“That peach forest should also be arranged,Walk,In the past。”

Summer is moving,Wave a residual shot。
Victoria is not slow,Figures flash,Silent。
Just——Just when the two just arrived at the edge of Taolin,Summer face change,Quick gesture,After a tree is then flashed。
At the same time。
The footsteps of the review rate,I only saw two movements.。
This is two men,Dressed in black assault,Face cold,Heat。
After walking out of the peach forest,Both people look at each other,Spin,Spend a left and right respectively。
It is a routine patrol.。
Summer intention。
Nature is to avoid these two people,Sneak into。
However, let him didn’t think,Just when these two people are still less than 100 meters.。
Victoria actually took a sharp plumber.。
Fast!Fast!Fast!Transient!It is difficult to capture with naked eye in summer.。
Trough!Summer is not rough。
Don’t think too much。
Just in the moment of Victoria,Summer is also moving。
Rush to the second person。
When this person is still ten meters away,Victoria came from,Etroke this person is back to watch。
Tight finish。
Summer has increased speed to the ultimate,The distance from ten meters is like there is no existence.,As if it is transient。
The next second is near before,A memory of the knife。
Fast extra imagination。
This man is obviously a master.。
I have not flustered,Cannot be returned,While singing from the arms。
But he still underestimated the determination of summer murder。
Hand knife is like a knife,Instantly interrupted his arms,Painful pain makes men’s face distorted。
But he still roar,“Man……”Summer face,冷 光,Shape rotation,Another arm,And refer to a knife。
With an arm,Knife。
With a torn voice screaming over the air,Catch a crisp,The man’s back neck is broken。
Summer is flying。

“elder sister!It’s me!I am Xiaofan!”

“Xiaofan,How did you come?”
Niu Niu did not consciously stretched his body,
“Your mother?”
“I am coming to find my sister.!Said to come to me.,I have been waiting for a long time at home.!You haven’t come!”
Xiaofan rushed up to hold the thigh of the girl,A sense of complaint,
“My mother is not letting me come.,Hate!”
Fortunately, you will come over.。
“Cough!All,Can’t say your mother is not!”
A man follows behind。
That is to say to the one who wants to climb the wall.!
The sound is very nice,How is the behavior so wretched?!
White jade,Month white clothes,Tall。
Clothing angle with some stains,It also does not affect his floating temperament.。
But at this time,Niu Niu, how did he see him?。
“Hey is really too annoying!”
“elder sister,This is your home.!It’s very clean.,How can there be a mouse??”
“He said with me,There will be a mouse with a very dirty place.!So there is no one here.!”
“This yard is not small.!I am very spacious.!I haven’t squeezed the affirmation.!Sister, you said yes.?”
Xiaofan is happy, I’m happy.,The little mouth has not stopped。
“elder sister,What is that!Have a good look!”
“That is a dog,Used to protect the yard!You go with it with it.!Don’t be too hard,It is very obedient,Will not bite you!”
“it is good!”
“Do you take him over??”
Finally spend the little words,Niu Niu is only a kung fu asking other things。
Niu Niu looked at the big man in front of the big brother.。
Some inexplicable,Since he is close to Zhou’s relationship。Mrs. Zhou even gave him a son.!
Can’t you know Xiaofan and your own entanglement.!
So trading people bring people to be in good condition.!
Xiaofan doesn’t understand, even if it is,Don’t he do it?!
I think of here,Niu Niu suddenly felt more than him。
“Um,I am an 舅 舅!The brother-in-law took my sister.,No idle,Take me to take care of him!He is not coming here.,I can’t stand,There is really no way!”
Ye Xunning takes the reason,Such as a clear spring flows。
I waten a brunette of Niu Niu。
“rest assured,I am riding a horse.,No one hits!”
“Riding a horse,Awe!I like Xiaoyu most.!”
“If I don’t take you today,Do you still like me?”
“elder sister,what is this?so cute!Can I touch them??”
Xiaofan’s hand has already stretched out,Wangcai is on the side of the tiger。

Summer does not know that it is notified and calculated。

After eating,He is not going to return to always,Instead, I started to stroll four weeks.。
Habitual view surrounding topography and environment。
Baihua Group is located in Yangpu District,It is one of Qinghai Central City。
Here traffic four-way eight,Not just a hundred flower group companies,There are hundreds of big and small feet around,It is a real bustling business district。
After a circle,Summer return to the company,Sitting on the elevator to 36 layers。
Then start from the 36th floor,Hike downstairs。
Every floor,He will take it over again。
but,Just finish the twentieth floor,Walking to a safe export,Suddenly stunned。
At the corner of the corridor,Tell speech。
Look,Two figures reflected in the field of view。
And these two people,Summer has seen。
One of them is actually Su Xiao Xiao,Still wearing blue overalls,Hands a lunch box,Lower。
another one,It is not a long time to prepare to expel his Luo Yiming.。
At this time, Luo Yimo said with a kind of concern.,“Little,Although I am not the employee of the Baihua Group,But also operates some people,As long as you open,I want to go, which department is going.,Why have you been crime here??”
Say,Lift your hand want to shoot Su Xiaodiao’s shoulder,But I don’t want to avoid it.。
Her voice is very cold,“Du Xie Luo,The cleaning staff is very good,and……Please collapse your fake,Please also tell Li Jie for me.,What is there?,I am a small and less。”
Luo Yiming face,Flash in the eyes,“Small,I have never understood,What is Li Kemita?,Where is his conditions for all aspects??”
Su Xiaodian disdain,Narrow,“He has a wife with a wife,How many company female employees have been harm,I tell you,If people don’t know, unless you are,He will be retributed。”
“Then do you think。”Luo Yiming’s eyes have a fruity,“If you don’t agree,Very likely that even cleaning staff can not do。”
Toned,He accelerates the speed,“Don’t doubt Li Kee,The Executive Department Li is always his aunt,Just find a reason to remove you。”
“you……You are shameless!”
Su Xiaoxiao’s pretty face,Eyedrop,A layer of water is switched in the eyelid,But it is reluctant to let it stay.。
“this is the truth,Everyone will yield。”
Luo Yiming’s face revealed,Bite,“Just like this small security guard for you at noon today.,I have already reported to the personnel department.,Unexpected,He will be quickly opened。”
What he said is the fact。
First, I learned through some relationships.,Summer does not have any background,It is a small security guard adjusted by the factory.。
And the personnel department has launched an investigation,Just confirm,Have a greet with a few acquaintances,Oval in summer is just a matter。
Looking at Su Xiaoxiao’s weak appearance,He finally revealed the fox tail,“There is still time now,Take me to see Li Kemita.?”
“Do not go!”Su Xiaodia refused very simply。
“Ok。Then I will change one saying。”

Not hitting《love letter》of3100 million publicity expenses,How could Chu Liuxiang trust Shanhai.com so much?

And compared to smashing funds,Who can beat Shanhaiwang?
in《Gift in Room 7》After success,Zheng Rongrong feels more proud。
Perhaps it is this sense of accomplishment that capital controls everything,Made her float。
Thus have“Chu Liuxiang”In the event,She told the whole Shanhai.com not to rush to make a statement happen。
Chu Liuxiang didn’t say anything at the time,But now it can be clearly seen,It’s not just Chu Liuxiang who is dissatisfied,Even Lu Xiaofeng, who had nothing to do with him,I also have other ideas in my mind。
If the heart hurts,Make up again,But it’s much more difficult!
First517chapter You can!(Four shifts)
Yang Feng can take the initiative to attack Yuzi.com,Go grabbed it from Lu Xiaofeng《strongest brain》,Is very happy。
Everyone was a little worried,Arrogant Yang Feng,Will you be a little bit irritated。
Can be proved,Yang Feng is Yang Feng,He can be aloof,But it’s definitely not chicken intestines。

What kind of plane is this??

I’m not familiar with him!
“The Knicks didn’t start well,”Kefan Road:“But they played even worse after changing the lineup!”
Knicks substitutions,The Cavaliers also substituted,But they only changed to Varejao,ReplacedTT,The Big Three are still on the court。
This lineup is different from just now,InsideTTis a“Energetic”Young players,His speed is not comparable to that of the old Varejao。
When the Cavaliers speed up their offensive tempo to compress the offense of each round9Seconds or even8Within seconds,The Knicks’ triangle offense completely collapsed.
Although the knight is not a warrior,But the small ball play is still the same。
Triangular offense is the kind of retro、Bulky tactical system,Encountered this kind of small ball play is almost impossible to parry。
If you can,Lao Yu even wanted to attack David·Blatter screamed:Hey,Can we slow down?
Lao Yu can only continue to call timeout and replace me with“Fire fighting”,This scene seems familiar.
“Until now,Xu Xuan still got nothing。”Ke Fan explained:“Maybe he can try to attack by himself,Because the other people in the Knicks don’t feel very good。”
Xu Xuan also wants to attack by himself,But the ball just passed halftime,I yelled and leaned on James to reach out for the ball。
What do you think he can do?Think you haven’t seen it?
Can only wait patiently to find opportunities。

‘’Find?Why look for,Good single,I can’t hold back, so I have a one-night stand.!‘’

‘’One night stand?Is this reliable?‘’Chen Tong said in a daze。
‘’Don’t be reliable,Just spend some money,‘’Sun Bin took a puff of cigarette,Then slowly spit into the air。
‘’Patties,You are not young anymore,Don’t play that kind of thing!‘’
‘’Don’t call me phantom,Look how old i am,Is it bad to be free in life??Why are you always bound by something‘’
‘’But married,People are stable,More responsible and responsible,Isn’t it?‘’
‘’so,Let’s see that the problem is not on the same plane,The stability you seek,A solid life,What I want is a wonderful life,So you don’t have to persuade me!‘’
‘’But i haven’t……‘’
‘’Needless to say,I will take you to a place tomorrow,You will understand!‘’Sun Bin turned sideways after talking,His words echoed in the air。
Chapter Five Twists and Turns 44
after get off work,Sun Bin borrowed that car from the second sister‘’Hiromoto‘’car,Said to take me out to get familiar with the environment in Dongguan,I nodded slightly beside。
The car is running on the second ring road,The speedometer is brushed120‘’
‘’Speeding,Slow down!‘’Chen Tong yelled from the co-pilot,Faster,The speedometer is here‘’130‘’‘’I hate people calling me slow down,Feet under my feet,Humph!‘’‘’accelerate,accelerate,You are the darling of the times!‘’
The speed is slowly slowing down,110,100,90,80Still a donkey,Can’t compete with him,Chen Tong slowly breathed a sigh of relief,The car stopped under a big golden sign,‘’Queen’s Bar‘’Chen Tong read the big characters above。
‘’Abin,This is where you brought me!‘’Chen Tong asked
‘’Yes,This can be an eye-opener for you!‘’Sun Bin used his thumb and middle finger to make a kick in front of him。

After singing,Zhao Gang took the lead and applauded,Excitedly:“OK,It surprised me that,Sing so well,One more song!”

Xia Jihan turned off the microphone,Said:“Will sing this song,I can’t sing other well。”
Next Liu Mei sang another song,After Guan Hao and each lady did a dance,Said to them:“Mayor Chang and I have things,Go ahead,Play well。”After speaking, we shook hands with everyone and we left.。
Chang Yuan followed along with a smile。
Liu Mei takes a look at the secretary、The mayor left,Took a breath。
At this moment,Wang Ping and traffic bureau director Shen Hui came in from outside,They saw Xia Jihan here,Can’t help but froze for a while。Shen Hui and Wang Ping are relatives,Are Li Lisha’s cousin,They are the maidens at the wedding today,It’s reasonable to see Xia Jihan, especially when I saw her today.。
Xia Jihan is not clear about their relationship,Nod and smile at them。She saw Guan Hao gone,My heart will follow,So I don’t want to sing,Want to go,It’s not easy to bring up,I have to be patient and listen to them singing。
At this moment, Shen Hui came over,Invite her to dance,She can’t say she can’t jump,Just stood up,Jump with him。
Zhao Gang took out the cigarette,Want to suck,There are ladies here,Just go out,Came to the opposite room,Only then did he discover,The rooms around are empty,Because Guan Hao is here,It must be arranged like this on purpose。
Wang Ping also followed,Zhao Gang handed him one,Said:“Why did Xiaoxia’s ex-husband not want her??”
Wang Ping said:“Don’t blame them,It’s my cousin,No man can stand it,Stalker,Still out……”Cousin after all,Wang Ping can’t tell about Li Lisha’s pregnancy。
“What do you think of Xiaoxia??”Zhao Gang said。
“OK,What do you mean?”
“I want to get married too。”
“you,Would you like Xiaoxia??”
“Can’t it??”Zhao Gang asked back。
Wang Ping was anxious when he heard it:“Hey,Hey,What are you doing?I told you you should pay attention,I solemnly remind you,Don’t make Xiaoxia’s idea!”

The swallow immediately said loudly。

“alright,Let’s change the topic,Your master and apprentice will praise me like this again,I can’t even find North。”
Shen Ruoxi screamed and called……
Silent night,Bright street lights illuminate the empty hospital compound brightly,Except for the night wind blowing through the treetops“rustle”Outside of the sound,There is almost no other sound。
Fully armed Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,Automatic rifle,Strolling casually in front of the deserted hospital building。
Compared with the hospital in Haishang City,Here is really“depression”Too much。
“Not fun at all。”
This is the third time that Shen Ruoxue complained and said this sentence。
“Sisters,Let’s not come out to play, okay?You think every time you go out,The places I go are all beautiful,A picturesque tourist destination!You think too much, you。”
Liu Xiaoyun can’t laugh or cry to refute Shen Ruoxue,She really didn’t want to hear Shen Ruoxue’s endless complaints anymore。
“Isn’t it boring??I’m bored and complaining?”
Shen Ruoxue’s unconvincing answer,But under normal circumstances,She rarely convinced,No matter where it is,No matter who it is,No matter what it is,In short:The first little princess of the Shen family is so short-tempered,Love who,Love it!
She and her before school,But it’s really a world of change,Except people become more and more beautiful,The body becomes more and more graceful and sexy,Almost all the character, temperament and temperament of the whole person have undergone an earth-shaking change!
Speaking of it, this is really strange,Something incredible!In the past, Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were a pair of girlfriends with typical complementary personalities.,Liu Xiaoyun is a typical little girl,And Shen Ruoxue is a pretty lady in the absolute traditional sense.,And two years later today,There is a big tune between the two girlfriends,Shen Ruoxue became a sticky little fire,It’s the same without sticking fire,But Liu Xiaoyun has completely turned into a virtuous and virtuous girl,The kind you don’t want……
“Row!Your little old man is now the first little ancestor among the sisters of the Shen family,Whatever you want,Do what you want,I dare not have any opinions。”

“Do not……Don’t!I’m wrong!I know wrong!”

Then the kid knew he was afraid,I immediately pleaded loudly。
“call!I see you call again!”
Qiangzi stretched out his hand and squeezed his chin,Just remove his chin。
Wei Ge and they were so scared that they were about to pee their pants,All of them bowed their heads and didn’t even dare to fart。
The police chief has an embarrassed look on his face,Not good to say,I had to stand aside in silence,Be a quiet bystander。
The one who was severely injured was the Dragon Soul fighter of the special forces,Those who captured Wei Ge and them all were also Dragon Soul Warriors,So he really can’t say anything at this moment……Even if you want to say something,That’s something to be said later。
“Which is Wei Ge?”
Qin Liang turned his head and asked。
Wei Ge suddenly became cold,Kneeling directly on the body of a brother beside him……
“It looks like Brother Wei is you。”
Qin Liang walked over,He stretched out his hand and grabbed Wei Ge again……
“I didn’t beat him!Really……I didn’t hit him at all!I swear!”
Wei Ge has been completely shocked,Where is there a little bit of usual flamboyant,Inevitable。
“You didn’t do it,But you ordered it, right??”
Qin Liang approached Wei Ge and asked。
The sweat on Wei Ge’s head is like rain,Stuttering and can’t say anything。

Guan Hao said:“impossible,No problem why not get pregnant?Let’s go to Beijing to find an expert,The conditions and medical skills here are not good。”

“I checked by the way,It’s Liu Mei who wants me to check,I didn’t want to check here。”Xia Jihan said。
“What did the doctor here say?”
“They say a lot like me,Both sides are fine,Just not pregnant,May be by chance。Mom said I am not adapted to the northern climate,I am particularly afraid of cold。But this time I finally let go,I always thought I was sick。”
Xia Jihan lowered his head and said。When I was living with Tian Ying,Her pressure is not too great,After being with Guan Hao,She often thinks of this question,Guan Hao is getting older,Eager to have a child,Secondly, if a woman can’t have children for her loved ones,It’s not perfect after all。
Went to the medical checkup with Liu Mei that day,Liu Mei asked her this question quietly,She was embarrassed to tell Liu Mei about her situation,Liu Mei decided to let her have a thorough inspection,She won’t go,I thought if it spread out in the future,Bad for Guan Hao,She didn’t want to leave him any talks because of herself,Even if it doesn’t matter。
Liu Mei saw her concerns,Just say:“Nothing,Don’t think too much,You use a fake name,If there is a problem,You go to Beijing for treatment。”
Just like this“Minhui”Registered,That is mother’s name,A woman in her fifties,To check for infertility,It’s funny thinking about it now。
“Haha,No good,I can be a real father。”
“What is real father?”Xia Jihan is a little puzzled。
“So I thought about adopting one,After all, that’s not the real father,Is a fake dad,Now you check that there is nothing wrong,In other words, I have hope to be a real father。No way,I want to drink and celebrate。”He said he was about to get up。
Xia Jihan hurriedly stopped him,Said:“You have a bad stomach。Besides, what can I celebrate?You are not real……Be a father。”Her face is a little red,Said embarrassingly。
Guan Hao said mysteriously:“I have a hunch,Not too far from this day。”He said“Boer”The sound of,Gave a dumpling in his mouth,Said again:“Isn’t it worth celebrating?”Finished,also“Boer”The sound of,Gave another dumpling in his mouth。
See antics,Xia Jihan smiled。
Eating,Guan Hao asked suddenly:“Lili,What is your account now??”
Xia Jihan was taken aback,I don’t know why he asked this question,Just say:“Still on his account book。”
Guan Hao suddenly thought of the report letter,Just tell her:“You take time to separate the account,I think,Maybe we should get the certificate in advance。”