“Oh!”Joe Yiyi’s red lips,I have done a president.,Is it so small??

She takes out her mobile phone,Snoving the next video to Xiaoyan。
[Xiaoyan,look,My name is Jiang Lan Xin to send me back.,She will send me back.。]
The other party immediately returned her news.:[Look ,She is still a good bullied ginger,It’s better to let her pick you up tomorrow.?Which time,You let her help you clean the classroom,Did she not do it??]
Joe Yiyi is full of superiority:[Wait a minute, ask her。]
More than twenty minutes,Blue Xin parked the car in the subway,Of indifference:“Arrived 。”
“Oh,Thank you.,Blue Xin,Do you have time tomorrow morning??Have time, come and take me.,In the morning, the subway is especially squeezed.。”
Blue Xin listen this,The heart is turning on the bear angry,Her Joe Yiyi thought she was the soft and bullying of Jiang Sanxin.?
She looked at her answer from the rearview mirror.,Slow down,Laughing, I looked at her.:“how?Still treat me as the previous ginger, is you bullying??I can’t conflict with you before.,That’s because I want to study well.,Didn’t care about you seriously。but,Now I am now,Joe Yiyi,You can’t climb。Roll down,Don’t have my car 。”
“Jiang Lan Xin,you……”Joe Yiyi did not think,Blue Xin will say this。
Especially the sentence“Roll down,Don’t have my car”This sentence,It’s simply trampling her self-esteem.。
Joe Yiyi pulls the door,Anger away。
Lan Xin did not do any stay,Open navigation,Drive away。
Joe Yiyi stationed in the original place:“Humph!But it’s luck.,Jiang Lan Xin,What is you??You wait,I must climb your husband’s bed.,Today’s humiliation,I will give you all.。”
Blue Xin goes back,Not thinking more,She knows how to come over these years.,I will not let myself feel upset for a Joyyi.。
arrive home,She is still happy with my mother.,Dinner,Walking with your child to eight o’clock with your child.,Le Yu is coming over,Everyone goes home and talks.。
Le Yu said,Wen Qi has already followed Le Zhenxi back.,As for the two people talking about,She is also unclear,Can only wait for the decision of two people。
Lan Xin also doesn’t say more,I have been talking to the love of the sea.。
Le Yu is very excited,I plan to have time and Muzi to honing it once.。
Le Yu is playing to nine o’clock.,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng has not come back yet,Blue Xin and Dad talked about Yu’s things.。
After listening to Blue Xin,Benefit,Looking at the children after sleeping,Mom and Dad have also returned to the house.,She also returned to the room to organize her knowledge to teach her some knowledge.。
Lu Hao Cheng also came back early,Ten ok is coming back. 。
After bathing,He wrapped around Blue Xin twice,Both people sleep。
Leading Blue Xin last night,She quickly called to Su, I don’t have to pick her up.,Least noon。
Blue Xin and Lu Hao Cheng normal work。
The two have just arrived at the 25th floor.,I saw Joe Yi and the power to wait in the hall.。
The right to help seem to have an urgent。
Joe Yiyi looked at Blue Xin。
Blue Xin’s eyebrows faintly felt bad things happening。
Lu Haocheng did not speak,Blue Xin first asked:“Assistant,What happened。”
King journey smile,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng, I still don’t know anything.,His heart is anxious。
“lady,Before you know this,I have to clarify Lu.,I am present to this evening.,Never not the continental mistake,When we want to come back,Out of the land,I met two young ladies who were drunk.,If you don’t say it, you will hold the director.,so……So this morning……Search again。”
“what?”Lu Haocheng looked at the right game angry。
Blue Xin glanced at Lu Haozheng,Rapid to take your mobile phone,News and push are the topic of Lu Haozheng, president of Lu Hao。
“Lu Hao Cheng。”She called anger。
Lu Haocheng has a bad feeling。

Chen Dong came to cry.,Face became frightened,“you……You just didn’t say it off,Does off your clothes??”

“嘿嘿 嘿,Misfortune,Misfortune。”Summer is like abnormal madness,Immediately a face,“Do you usually have a speech??what?Say it,You will not miss!”
Chen Donglai only feels cold in the hands and feet。
“you……you can not do that……I,I can give you money.!”
“嘿嘿 嘿……”
Summer becomes excited,Hand dance,“Shout,Loudly,It is called the broken throat and no one will save you.。”
Fladder,A punch in his rib,Chen Dong came to cover his stomach to the ground,For half a breath。
What is even more shocked?,Three down five,He is peeled off,This risk is somewhat scared to death.,Rear straight。
Good,Next, it is not imagined.。
I saw that the summer went to the wardrobe.,Rushing in mobile video,“Old Qin,Buddy gave you a given。”
Say,Take the phone in your hand,Facing Chen Dong came to shoot。
In Su Hang, I used to be a five-year-old Chen Donglai.,At this moment, a snot is tears.,Shortly crying like a bad wife。
Confused summer,Be proud。
He is very satisfied with his acting skills。
Put your phone in your pocket,He slowly,“嘿嘿 嘿,You won’t retaliate me.?”
At this moment,Chen Dong came to death.,Strive to calm the fear and grievances,Bold。
“That’s good。”
Summer turn to the door,Chen Dong came to hook him,Mood is getting nervous。
However,Just when the summer is about to open,Suddenly thought of,Arms stretched out。
Then he turned and left back.。
Chen Donglai is almost a little old blood,Tree shaking,Two eyes are very fearful。
“Don’t be a fearless thing。”
Looking at him in summer,Out of a sick smile on your face,Then go to the balcony,open the window,Torp。
“otherwise,Whether you are in the end of the world or the cape,I will always find you.,嘿嘿 嘿……”
Surprising laughter,He one hand,嗖,The whole person flipped out directly from it.。
Chen Dong came to the pupil to expand,stunned,It’s so half of the god.。
Before the battle went to the window,Look up,A while。

“cough,I solemnly declare,Although this violent girl is very violent,People are long,Bare to fight with my wife,So I can marry out。”Lin Feng went to the cough。

“Flutter。”Bei Xueyin heard a smile:“Small forest,Be careful to hear her,She looks at you with a knife,You will pretend to be her boyfriend.,Let her have an account,This is a bit hidden,Don’t ask more。”
“this,I said my wife.,You are not afraid that we have become true?”Lin Feng half joke:“You are so big,Push your man directly!”
NS104chapter Suffocating
“Giggle!”Bei Xueyin heard a laugh:“If you have this, you will take her.,I don’t mind,Let her do small,I am doing big,Anyway, our sisters are good.。”
“I am sweaty!”Lin Feng heard the mad road:“All right,I have served。”
“Promise her,I also said with her.。”Bei Xue Yin smiles:“Tomorrow is just accompanied by you home,You have such a big beauty home.,A fault face,When I came back, I found a time with her father.。”
“Shedy,This father?”Lin Feng’s wondering。
“Her dad is a hand of Huayu Provincial Public Security Department。”Bei Xue Yin laughs:“It’s good to have a good relationship with him.。”
“I see,Shedy。”Lin Feng heard the words:“I agree with this matter.。”Lin Feng thought about it or agreed.。
After all, I will fight for the two majors.,If there is a night home, this big intervene,They also have a lot of greatness。
“Know,The things here don’t worry,All right,I hang it first.,We have to eat。”Bei Xue Yin laughs,I immediately hang up the phone。
Lin Feng is lying on the couch with a mobile phone,The back of his mind is coming out of the night.,This violent girl can take a hand。
I immediately sat on the sofa,Dark understanding of the big days,He is full of freighter,An unique exterior of a stock,Trend the condensation。
But still failure。
Only true envoy,In order to win,His realm and power ratio Honghai,Big flying and others are very inferior,Let Lin Feng have a sense of urgency。
After all, he is the president.,Never drag the leg。
And now the two great power want to swallow their Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Lin Feng wants to fight on the front and these people,Must have a certain strength,Otherwise it goes equal to shooting ash,Even people who have to hold people,This is Lin Feng, I don’t want to see.。
“Congenital suffering,Congenital suffering,How can I get into the situation?。”Lin Feng’s figure stands up,This beautiful girl, the big red robe, did not tell him.。
I immediately walked into the small courtyard.,His figure is high jumping,A trick, a task,Magnificent,Big day。
After a long time,Lin Feng’s figure stopped。
He is sitting on the edge of the pond,Mingyue looking to the sky,The true gas is released,Want to control these freewheels,But again failed。
“Unclear,How can I repair congenital qi?。”Just at this time,The sound of the pleasure comes from。
A warner,Tail,Yingzi-cool woman came in,This woman is at night cold,When she saw Lin Feng,At the glance, Lin Feng is trying to condense the hood.。
“Ren Decoir?”Lin Feng heard the words:“Do you mean that you can do it??”
“good,Ren Duo 2nd,The whole body is ingenuity to flow,The true gas in the body also changed,Repair congenital,to be honest,The situation of qi is to open the second pulse。”Night clear words。
“Ren Decoir,I see。”Lin Fengnan is sitting on the ground。
His look calm,Start impact Ren Duena。
“Hey,You have an accident like this,If you don’t pay attention, you will walk into the magic.,Must be ready to do。”Night Qingqing saw Lin Feng directly impacted,She can’t help but remind it.。
Although I hate this man,However, this person is my own girlfriend’s boyfriend.,And she is ready to take Lin Feng as a block arrow.。
“Hey-hey,fine,For others, dangerous,But it is very simple to me.。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Waiting for me to hit it.,Kawrish you can burn。”
“You are crazy,What is the royal trip?,When the impact is hurt, it is very painful.,And to find the prolonged two vein,Otherwise it will be injured。”Night clear cold。
However, this time Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the night cold.。
Maybe it is very difficult for others.,But it is simple to Lin Feng.,His big day is physically solving the pain,Also there,Everyone’s tenin is different,Must find it to impact。

“Rainwater,Jiang Shao wants to like,Let her take you a good time to entertain you.。”The young woman said that he turned his head and turned the rain.:“Go to Jingjiang less a cup。”

Chen Yuwei nodded,Slightly, some shy, I have gone to Jiang Chengyu.。
Jiang Chengyu flash flashed a touch,But I looked at my heart.,Finally, I still have to reluctantly reject the road.:“Don’t entertain me.,Tonight Wang Chi is the protagonist,Just said, let him experience the flower.,You go to give me a good time.。”
Chen Yuwei,Some unknown measures to look back at the young woman。
Young women are also surprised,Jiang Chengyu, she entertains many times.,Can let him pay so much attention、The girl who came to the hand is willing to let her go to see her.,Don’t read the king,Chen Yuwei Road:
“Listen to Jiang Shao,Let you go to you, take a good guest.。”
Chen Yuwei nodded,Turned to the king,Tight next to sit down,Probably I really enter,Flashing a movie,Poured a glass of wine,Weak road:
“Total Wang,I respect you a cup。”
The king is not a place,It has also been a year from business.,He has been working in the scene.,The drinting of the wine glass is smirked and she touched her.,Random and natural,Only in your heart:twols,Are you still true?。
Changfeng Capital。
General Manager’s Office。
Zhou Zhixiang poured a cup of tea,Put in front of the king,Concern:“Total Wang,Your face looks like a bit is not very good.,Physical discomfort?”
“I drank my wine last night.,Head hurts。”Wang Liu smashed her eyebrows。
Last night, Jiang Chengyu and Wu Qingdong hind him several times.,If you talk,Can take Chen Yuwei to go out to continue to exchange,But I have been smirked by him.。
But not he is finishing,Just because of Chen Yuwei does not feel funny,She is very beautiful,But with his current body and status,Also didn’t have anyone else to give some people。
In-depth communication,Then only drink alcohol,Half a day,I don’t know how much I don’t know.,I am still ungenerated now.。
Wang Future:“Come over today, I am a little bit of thinking to listen to your opinion.,Yesterday, Jiang Chengyu and Wu Qingdong found me.,Apologize for the last time in the forum,In addition, I want to invest in the pen in this way.,Said to develop3,What do you think about this??”
NS386chapter Black or your capitalist is black.
“Pull investment,Give?”Zhou Zhixiong,Some quirky look,Confirmation。
Wang traffic point:“Correct,You should not invest?”
Zhou Zhixione:“3I know,last year10Moon Apple launched aiod,that is3music player,Sales in these months,Apple’s share price has increased a lot,It is a big success.,Market is,If you go to invest,The foreground is not bad,only……”
Zhou Zhi Xiong looked at the king,Test:“That is called,You really want to invest it.?”
“I don’t want to,I apologize, I want me to pay.,What do he want?。”Wang traffic,Voice is turned:“But Jiang Chengyu opened the mouth.,It is to refuse me if I have a reasonable reason.,You help me find one?”
Zhou Zhixun honest,Laugh:“Don’t want to be good,How much reason is,Find a not difficult,But if you don’t plan to explain with him,I think this is also a chance.,Investing him is not not。”
Wang traffic eyebrow,Doubtful look at him:“How interesting?”
Zhou Zhixiong:“Do not understand,That means we are still hostile.,Before Beam,This time he took the initiative to apologize to you.,If it is rejected,His personality,The big probability will be angry,Will be more hate to us later,If you find a chance in the future,Will definitely returns us back。
Revenge with it,It’s better to get it right.,This investment is a chance,Money can give him,But the conditions have we set。”
Winking fringe:“What conditions?”
“On gambling。”Zhou Zhixiong:“I want us to invest,He has to sign a gambling agreement with us.,I ask him how much performance is required within one year.,How much is it within two years?,How much do you do for three years?,Finally, a long-term goal can be set,for example,Within five years,To make companies listed。
If it is,We can reduce the shares to him,But if you can’t do it?……We don’t ask him to return to our shares.,We can ask him directly,Exchange the company’s control。”
Wang traffic is suddenly jumped,Understand what he meant,This is to borrow a gambling agreement,Come and win Wu Qingdong to control the control of Chengji.。

“Hahahaha,Do you know the old man’s hand broke,I will let you taste my ninth spirit ability today,Space solidification!”Lock space at this moment,All energy air stops here,And Tyrant stopped at this moment,Because he can’t move, this space energy tightly suppresses him,If you want Lin Yan to see it,I must think he is similar to the two-level static domain。

“hateful,Can’t move,Even the air in the body is drawn out of the body,Li Qingshan is a bit of a guy。”Yes,At this moment,Even the air in the body is forced out of the body,That piercing feeling,Let the tyrant sweat,Even if his soul power is forcibly drawn out of the body at this moment。
And at this moment all。The soul masters below the soul king all died suddenly at this moment,Because they can’t resist this terrifying force,My own soul power has been pumped clean,Even if my own people have fallen a lot at this moment。
Tyrant stared closely at the dead soldiers below him,If he doesn’t break free from this bondage,I’m afraid that no one besides Luo Qinghe can escape。
And Luo Qinghe did not care about the dead soldiers,In his eyes,These people are just ant cannon fodder,He didn’t care about him,But staring at the Tyrant in the sky,He wanted to know how this young man would struggle with this bondage。
“Ninth Spirit Ability,Colorful shots!”Tyrant’s eyes braved the golden light, gritted his teeth and said,At this moment her body suddenly dissipated,And countless soul-breaking guns in the air,Every owner of a destruction gun is a tyrant,It’s the Tyrant who formed countless people。
“Li Qingshan,You have to take responsibility for what you do and accompany those who died,cut!”The clone that stood up with the roar of the sky at this moment emits that terrifying power at the same time,Blasted everyone out,Even Luo Qinghe receded at this moment,Because this terrifying power is comparable to my own god。
“Ninth Spirit Ability,Petrified clone!”And Li Qingshan also used his second martial spirit at this moment,Petrified clone。
But even if he used the ninth spirit ability of his second martial spirit, it was of no avail.,The ninth spirit ability of the Overlord’s Colorful Soul Breaker is really terrifying, and that feeling instantly makes the entire space seem like an extinguishing effect.,At this moment,Li Qingshan looked into the distance with shocked eyes,The body is broken like a spider web。A generation of semi-god powerhouses fell,Luo Qinghe frowned and hummed coldly,Flying in the air。
“Not bad,Batian admits that you are strong,If you get the position of God,This seat is definitely not your opponent,But you are just a demigod now,You have no god,Even if your martial soul will be an artifact,so what,You cannot make up for the gap between God and man,Even if you millions of people go together,That’s just my trick,I can give you a chance to be loyal to me,Do things for me,Let’s unify the whole continent together,Look good?”
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Chapter 181 The Gap Between God and Man(Subscribe)
“old man,You kill my master, do you think I can spare you?Although the gap between God and man is huge,But I just want to try how big it is,I reached a demigod,Just want to see how strong the fighting ability of the god-level powerhouse is,Either you die or I die today,Old guy put away your dirty heart,I have already seen through,Let you fall here today”Tyrant gritted his teeth。
Luo Qinghe’s face twitched,Wave,Ba Tian’s body suddenly receded,“boom”A loud noise,Tyrant crashed on the wall of Jialing Pass,Everyone is unbelievable at this moment,Looking at the god-level powerhouse in mid-air,There is only one word in their hearts,Is the gap between God and man really that big??
Long Lin immediately ran over,Helped the Tyrant out,At this time, Ba Tian vomited blood out,Looking at the Luoqing River in the sky in disbelief,The soul-breaking gun in his hand is tightly clenched,This is the gap between God and man。
“Cough,Old fellow Lao Tzu is not so easy to kill,Even if you are a god,How different is our strength,I won’t catch it,You can get it if you want Lao Tzu’s life,Ninth Spirit Ability,Puff!”At this moment, Ba Tian vomited out blood again,The ninth spirit ability just finished,The spirit power in his body has been exhausted,Unable to use the ninth spirit ability again。
“Hahaha,Is your soul power exhausted??Batian admits that you are a genius,But what about,You are nothing but a demigod,Your ninth spirit ability directly emptied your spirit power,And you don’t deserve to be my enemy,Even if your dead master died without supporting five moves in my hands, what would you use as a titled Douluo to fight me??”
Luo Qinghe came directly to Ba Tian’s side after speaking,His right hand tightly pinched Batian’s throat,Long Lin is about to shoot,I was slapped by him and flew out to fly far away,Elder Wang and Elder Shui were also overwhelmed by the breath of Luo Qinghe and kneeled on the ground.。

His voice fell off,The patients in the hall also exclaimed。

“Damn,The little girl is so capable!”
“The descendants of genius doctors are extraordinary!”
“Don’t say,She’s really on par with Dr. Mo!”
Dou Xinyi heard praise from everyone in the house,The color on the face is heavier。
“Little doctor,Can you heal my love?”The middle-aged man asked respectfully。
“Of course,Just use Dong’s acupuncture and moxibustion,The symptoms will be greatly reduced!”Dou Xinyi said with confidence。
Li Zhen was going to call Mo Xiaosheng,But seeing Dou Xinyi see so accurately,The fingers holding the phone hesitate slightly,Put the phone back。
First0310Zhang’s thief in the house
Dou Xinyi is not in a hurry for acupuncture,Pressed her thumb on the painful part of her neck,See her neck3、4、5There is obvious compression pain in the spinous process half an inch to the right,So she let the woman take off her shoes,Roll up the pants,Stand on a low stool,Take the normal tendons from Dong’s odd points on the lower leg、Authentic two acupuncture points。
Everyone saw her neck hurt,But Dou Xinyi took acupuncture points on the Achilles tendon,Can’t help being surprised。
Dou Xinyi1.5Inch0.3Millimeter milli acupuncture,Straight1About inch,Needle,Transport needles by air,Keep twisting the silver needle,In order to achieve a good stimulation effect。
About half an hour later,Dou Xinyi took out the silver needle,Asked:“Try now,Does it hurt anymore?”
The middle-aged woman reached out and touched her neck,I found that the pain and stiffness suddenly disappeared,Can’t help but look overjoyed,Anxious:“Doesn’t hurt at all,thank you,Little doctor,Thank you!”
The woman’s husband was also very excited,Chongdou Xinyi thumbed up and exclaimed again and again:“Little doctor,Really, the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward,Your medical skills,It is estimated that they have surpassed the magical doctor Mo!”
He thought it was incredible,Just now his lover was still in pain,As a result, Dou Xinyi simply stuck a few needles,His lover is miraculously healed。
The patients in the room sighed again and again,Constantly praised Dou Xinyi。
Li Zhen also looked at Dou Xinyi with interest,Quite surprised,Don’t say,This little girl went from diagnosis to injection,He really saw the style of Mr. Jifen from this little girl,But the difference is,Your husband is not as arrogant as her。

“Ok,I will。”Lin Yan’s words are very precise,Did not make Ding Yi feel too embarrassed。

After arriving at the bus station,I immediately saw the last bus bound for Langzhu leaving,Lin Yan said:“Is it this?”
“Yes,You hurry up and stop,I go down。”
Lin Yan said:“Don’t worry,I will block it for you。”Talking,He blocked the car at the main entrance,The exit of that bus was blocked by Lin Yan’s car,The driver of the bus kept slamming Lin Yan’s horn。
Lin Yan also pressed the horn,Signal to the driver of the bus。
Ding Yi quickly jumped out of the car and ran towards the bus,Lin Yan got off the car,Shouted at her:“Your suitcase。”
Ding ran back after hearing it,Lin Yan had taken out the suitcase for her long ago,Told:“Don’t panic,I can’t go without this car,Say again,They wish they would all take a passenger。”
Ding Yi said to Lin Yan“Thank you”Rear,Pick up his own box,Ran to the bus,Lin Yan watched her get in the car,To make room for the bus,Drove away from the bus station。
Watching the bus go away,Lin Yan took out his phone,He called Jiang Fan,After Jiang Fan is connected,Lin Yan said:“mayor,Do you have an appointment tonight?”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Why,You want to date me?”
Lin Yan asks Jiang Fan for this interval,Not to eat special snacks,Just take a hot spring,Jiang Fan knows Lin Yan’s intentions,Do not refuse,Because he really needs to relax。
Lin Yan said:“Yes,Do you have time?”
“Not tonight,I’m going to Secretary Wang’s house,Go eat his private food,Or you too。”Jiang Fan’s tone seemed very relaxed。
“This one……mayor,Of course i want to go,but……”Lin Yan does have concerns,Although Lin Yan also respects Wang Jiadong,I ate with him many times,And also visit his house during the holidays,But after all, I’m not yet familiar enough to go to his house to eat his own cooking,Not to mention,Where is Wang Jiadong’s prestige?,Lin Yan should be considered a junior,He is not better than Peng Changyi,After thinking about it:“or,Go to Secretary Wang’s house another day,I invite you and Secretary Wang to eat seafood today?”
Jiang Fan didn’t speak,At this moment,But I heard the voice of Wang Jiadong,“What is Xiaolinyan,Please don’t move you?Is my family’s threshold high or you refuse to condescend?”
Lin Yanyi listen,Said quickly:“Secretary Wang、Secretary Wang,That is not what i mean,I can’t hide it from you?I……I’m embarrassed?”

So this is another important reason why Yang Shiyun finally gave himself to Qin Liang!

Two people who may have no tomorrow at any time,I want to double my eyes“happy”,Also understandable。Of course so far,Compared Yang Shiyun and Qin Liang,Suffered a big loss……But Yang Shiyun doesn’t care,Compared with my true inner feelings,What’s the point if you don’t suffer?。
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One thousand six hundred and nineteen chapters Little wife
? Maybe in front of love,Women all over the world are fools,Yang Shiyun is also a woman,And also a sweet young girl who tasted love for the first time,So how could she be an exception?……
I just lay on the windowsill and thought about it for a long time,Yang Shiyun feels a little hungry,If it was before,She would immediately make a bowl of instant noodles to fill her stomach without even thinking about it。
But now she won’t,She already knew she should treat herself better,She already knew that apart from intense work,Within one’s own ability,I should have a refined and comfortable life……On the way back at night,Qin Liang has purchased a lot of various items for her in the supermarket“Some not”Delicious,So Yang Shiyun wandered into the living room after closing the window,I carefully selected a large number of plastic bags on the table for a while,This is how to choose
‘S snacks returned to the bedroom,At the same time, I didn’t forget that I also took a bottle of red wine.……She used to rarely stick wine,But since I met the two eldest princesses of the Shen family,Red wine has become a drink she often drinks。Slowly she also started to like red wine,According to Murong Shan;Tasteful women drink red wine,So she doesn’t mind if she gets it
This habit。
Back to the bedroom,Yang Shiyun changed her previous meticulous lifestyle,Climbing onto the bed holding snacks and wine,When alone,Indulge yourself,Loose yourself,It’s also quite fun!
Yang Shiyun thought with peace of mind……

“Can you not mention this‘chicken’Word……”

Du Shanshan said frustratedly。
“I can ask your family to buy you beef back。”
The little nurse turned her eyes。
“I can eat beef!Really?”
Du Shanshan’s eyes lit up immediately,Excitedly asked。
“Do not,You think too much,You can only drink beef soup,Let’s eat meat for you,As the saying goes;We eat meat,Your soup。”
Little nurse held back a smile,Loud answer。
“You will starve me to death like this。”
Du Shanshan knew that he couldn’t reason with the nurse,So she changed her strategy,Said in a pitiful way。
“Sister who won’t,The nutrition of chicken soup is enough to maintain your body needs,Besides, there are other nutritional supplements,You won’t starve to death,Do not worry。”
The little nurse said unmovedly。“Du Shanshan,I advise you to give up,These little nurses are very principled,And more professional than ours,You want them to show sympathy to you,Let you eat some chicken,Beef or something,Basically impossible。

“Do not,Do not,Do not!Not!”

Liu Xiaoyun refused,Turning around and making a face at Qin Liang。
“You just come?I’m back to the hotel,You wander by yourself。”
Qin Liang pretended to say,Then stopped。
Liu Xiaoyun hesitated,Still returned to Qin Liang’s side……
“Brother-in-law,What are you doing?”
Shen Ruoxue has been talking to Yang Zhi just now,I didn’t pay attention to what happened between Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun,I feel strange now,She asked strangely。
“Why not,I asked Xiaoyun something,You guys keep talking about yours。”
Qin Liang pretended that nothing happened。
Because of Yang Zhi by his side,So Shen Ruoxue didn’t ask any more。
“soy Mujer,What are you running?”
Qin Liang smiled and asked Liu Xiaoyun in a low voice。
“I didn’t run,I just don’t want to hear your nonsense。”
Liu Xiaoyun deliberately ignored Qin Liang。
Qin Liang finally couldn’t help laughing,He had deliberately spoofed Liu Xiaoyun,Anyway, I’m just walking around and chatting,What a fun joking,It’s just that he’s joking a bit too much。
But Qin Liang is a casual,Occasionally bohemian guy,And Liu Xiaoyun is to him,I’m too familiar,No matter how messy with her,Qin Liang won’t have any scruples。