whole person is directly turned into an arrow.,The original fireflow is fried,Don’t say the body,Even the blood is not left。
After the summer, I will shoot three arrows again.,At the same time, the Huopa Leader is rapid.,Follow the back。
His whole person seems to become an arrow.,The speed ratio is not slow。

although《A laugh》Has a higher pitch,People who don’t have enough voice are easy to sing.。

But no one can manage that much。
They just yelled so loudly。
“La la la la la la……La la la la la la……”
The singing echoed around the stadium,Can’t disperse for a long time……
First984chapter Shaking Xueba!!
“Watermelon.com charity superstar concert”Of course it was very successful。
Few people can think of it,The penultimate sung is actually the classic swan song of the Spring Festival two years ago——《A laugh》。
The three at the time,Zhao Changshou、Shen Huan and Shui Qianyu,All gathered at this charity concert again,Sing the classic swan song again。
《A laugh》The feeling for everyone is very unique。
That kind of free and easy manner,Plus chorus,For fans,Simply the most beautiful enjoyment。
So that the next morning,More than tens of millions of comments are about this song。
They also understand Zhao Changshou’s“Backlash”。
Actually nothing“Backlash”,Zhao Changshou said before,I will only play for charity in the future,Isn’t it a charity concert this time??
Come back to life。
The concert is just a group of people,But the holiday is a common event for tens of millions of students。
1The end of the month is the Spring Festival,Then passed1New Year’s Day holiday of the month,After some final exams,most1month10Around number,It should be a holiday。

But Jordan’s ability to hold back one and a half is something Kobe didn’t expect at all!

No matter whether the team goes downwind or upwind?
What kind of mentality is this?
I just want to find the rhythm of my strength,Then beat yourself,Will you win the Lakers??
Does the old guy really have this confidence and can win him??
Jordan really has this confidence,No offense in a quarter and a half,So that his physical reserves are very abundant。
“Kobe,Give the ball to your teammate if you have the ability,How about the two of us as spectators?”Jordan spotted Kobe’s mentality,Kobe is not the kind of person who is willing to be a spectator at critical moments。
“Humph,Old guy, your team is falling behind,It will be you who lose like this。”Kobe grunted uncomfortably。
“I believe in my teammates。How about you?”Jordan thinks his teammates still have an advantage over the Lakers,Even if O’Neill God descended,But he played for half a quarter,A centre forward,Such physical energy consumption is definitely a lot。
Kobe certainly understands what Jordan meant,He just wants to drag it to the end3Kill in one minute!
Jordan can’t fail,His remarks made Kobe hesitate!
Psychological warfare!
If it’s three minutes,Jordan doesn’t care what it feels like,Can take over everything in the best state。
It’s hard to say in the half quarter。
“The Bulls made adjustments!”
“Parish!Phil replaced Chief Parrish!”

“I don’t play with you,So i won’t beat you,Won’t lose to you。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s nonchalant answer。
“Why don’t you compete with me?”
Qin Liang asked confusedly。
“Because i can’t ride a horse……”
Liu Xiaoyun hesitated,Or told the truth frankly。
“What?You can’t ride a horse?”
Qin Liang is a little confused,In his heart,Liu Xiaoyun is from heaven to earth,omnipotent,She doesn’t know how to ride a horse without being quite jacket……
“Is it weird I can’t ride a horse?I haven’t touched horses,It’s normal to not ride?”
Liu Xiaoyun said frankly。
“normal,Too normal……So be it,Brother-in-law takes you to ride。”
Qin Liang was happy,This is the opportunity again!Riding on a horse with Liu Xiaoyun,That’s not how I want to take advantage of her, how to take advantage of her,She has nowhere to hide!
“I don’t ride,I’m afraid of falling on me……”
This is how Liu Xiaoyun is particularly good,What to say,Will not cover up your shortcomings just because you want face。
“rest assured,Have brother-in-law,How could I fall you?You ask Xiaoxue,When she first started,I took her to ride a horse,Then she can ride a horse now??It’s okay,You don’t have to be afraid,I am here,Can i still let you fall?”
Qin Liang tried his best to lobby Liu Xiaoyun。
“But I am scared!”
Liu Xiaoyun is not doing her best now,But tell the truth very honestly。
“A dragon soul warrior,How can you not ride a horse??What to do if you encounter a situation that requires horseback fighting on the battlefield in the future?You can’t ride,Your opponent will ride,Then you will be miserable,You can’t deal with the opponent’s horse,Kick can kick you down。”
Qin Liang said half jokingly and half seriously。

Yuze is speechless,Is not,He is just a guest,Don’t everyone say that??Why are you so stomped on your tail?.

Baby Ou picked up Ai Youyou and came in directly,Ignore Yuze。
Adults will always follow their own wishes,Just tell the children。Obviously everyone grew up with children,But after becoming an adult,I completely forgot how I felt when I was a kid?An adult casually,For children,Many times it will be the same as the imperial edict。
Besides,If Ai Youyou is a gentle and considerate child,Like to take care of others,That Yuze said so,completely fine。But she is not.She is just a very bad temper and a little selfish,A clever boy who is insecure。She will think too much sensitively。
I noticed that the atmosphere between my second brother and sister seemed a bit unpleasant,Aiyoyo Limara lives Yuori’s hand,Very welcome,“I have prepared a cart of snacks and a cart of toys for you,hope you’ll like it。I am Ai Youyou,Nice to meet you~~~~”obviously,Even smaller than Yuzhi,Ai Yoyo’s language and expression skills,Far stronger than jade weaving。
Yuzhi is a little stiff,But still laughed。She looks like Ai Youyou is a little dumpling like her。
The childcare nanny took Yuzhi to take a bath and change clothes,Ai Youyou came out of Ou Baobao’s arms,Holding a rabbit doll quietly followed。
Baby Ou just pointed to the cart of snacks in the small hall,“Yo Yo is a fake and generous,You don’t know。Look at the cart of snacks she pulled out,She doesn’t like it。You still want her to take care of Yuzhi,What do you think?”
Yuze Black Line looked at that car of snacks,He really didn’t pay attention,“Is not,Since I don’t like it,Why are you still buying so many?”
Baby Ou tut,“you really are,Not so smart yet。Just because I don’t like to eat,So every time other children come,Take it out to entertain,I won’t feel bad!!”
Chapter six hundred and ninety seven Press the head

I heard Song Min’s hoarse defiant scream coming from the room,And Zhuang Sheng screamed like crazy,The few bodyguards guarding the door are also irritating virtues.……

These bodyguards are specially responsible for guarding Zhuang Sheng’s bedroom,So I don’t know what happened in the casino before,They thought Zhuang Sheng drank too much wine,Drunk,Can’t control my lust,Want to rape Song Min?。
“Song Min, this little girl’s face,I really don’t have to say about the figure!You said the boss is finished,Would you let us fuck her??Song Min’s little face,That figure!Tut~~What an angry little fairy!”
A bodyguard listened to the movement in the room,He smiled wickedly and said to his companion。
“I think you are tired of living……You dare to go to the boss’s code?Come out after a while,That little girl is our sister-in-law,You’ve got a fucking head?Actually want to go to Dasao!”
A thug immediately taunted him quietly。
“I rely on……Sister-in-law!”
This kid immediately got cold all over!He just patronized the scene in the obscene room,I didn’t expect this problem at all,At this moment, he was reminded by his companion,I immediately wake up,So scared that I don’t dare to talk nonsense anymore!
It’s well known that Zhuang Sheng likes Song Min,Even though she was forced on,But there is a real possibility that she will become a sister-in-law!by that time,If Zhuang Sheng knew his idea of hitting his sister-in-law,,He still can’t get rid of himself!
Thought of here,This kid doesn’t feel cold anymore……
“Hehe……Maybe,I think the boss might really let us follow him and have fun together!Didn’t I have a beautiful girl before?,After being forced by the boss,Rewarded to brothers,As a result, the woman was rounded by more than 30 brothers,In the end I lost my breath!”
Another thug said lustfully。
“Haha,That’s so fucking cool this time!Song Min, this little girl,It’s more punctual than that girl!If I can put her on,Even if I live ten years less,I’m willing……”
The few bodyguards thought of waiting for Zhuang Sheng to finish,Maybe you really have a chance to go to Song Min,I was so happy immediately!Song Min is the object of every man here.!

In case he didn’t score,Instead, let the opponent seize the opportunity to score another goal,There is no suspense in this game。

Chinese team slows down,He also slowed down。
The two sides spent the last ten minutes of the first half in testing and dealing with each other.。
After one minute of stoppage time,The referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half。
There was a huge boo over the World Cup Stadium,I don’t know if these booing South Korean fans are dissatisfied with the referees who only gave one minute of stoppage time.,Still dissatisfied with the Korean team’s performance in the first half,Or dissatisfied with the Chinese team players who scored their two goals。
But in their boos,The Chinese players are in a good mood,Every player has a smile on his face。
The smile on Hu Lai’s face is the brightest,He looked at the frustrated Korean fans in the stands,Eyes swept across them,I found the small area where the Chinese women’s national team is located in the dense crowd,Then he raised his arm and waved there。
The Chinese team players who followed him off the field,See him doing this,Also look towards,Discovered the players of the women’s national team,So they followed Hu Lai and waved their arms over there。
Simultaneously,The women’s national team players in the stands have also stood up,Wave to them,Thumbs up,Applaud。
“Look!Qingqing waved to me!”
“Go away,Qingqing clearly waved to me!”
“Ha ha,I am 100% sure that Qingqing was looking at me when she waved!”
The young people of the Olympic team are arguing about who the goddess is。
Hu Lai rolled his eyes at them,Then shook his head and ran into the passage,Left the field。
he does not know,Behind him,A camera keeps following him,Until he entered the passage,Did not end the shooting。

Jiang Fan said:“how about it?”

Ding Yi said:“good to eat,fresh、salty、Waxy、Fragrant。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Just delicious,It means I’m not busy。”Talking,I used chopsticks to give her spring rolls,Put it in her little dish。
Ding Yi hurriedly stopped,Said:“I have enough porridge。”
Jiang Fan said:“such,You take a bite,Taste。”
Ding Yi said:“You put down,I’ll get the knife,Cut a piece。”
Jiang Fan said:“Don’t bother,Just bite。”Talking,And delivered the spring rolls to her mouth。
“I have a bite,What to do with the rest?”
“Just bite,I eat the rest。”
First22chapter Always care for the mission
Ding Yi opened his mouth to bite,I’m almost biting,Jiang Fan moved the spring rolls to the left of her mouth,Ding opened his mouth and moved to the left,When I bite again,Jiang Fan moved to the right again,Ding Yi knew he was teasing himself,It’s indecent to think that I am opening my mouth like this,Just grab his hand,Bite hard,Talk while eating:“Ok,Not bad,Very fragrant。”
Jiang Fan held the spring rolls she had bitten and said:“Do you want?”
Ding Yi looked at the porridge in the bowl,Said:“No more。”