He pushed the blue blue to himself.,Holding her hand,It seems to swear to the world,This woman is her only existence。

Blue Xin saw him,Not talking。
Ning Feifei laughed in this happiness,They can love。
do not know when,I can find a man who loves yourself.。
She is not coming to the bottom of the European, looking down the computer.,Mood is very complicated,More than half a year,The relationship between their two has increased many,But there is still a boundary between two people.。
European, ten fingers, flying on the keyboard,Not10Minute time,Turn a video from a video。
Yu Siyun looked at Ning Feifei,Lip corner bruises,Fortunately。
European,Lu Haocheng pushed Blue Xin’s past。
Ning Feifei bowed,Face giant change,“How”Some secrets in the video,Obviously shut down the lamp,but,The style of the clothes is a clear。
It is the pink sweater that Ning Feifei has been going to work.,Women in the video wear a hat,The technique is very skilled in the computer on the European PC.,Cut design graphicsUIn the plate,Just use only two minutes to leave。
European,Tight sharp shot to Ning Feifei,“How can you be you??”
The cold tone is with a strong disappointment。
Yu Siyun listened to this,I have a lot of peace of mind.。
“not me!”
Ning Feifei was stabbed by his cold eyes.,He actually does not believe her。
He is actually the first person who does not believe her.。
She has been working hard for work,And she needs this job to support her own and family.,It is impossible to do such a thing to ruin your future.。
European:“This dress,Your no mistake,I have seen you through several times.。”
Ning Feifei is cold and negative,“Is it what I did like me??”
Ou Jingzhen looked at her pain and strong,Slight eyebrow,He has just impulsive。
Blue Xin also carefully read the woman in video,She wears a hat,The face was covered,The shape and Ning Feifei is more similar。
But one thing she is clear.,Phi Phi needs this job,I have been working overtime for half a year.,No complaint,It is because she needs these money.,To subsidize home。
Sudden,She noticed that the woman manipulated the computer.,Ring wearing fingers,This is a diamond ring,Fifi can’t afford it.,And she has never seen something that Philippi is a category of rings and necklace.。
and many more,This ring does it seem to have seen it??
Blue Xin suddenly determined。
Blue Xin’s words,Let Ning Feifei see the hope。
She really did not have done。
Lu Hao’s face is difficult to see,I saw that Ning Feifei’s face is strong.,Also frown,Ning Feifei passed from the company,Waiting hard work,Work is also very serious,It is not to make such a thing in order to make a reason.。
“Blue,Why are you so definitely not an assistant??”
Lu Haicheng asked。
Blue Xindao:“Although the clothes are wearing the same style with Fifi,But the same clothes on this market,The same style is much,And each other is deliberately wearing a hat,Take the light,Can only watch the back image Phi Fe。
No face,We can’t mess with people。
But you look at her fingers.,Her finger on this ring,Evil rays,This should be diamond ring,And Feifei has not brought such a diamond ring.?”
Ning Feifei quickly reached out his hands to see everyone,Pain in the tone,“Conditions of my home,I can’t afford a diamond ring at all.。”
Although she also likes diamond ring,But she really can’t afford it.。
Ou Jing, I looked at her.,The scorpion flashes slightly。

Lin Heng doesn’t want to worry about these things anymore,The top priority now is to give the holy.

Chapter One Hundred and Ten:Arrive at Parkway,Goodbye Morfin
The dean’s breath became extremely terrifying,The oppression spread throughout the room。
“Lu Hengzhi,Pay attention to your attitude!”
Ding Junao hurriedly spoke,The dean glanced at Ding Junhao,Only then did you put away the turbulent breath,Looking at Cui Zuo with cold eyes。
“Ding Chengzhu,This is Ye Fuming’s personal business,Are you still going to arrest his parents?!”
Heard the dean’s words,Ding Junao took a deep breath and said:“Dean Lu,I hope you can understand,This is the pursuit order issued by the palace,Irresistible!”
The dean felt a sense of powerlessness in his heart,Clenched fist,But don’t know how to refute,Just like Ding Junhao said.
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven:In the Keng Wang She,Dean’s mind!
“Where are you going next?”
Fu Ming said:“Run around,I plan to go to a fourth-tier city!”
Morfin,Frowned:“You have to think about it,The more you go to high-end cities,The closer to the temple,That way your risk factor will increase!”
Nodded,He knows this kind of thing,But now that the fifth-tier cities continue to be brought, there is nothing to improve their strength.,It’s better to go up,He also wanted to see what the legendary temple of the Holy Spirit looked like!
The two drank until late at night,Morfin is already drinking,Fuming hello,.
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve:Everything is ready,Worried parents
Wang She went all the way to Gan Xin’s city lord’s residence,The guard at the door knows the king’s house naturally,Just let him go and throw him in。
“Santo,Wang She is here!”
Hear the reminder from the attendant,Gan Xin just raised his head,There are a few wrinkles on my face compared to before,The black hair on the previous end actually added a bit of white hair。

And now start,The more like this,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,This is still completely available to speed up speed。

At this time, Shen Xuan shrugged。
“Ugh,You said you,Why is it aggressive??”
When Shen Xuan’s words say,This,Shen Xuan’s attention slightly moves,I looked at the eye.。
But just here,When Shen Xuan is all。
This,Shenxuan’s face,If you are in words, you are biting teeth.。
“I do not know what you’re talking about!”
“But now you,Death!”
When merchant,Shen Xuan,It is still very indifferent。
I really thought that now I refused.,Will use it,That is really a big mistake.。
And tap these,Silent faces are also brought together。
But how long does it last for?。
This scene happened in front of you,It is completely shocked to hold the inner heart.。
Because here,Selling unplanned,His people,The opposite is not the opponent in front of it.。
At this moment,these people,It’s even more beginning to defeat.。
After all, I will follow it.,Continue to stick to here,In fact, it is itself.,The meaning is not very big.。
And Shen Xuan,The more you look, the more it feels.,Start now,This is actually still going to continue。
“In short,Do you want to play??”
“Then I am very wanting to see it.,Your business,What can I resist?!”
Shen Xuan said,Quick shot。
And those guards of other merchants,How long does it last?,Falling down。
He is Shen Xuan?,Look at,The whole person’s face is a smile that is filled with a taste.。
After all, I will follow it.,This is actually,Shen Xuan is more clear than anyone else.。
And tap these,Those guards of merchants,A wolf begins to escape。
“not good,The strength of this guy,Really terrible。”
“That’s right,Who said is not?,His strength,It’s hard to say that it is strong.。”
“These,Really incredible,Just here,We have,Who can think of,Things development,Actually become this??”
With these people,I didn’t forget it here.。
Such a thing,In fact, for them,Look very touch。
As for Shen Xuan itself,It is cold and cold.。
“Humph,Did you scare now??”
“You feel,Will it be too late??”
Shen Xuan said,It is the beginning of it.。
Silent people burns in the whole person。
Even in his look,The next thing is nothing to say。
But the business is speechless,Still, it is necessary to speed up the speed from here.,This is the key。
otherwise,I will continue to delay now.,In fact,,Not a good thing。
“not good,Running!”

At this moment Dika also ran over,When you saw your friend become like this, he immediately knelt down。

“Cough,Brother, you’re here,Cough,Sorry brother,I didn’t finish…Cough,The task you gave me,I’m sorry,I’m going to die,I can get out of the Hunting Soul Palace in this life thanks to my big brother,Without you, I’m afraid I live a dark life outside,Cough,Dika,brothers,Sorry,I can’t accompany you。”Mo You is extremely weak。
“I am sorry for you,If not for me,You can’t come to power,It can’t happen today,Sorry your brother。”Dika burst into tears,The voice is extremely bleak。
Lin Yan tremblingly looked at the friend Mo in his arms,Tears gushing out crazy。
“Ha ha,Knowing brother and you in this life,I have no regrets,Fortunately, I reached Contra,Otherwise, I really can’t see you,How I wish to see you big brother you can climb to the top of the pyramid,Cough,Please don’t blame me for leaving without saying goodbye,If there is another life, I will be your brother!”Slowly, the friend raised his hand in the air and fell down,Lin Yan’s heart also fell。
“Do not!brothers!”Lin Yan burst into tears,The energy fluctuations on the body began to riot rapidly。
“I’m going to kill you!Seventh Soul Skill Martial Soul Real Body!”Dika turned into a green snake and charged up,But Titan’s tyrannical body can hardly hurt him at all,Fly out the last punch。
Dika has to rush to Lin Yan to stop him。
“Take your friend to wait for me in the distance,Today I want to let corpses run across here!”Lin Yan’s cold body voice is in everyone’s ears。
Suddenly everyone present was as cold as falling into the ice cellar。
“Ha ha,Just rely on you?A little soul emperor still wants to turn the sky over,I heard that you are the Pope of the Palace of Wuhun,Is also today’s young master,The old man happened to avenge his master,Kill the next pope,drink!Seventh Soul Skill Martial Soul Real Body!”The Titan roared, the martial soul behind him became huge,A giant orangutan is beating its chest wildly,The huge breath caused all the people present to fly out。
Lin Yan slowly flies in the sky,Six spirit rings appeared on his body,One of the red spirit rings is extremely dazzling。
“ten…One Hundred Thousand Years Soul Ring,how is this possible!”The Titan was shocked,It’s hard to believe that the soul emperor will have a hundred thousand year soul ring,In his knowledge, only the Pope and Tang Hao have,Now appearing on this 16 or 7 year old boy again。
“Nowadays!I want a bloodbath to pay homage to the dead soul of my brother,Sixth Soul Ability!”Lin Yan used all his power and the entire space within ten miles of it was crushed to death.,And everyone in the clan under his body was crushed by the powerful force on the ground。

“So this is ah!”

Mo Xiaosheng nodded and smiled,Touched his nose and said,I remembered Sasaki’s wretched look when he looked at Anna just now,I don’t know for a while. If Sasaki knows that Anina is the vice president of the U.S. Medical Association he wants to see,What kind of look would it be。
When the two people talk, they will reach the reception room on the top floor.。
The whole reception room is very spacious,Through huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows,Can see the scenery of a small part of the capital outside,And the decoration is very luxurious,All imported tables and chairs in the room,Leather sofa looks extraordinary,A few women in white cheongsam are standing behind a top mahogany table inside, making tea for everyone。
Obviously,This is the reception room specially prepared by Li’s medical institution for guests。
“President Sasaki,Please sit down,Please sit down!”
Li Qianhui warmly greeted Sasaki and others sitting on the sofa in the middle,Several cheongsam women hurriedly brought the tea。
After Mo Xiaosheng and Anina came in, Li Qianying came over and quickly called Mo Xiaosheng to sit on the sofa Sasaki countered.,Li Qianying glanced at Annina,Chongmo Xiaosheng said curiously:“Mr. Mo,Aren’t you Chinese medicine,How come there are friends from the U.S. Medical Association?”
“This one,Long story。”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled,I didn’t explain Li Qianying much,Suddenly feel a fragrance from the nose,It turned out that Li Qianying suddenly leaned over to Mo Xiaosheng’s ear,Whispered,“Mr. Mo,I want to remind you,Don’t do anything to sorry Sister Yiyi!”
she knows,There is nothing to tell Mo Xiaosheng in her capacity,So I had to move Qiao Yiyi out。
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head helplessly and smiled,Didn’t say much。
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Sasaki, who was pointing at him,Suddenly realized something,I didn’t rush to explain Anna’s identity,Because he wants to see what abacus Sasaki is playing。
After all, the Toyo Medical Association is cooperating with the Lee Group, a just-started bioengineering project,To put it bluntly, it is a unilateral contribution,Not profitable。
So the Oriental Medical Association can agree to cooperate this time,There must be some conspiracy。
“President Sasaki,You see,This is the data and concept map of our bioengineering project!”
Li Qianhui hurriedly asked Vice President Cai, who succeeded Sun Yue, to bring all the materials of the biological engineering project.。
“Li Qianhui,What are you doing with so much information?,Did Mr. Sasaki finish watching?,You can just find someone to give Mr. Sasaki a general explanation.!”
Li Qianhui glanced at the information on the table,Said with a frown。

Wang Guangwei thought of this,Put away business cards,Walk to the far subway station。

On the campus behind him,A clear whistle faintly came from the direction of the stadium。
Chapter Seventy Nine The glorious years of Dongchuan Middle School
Principal Zhai stood in the inner room of the school’s honor room,This is a completely different place from the honor room outside。
The hall outside is full of certificates of various honors and achievements obtained by Dongchuan Middle School,There are educational and cultural honors。
This hall is well lit,Bright and spacious,Various trophies placed on glass cabinets and shelves、Certificate、Medals,And pennants,Under the light,Very eye-catching。
This is an honor room that is common in almost all schools,Nothing unusual,As the best high school in Dongchuan,It’s normal to have these honors。
Just on the other side of the hall of honor,There is a double door,That’s not the exit of the honor room,After opening it is a relatively dim inner room。
Step into this room which is mostly dark,There are two rows connected by the wallLType cabinet,Enclosed by clear glass,The light came down from the ceiling above the cabinet,Shroud the contents of the cabinet,Make them look shining。
They are the only bright areas in this room,Is also the most attractive arrangement。
“These are the champions of the Anton Cup。”Principal Zhai looked back at the SLR camera in the cabinet and said,There is a red light flashing repeatedly on the top of the camera,Means this machine is working。
“They all look different,Because the shape of the Anton Cup championship trophy has also undergone some changes。Not even a trophy at first,But a pennant……”Principal Zhai with white hair pointed to a dull red pennant under the spotlight closest to the door.,It is written in yellow italics:

When he was in the Broken Mouth Mountains, he released the power from the God Realm,I wanted to cover it up with the help of changes in the tides of the world,Unexpectedly, it was discovered。

The military is not his own world,Many people want his position,They will not let go of the opportunity to stay away from the headquarters。
I just didn’t expect the other party to come so fast,Since they don’t want to make him feel better,Then there is nothing to say。
Destroying the fish market is only the first step,If the other party is smart enough, he will show up soon。
Since the blacksmith left,His mind has indeed broadened a lot,So that he was decisive when making a decision。
Down from the attic,Xia Chenglong’s clothes are still the same,At least on the surface。
Heihu and Awu saw the people,Smile at the corner of the mouth,They are not happy that Xia Chenglong can come out,The main reason is that the brother himself is still alive,Even made many people lie down。
“bawl,The task you gave me is completed,Those people are not my opponent。”Ah Wu proudly showing off。
Xia Chenglong nodded:“Are you sure you are done,What i want is to kill,Not simply knocking down the opponent。”He paused and said:“Give me the Three Sword Art,It was bought with my money。”
Ah Wu almost vomited blood,Because of anxiety,Both cheeks became flushed:“I,I,I did not kill,But those people are all lying on the ground,They are waste,Say again,You gave me that martial arts,How can I return the gift??”
joke,Xuan-level advanced martial arts,That’s what many people dream of,And he has tasted the sweetness,How could I be willing to take it out。
“No way,I didn’t say to give it to you,Just for your reference,Give me quickly!”Xia Chenglong is not forgiving。
Ah Wu looking for a job for the first time,He hasn’t reached the point of cruelty,I can only take out the scroll slowly。

Liu Xiaoyun disdainfully retorted。

“Please!When I met your sister Ruoxi,She is already a big beauty,Isn’t it a little beauty??There is a fundamental difference between big beauties and little beauties!Not to be confused。”
Qin Liang explained seriously。“Nonsense!Then tell me;What is the essential difference between a big beauty and a little beauty??”
Chapter two thousand three hundred and eighty five Keep hiding
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Liu Xiaoyun continued to ask unconvinced。
“Listen well;Big beautiful women can marry home immediately and be a wife and have a baby,Little beauty can’t,Little beauty will have to wait at least a few years,To marry home,This is the essential difference between a big beauty and a little beauty。understand?”
Qin Liangzhen said with words。
“……”Liu Xiaoyun was immediately choked by Qin Liang’s words!These few words are plausible,Although it’s crooked,But you can’t say wrong,If you force to answer,It’s easy to fall into the pit,I can’t say that the little beauty is the same as the big beauty
,You can also take home and be a wife and give birth to a baby……This pit is especially for Liu Xiaoyun“terrible”,So Liu Xiaoyun decided not to speak!otherwise,From now on Qin Liang can be confident“bully”She’s。
“Boss is great,mighty!”Yang Zhishun gave Qin Liang a flattering,As a result, Shen Ruoxue’s eyes immediately fell on his face,Yang Zhi immediately regretted it,I want to slap myself!But the words have been spoken,I regret having a fart!So he
Looking at Shen Ruoxue awkwardly and helplessly,Apologize hard to her with eyes!“Yang Zhige,You suck up well!But you seem to be flattering the wrong person?Do you think my Xiaoxue listens to her brother-in-law?,Still listen more to her girlfriends?It’s nothing if you offend her brother-in-law,If you offend
Her best friend,Ha ha,Think about the consequences。”
Liu Xiaoyun killed Yang Zhi in a few words!Yang Zhilian has no chance,Has fallen into a desperate situation。
“I’m wrong,Xiaoyun,I solemnly apologize to you now!Please forgive me。”
Yang Zhi, this dumb guy,I didn’t even think about it,Immediately became a traitor,Bowed to Liu Xiaoyun!

Nana covers her belly,said laughingly:“So cool。”

“Haha。”Shu Qing smiled,Said:“remember,When you are not calm in the future,You just drink yogurt。”
“What if it’s winter?”
“Drink in winter。”
“Ha ha,I dare not,Time to have a stomach。”
Shu Qing said:“The one I bought won’t,Especially our girls are good to drink,Will make you more beautiful。If you like to drink,I have a lot here,I brought them from Beijing last time,When leaving,I bring you,And these foods,If you are hungry doing homework at night,You can eat。”
Nana smiled,Say:“I do not want,Mom bought it for me,Uncle Gu bought it for me last time。”
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“Look at,What you don’t have,You bring,What your family has,You don’t have to bring it。”
Nana look,Pick out a box of hazelnut chocolates,Said:“I want this,Eat the rest。”
Shu Qing nodded,Said:“Finished yogurt,Let’s eat out,Auntie scared you just now,I will make up for it,Invite Peng Nana to a big meal,Eat whatever you want today,But there is one thing you don’t want。”
Nana asked with a smile:“Ha ha,What?”
Shu Qing said:“Don’t ask me for stars。”
Nana was teased by Shu Qing“Grid”Laughed,she says:“Dad also said,Don’t let me ask him for the stars and the moon,He said he is not tall enough,Can’t reach them。”
Shu Qing saw that Nana was completely relaxed,No longer timid to her,Just say:“You said who will be with you for dinner tonight?”
Nana obviously didn’t expect to be treated like this,Blinked two small eyes,Don’t know how to answer。
Shu Qing continued:“such,You call anyone,I totally obey your command,You can invite good friends in the class,No matter how many please,I’ll pay,how about it?”
Nana says:“They all do homework at home,Besides, the adults will not let it out,or,Let’s call Uncle Gu,He will take me home in a while。”
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“no problem,You call him。”
Nana happily accepted the task,So I called Old Gu,Old Gu is still waiting for Shu Qing,I came here after I answered Nana’s call。

Bagan brought back the bay red horse for Jiang Fan,Handed the rein to Jiang Fan’s hand。

Jiang Fan glanced at the place where the sun set,Forced the thoughts down,Deep gaze,There is a touch of pain,He turned on his horse again,With Bagan,In twilight,Direction from time to time,Walk slowly……
Ding Yi can be said to be peaceful and calm during this period,After she came back from Kangzhou,Have been living in the old house,Reading,Writing。Dad also prepared for the calligraphy exhibition,Pack out the big picture on the first floor,day,Accompany my daughter to write in the old house,at night,Back to Aunt Qiao,At the beginning of her return,Dad comes to the old house almost every day,Spent some time with her,day,It seems to be back when mom just passed away,Father and daughter depend on each other。
this day,Dad came to the old house as usual in the morning,He holds the breakfast for his daughter in his hand,After opening the door with the key,I yelled when I entered the yard:“Small one,Small one。”
Xiaoyi didn’t come out,It’s called“One by one”Dog got out of the crack in the door of the house,Shaking his head and spinning around the old professor。
The old professor came in,Immediately,The fragrance of rice porridge,Filled the room,He called again,Ding Yi walked out of the cabin behind the living room,She is holding a small pot of yellow millet porridge,Heard dad call her,Just replied:“Here it is——”
Talking,Just put the millet porridge on a small solid wood table covered with floral tablecloth,Then take off the apron,Fill two small porcelain bowls with millet porridge。
Ding Naixiang hung his coat on the coat hook on the wall,Sniffed,Said:“My daughter has great cooking skills,The aroma of millet porridge is everywhere。”
Ding Yi smiled,He knows that dad is always trying to make himself happy recently,Just said:“father,Who can cook porridge?,It has nothing to do with cooking。”Talking,Put a small plate of fermented bean curd、A small dish of diced kimchi,A small dish of pickled diced carrots,There is also a small sauced cucumber diced,Even fermented bean curd,She cut into dices with a knife。These are my dad’s favorite side dishes。
“Ha ha。”Dad wash his hands,Sitting on an old-fashioned small square table,Looking at the four small butterflies on the table,Said:“Or my daughter knows my taste,Don’t have too many dishes,Get a few more varieties,Not like your Aunt Qiao,Everything is a big bowl,A large plate,Give me one end of the table,Can you eat it?Eat,Greasy look,Such a big plate,No appetite,Don’t eat,Hungry。”
Ding Yi giggled,Take out the Huangqiao sesame seed cake that Dad bought from the food bag,Code in a disk,Said:“father,I’ll tell Aunt Qiao what you said in a while。”
Dad laughed too,Say:“Tell her it’s okay,I said it not once,I said,You have two more varieties,In addition,Don’t make so much,Full before eating,Ha ha,It’s useless to say,She is that habit,Can’t change,I can only adapt。”
Ding Naixiang took a sip of porridge,Put down the spoon,Just said:“I have good news to tell you。”
Ding Yi lowered his eyes,I bowed my head and drank a spoonful of porridge,Said:“The good news is wrong,Because it’s not good to come to me recently。”
Ding Naixiang glanced at his daughter,Did not speak,stand up,Took out a newspaper from his jacket,Handed it to Ding Yi。
Ding Yi flipped through the newspaper,Did not find anything,I don’t understand what the good news is,Dad snatched the newspaper,Said:“I come,Bring me the glasses。”