Unfortunately, the eighth day of the first lunar month has not passed,There is no family to open the door for business,Xia Jian and Jia Lina wanted to find a decoration company,Decorate their newly opened supermarket,Shopping for a day,Apart from the restaurant, it is the hotel。

“Nothing,We won’t go back tonight,Touji a hotel,Let’s enjoy too”Jia Lina glanced at Xia Jian who was a little frustrated and said with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled slightly,So we walked into a hotel called Ziqidonglai with Jia Lina。May be the reason for the new year,The waiter at the front desk only needed Xia Jian’s ID card,So he gave them room cards,People may think they are husband and wife。But once Jia Lina dressed up,Come with Xia Jian,Really have a husband and wife,They are only three or four years old。
Deluxe room for 198 yuan,Really different。The room is covered with thick carpet,And the color TV is also very big,What makes Xia Jian very happy is this big bed,The quilt on the top looks like new。
The heating in the house is very hot,They both took off their coats as soon as they entered。Jia Lina’s proud chest made Xia Jian’s heart move,He pounced from behind,Hugged Jia Lina。
“Don’t worry,Let’s take a bath first”Jia Lina gasped and said。
Xia Jian lifted Jia Lina’s sweater,Said with a smirk:“Also wash a fart”The voice has not fallen,He has pressed Jarina on the bed。
Tumbling,A fierce toss,For two**Ignited in an instant。In broad daylight,This is the first time they have done this,So the two are very excited。
It’s three or four o’clock in the afternoon,Jia Lina asked Xia Jian to take her out for a walk,Xia Jian thought for a while and agreed。Although Teng County is not big,But it is also a county after all,The countryman is here,Not going out,It’s really a bargain。
Small county,People everywhere,Shopping,Eating and singing,There are opera singers on the side of the street,The festive atmosphere is especially strong。
Jia Lina took Xia Jian’s arm,They look like a couple。They are like children,Happy face,Watch while walking,Sometimes I buy some snacks on the side of the road,You take a bite and I eat very excitingly。
They just walk aimlessly,Unknowingly walked out of the downtown area,Came to a demolition area。Looking a bit deserted,Jia Lina suddenly said to Xia Jian:“Why are we here?Go back soon!Feel a little scary”
“I’m afraid I can’t go back!”Xia Jian said,Took Jia Lina and turned around。
Jia Lina almost yelled in surprise,More than ten meters behind them,Four people stood,One of them is the scar face that I used to touch Xia Jian in Wuying Town last time。

His mouth blood,Sound vague,Just a word is not falling,Flavor,The palm of the palm has taken back to his back.。

Drill heart pain!
This kind of slap is fast and heavy。
Sandan is backwards,A bloodstream in the mouth。
Just fell in front of him,Summer is in the past,One foot does not hesitate to be on the left leg,The sound of the bone crack。
Summer faceless expression,Another foot,Another leg is the same。
The arms of the sandman are also stepped on.。
But not finished。
Summer raise feet,I am slamming in his mouth.,This guy’s face has already flesh and blood blurred,Bloody flowing in the mouth。
Be too embarrassed!
This scene makes all people who have seen it Qi color,Scalp hairpiece。
Liu Qingqing,It is the eyes of the eyes.,I feel like I have done a strange dream.。
This always likes to tease yourself.,Usual guy every form,At this moment, I am venting myself.。
Bloody scene on the stage,Liu Qingqing is surprisingly not afraid。
Looking at the faces of men whiskers and shocking faces,Looking at them, hitting a wooden chicken,Liu Qingqing suddenly felt no problem!
before this,These men look at themselves with a disgusting eyes.,Mock up in summer。
And now,Their eyes become fear。
The last foot is out,Summer finally stopped。
His feet,It is already a dead life,I have no twitching of Sandan.。
He didn’t get ready immediately,Stand quietly,Darkly dark scorpion。
No need to put,There is no high tall to winner.,There is just as an ancient well-not wave.。
If,Everything just now is nothing to do with him.。
This is this eye,A swept away,No one dares to look at him。
I can only hear the rushing breath。
He jumped down the boxing platform,The crowd seems to avoid the gods.,Automatically open a channel,Everyone is full of fear。
Go to the front of the mouth,Summer will gamble on the table。
The staff receiving the summer before suddenly scared a hop,Face has become ugly。


Sound,The door is finally opened.,Liu Da Beauty does not care,Almost……Climb。
I drop the mother。
That picture,It is simply unable to describe。
Summer wiped a DC nosebleed,Feel some unique。
He doesn’t even have a way to determine,Can you withstand the lane status of Liu Da Beauty。
Liu Qingqing will close the bedroom door,Then a head in bed。
She put on underwear with the fastest speed,Then 嗖,Like an ostrich, I will blindly use a towel.。
It’s just that there is no face.。
Liu Qingqing has the heart of suicide.。
It can make her more crazy.,The most embarrassing moment in this life,She can’t control her thinking。
Repeated appearance in your mind,Not how to deal with embarrassment。
But……A picture。
Strong body,Explosive force,One of the scars above……
but,Nightmare does not stop this,Foot walk outside the living room,And constantly in front of their bedroom。
Liu Qingqing only feels difficult to breathe,Nervous,The whole body is white, the skin, the eye, can see a blush,Whole person‘Red’NS。
have to say,People’s thinking is definitely the fastest and most direct reflection in the world.,Even one million times,Thinking。
I am not terrible with my body.,Frank with that damn guy is relatively unfair。
I am not terrible with my wolf to escape the shame.。
but,If you are not strong,I will never lift your head in front of that bastard.。
This is visible,How strong is the character of Liu Qingqing?,Has been used to it。
She fiercely mount,Rapidly,Take off the pajamas,Put on long pants,I have a strict and strictly,Cold face pushed。
at this time,Never show weakness,absolute。
Third floor living room,I saw a lazy scattering in the summer on the sofa.,Two legs are on coffee table,A smoke in the mouth,Swallow,Uncomfortable。
Girls are being passive in this area,Liu Qingqing is no exception。

I can tell,He is a little unwilling。

This group of people brought by summer,Also some。
Can they be clear。
With it to the temple to God,Not like staying here。
Gathering,Also there is a gang master pointing,Maybe it will not be used to break through your realm.。
A few days later,A huge gathering firing,The vitality of this area is gradually rich。
Summer will lead everyone in it,Take a job,And Baosheng,Finally, with everyone。
After leaving this mountain,He flipped,Straight to the temple of God。
His speed,It’s a long time to fly.,I don’t know how much passed,Finally came to the destination。
A huge city,Appears in the field of view。
too big。
Gao Da Gao is not enough to describe this giant city。
Even in the summer is also amazed,It can be said that he has seen the largest city so far.。
Only a heavy wall,Extended on both sides,I can’t expect my end.,Hundreds of thousands of miles。
He stopped in the sky,You can see all kinds of buildings in the city.,The flow of people like a densely labeled ant,Shuttle at the street,Bullish。
And the summer noticed,The far away from the rear of this city,It is a tall mountain range.,Focused about it can see some people flash。
“It is said that the transfer of the martial arts,Just in the mountain range。”
Summer 哝 哝,Fall to the ground,Go and go。
Two military soldiers,There is a successful level of Ling Taiwan.。
He pays five thousand yuan in the city fee,Workly into the city。
The people in the street are bustling,Shoulders,It is bustling and prosperous in the eyes。
Lasmark,Various shops,Calling the sale of the song。
Summer shuttle in the crowd,No clear destination。
He can feel the bustling and lively this giant city。
Especially price,How much is it?,corresponding,Goods should have。
As long as,Almost everything can be bought。
after all,Here is the central city of Shenpu Island,Not only the elite of the human warrior is here。
There is[ ]Chartered shop,Set up the headquarters in this city。
Warrior Trading Center、A street、Secret treasure、Jade, etc.,There are monopoly blocks。
Summer is dazzling,These days are not fighting at the battle.,Re-entering this giant city,It is like a world。
Men and women in the street,all kinds,A wide range of,The lowest is the Ling Sea level。
The martial arts of life and death are also extremely common,Even if it is a martial author of God,Also uncommon。
The pedestrians on the street are treated by passengers.。
That is what they have seen.,The eye is extremely high。
I will not do it like other urban ponds.,See a gangmang master,Be awe,Will worship。
All the way,Summer encounters a lot of things like him,Don’t hesitate to buy,It can be harvested。

Big cousin Liu Wen suddenly said with emotion:“What an ordinary one,Just go by,Calm and calm,Quiet and peaceful。”</p>

Zhang Junmi smiled,Just smile a little melancholy,Tao:“Yes,What an ordinary one,But even these,We can’t do it。”</p>
Su Luodao:“In the eyes of others,We are successful,Standing in the most dazzling place,But does anyone know,We are just ordinary people,Same desire for freedom,Affection,love。”</p>
Teacher He sighed:“Take the path of an artist,most of the time,Many choices are involuntary,Go with the flow。”</p>
Everyone present at this remark felt the same,They all rise from weakness,Make every effort,Just climbed to this day。</p>
Seems to be successful,But many times,Are at the mercy and threat of the company behind,Sometimes I know something is wrong,They can’t stop。</p>
have to,This is the sadness of being a public figure,Higher up,The more I can feel my own。</p>
Huang Lei smiled,Tao:“Why did you suddenly talk about such a sad topic?,You are still young,Has great potential,Beyond us,Don’t be discouraged,Work hard to be yourself”</p>
Su Luo, they both nodded,Silent under the moonlight。</p>
Teacher He next to him said:“Susu,Can you sing us a song?”</p>
Hear words,Chen Puppet,Zhang Junmi,Liu Wen and they all shine,Come to the mushroom house so much,I have never heard him sing before。</p>
Definitely listened on site and online,Not a level。</p>
Su Luo thought for a while,Smiled:“Ok,Just now Jun Mi got to the ordinary one,Just hit my inspiration,I’ll sing for everyone。”</p>
Teacher He’s eyes lit up,Tao:“Is it a new song?”</p>
Su Luo nodded,Tao:“Pen Peng,Could you please bring my guitar。”</p>
“Ok,Brother Luo。”Peng Yushang got up quickly,Go back to the house and bring his guitar。</p>
Su Luo thanked him,Tuning tone,The guitar has been useless for a long time。</p>
Tuned the tone,Looking at the quiet night sky,Su Luo’s thoughts followed,In my mind, I keep passing every life in the mushroom house。</p>


First13chapter Rescue soldiers
Finished,Chu Yi looked left、Right look。
quickly,His eyes fell on the work card of the middle-aged teller。
“Cai Xiulian?”Chu Yi casually glanced at the name on the work card,Didn’t care。
“Finish?”Cai Xiulian still looks disdainful,The tone of speech is even more yin and yang,“It looks like,Your card is really so 100,000 yuan?so what,Take it out,Could it be that our First Bank has no money for you?What’s so arrogant?”
“The staff of your branch,It’s a service attitude like you?”Chu Yi asked coldly。
Chu Yi did not go to various banks less。
but,Such a bad service attitude,It’s really the first time I met。
If I knew the service attitude here was so bad,I’m afraid that Chu Yi is not necessarily willing to open the pocket money card in this branch。
“What’s wrong with my service attitude?”Cai Xiulian screamed,“All have a service attitude like me,what happened again?——Quick password!”
“Ah!”Chu Yi sneered,Password entered。
Cai Xiulian is still chattering there:“I look down on someone like you most!Didn’t you just save a few dollars??Just like two to five or eighty thousand!It’s as if our bank staff are going to provide you!I beg you to save?I——”
Cai Xiulian was talking,Suddenly both eyes stared as big as a copper bell——After Chu Yi entered the password,She quickly saw the balance on the card!
“three hundred……Do not!thirty million!!?”Cai Xiulian was stunned there,My head is blank。

Ou Zhaozhao is in a trance,because,Space is back.

After Ou Zhaozhao passed out,Baby Ou is in a hurry。
Feng Yang persuaded her to calm down while calling people to come and lift Ou Zhaozhao up。Here are all scientists,A lot of miscellaneous studies,There are many people with good medical skills,Some of them came directly to check on Ou Zhaozhao,“Just emotional,nothing。”
Baby Ou frowned,This is also because of space?What excited?Still because she is fine?
But obviously,This is not the time to say this,Leaving the laboratory smoothly,After returning to the ground for isolation,Although it’s not when talking,but,At least not so depressed and tight。
“Jiang Fan, according to An Dong,Launched a new round of experiments。Experimental project between human and metal disc,It’s over temporarily,If there are no breakthrough facts in the future,,Will never restart such projects。”
Baby Ou while eating an apple,Said to Ou Zhaozhao,“They said it was my credit.But i think,This is tantamount to directly letting scientists like An Xiaoqing and I fight to death。”Fake Wang Lan’s real name is An Xiaoqing,A beautiful name,but,She herself is not so beautiful.Not to mention it for now。
“Scientists like An Xiaoqing,My favorite is to start with people,Think all science and technology,Are all related to humans,I want to react to humans when doing any experiment.”It sounds reasonable,but,Really practice,It’s also an unimaginable horror。
Baby Ou speaking of this,Sigh,“Jiang Fan said that scientists like them,Always easy to collapse。Because too many people sacrificed,They are prone to demons。That is, there is a problem in my heart。Like An Xiaoqing,Not bad,It is said that there are more terrifying and inhumane.”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Three detail
Tut,Human progress,Where is it so easy.An Xiaoqing’s blood theory has some truth.,but,She cannot treat anyone as blood that can be sacrificed at will。
Disregarding the wishes of others,Deprive others of freedom and life,It’s a proper crime!!!Even if someone else sacrificed voluntarily,Legally,Is also a crime!!!
Like An Xiaoqing and the others,Everyone in the world is my thoughts,Is really scary。
Baby Ou thinks that science should improve while helping humans and nature,Instead of sacrificing humanity while making progress。This difference is quite big。
Ou Zhaozhao is eating peaches,I don’t know if I stayed there for a long time,Or because of being in the desert,The mother and daughter have recently wanted to eat various fruits。

Qin Liang said hello unkindly。

“why you!”
Yang Shiyun asked in astonishment。
“I have a hasty!Is it me that is so strange?Are you waiting for other men to knock on your door?”
Qin Liang deliberately asked provocatively,Stepping into the room at the same time……
“fart!What am i waiting for another man……Can you talk well?”
Yang Shiyun’s face blushed,Scornfully。
She really didn’t expect,I was separated from Qin Liang for a while,He actually appeared again……This has become a lingering soul!
“Ha ha……I just saw the swallow go out,Where did she go so late?”
Qin Youqi asked。
“Oh,She went downstairs to buy things,Come back soon。”
Yang Shiyun answered casually,Although Qin Liang entered the room,,But she was still standing in the aisle at the door。Dress like this,She dare not get too close to Qin Liang,After all, this is not the room she lives in alone……
“Go shopping downstairs so late?What to buy?”
Qin Liang’s curiosity is not small,He wants to explore the rhythm of mysteries about girls。

Li Qiaoer and Li Yaxin are dragon soul fighters of the Rose Legion,And the commander of the Rose Legion is Swallow, not Qin Liang,So they only need to ask Yanzi for leave。

“Let’s ask for leave and will approve it?”
Li Yaxin asked worriedly。
“Why not?Now do we have a task,Moreover,Sister Yanzi is so talkative,Do not worry,She will definitely agree with us to go。”
Li Qiao’er said confidently。
“That’s good,Speaking of Mayfair just now,I still miss her suddenly now,Ugh……”
Li Yaxin finished saying this,Long sigh。She and Li Qiao’er,Mayfair is three poor children who depend on each other in the orphanage,At the same time as a childhood and childhood partner,This kind of feeling will naturally not fade away easily。
“We two are gone,I guess she will be very lonely,lonely。”
Li Qiao’er said with emotion。
“I hope she has not suffered anything。”
Li Yaxin said with expectation。
“Her hand is not good,When we were together before,No matter what you do,We both will help her,But after we two left,She can only bear everything herself。”
After Li Qiao’er said these few words,I suddenly started to worry。
“Let you say that,I can’t wait to go back to her right now。”
Li Yaxin said urgently。
“Otherwise, let’s go and ask Sister Yanzi for leave now,How about going there as soon as I have time?”
Li Qiaoer suggested。
“it is good,Listen to you。”
Li Yaxin immediately agreed,In the fourth summary of the Shen family,Li Yaxin is the youngest of the four sisters,So she is a little girl,And Li Qiaoer ranked third,So Li Yaxin wants to be called Third Sister Li Qiaoer,And the eldest sister Liu Xiaoyun,Without the second sister Shen Ruoxue,,Li Yaxin naturally listens to Li Qiaoer habitually。avv
In fact, when I was in the orphanage,Li Yaxin and the girl named Mayfair,Just listen to Li Qiao’er everything“command”。

The nurse took some things and went in,Zhang Meng has already advanced into the operating room。

Skin preparation,anesthesia,It all takes time。
Gao Qiang is very nervous,Keep pacing outside the operating room。
Kicked me twice,Then I went to the bathroom at the end of the corridor and opened the window to smoke。
Relax a lot after smoking a cigarette。
A doctor and nurse came out and asked the family to sign,Found during the operation**Fibroids,Ask if resection。
Gao Qiang signed immediately,How could it not be removed!
After forty minutes,The operation has ended successfully。
Took the child out,Mother and Zhang Meng hugged and took a bath。
Is a big fat boy,Over eight catties。
Zhang Meng came out later,Still under anesthesia,Looks very pale。
Director Huang came out and Gao Qiang told me to continue to go back for other operations,Their work,Almost nothing when idle!
Gao Qiang gave the anesthesiologists red envelopes,But they didn’t want it。
Change to the Haicheng side,It is estimated that nine out of ten!