“Look,It should be what they do。”

Now,Shen Xuan’s mind thought of a group of people。
It is Tang Into them,If it is their words。
So all this,You can explain it.。
“really,all of these,It’s all arranged in advance.。”
“Shen Xuan,I don’t think it is terrible for the six families.。”
“I feel that I feel now.,You are terrible。”
When Agua is finished against this,Warrior of other war temple,It’s a look at Shen Xuan.。
Before it,If Anguo does not say these words,Then perhaps,I still have a little better.。
but now,After the Anguo said,Other people face each other,Look at Shen Xuan。
It’s undeniable,Herein,In fact, it is still very reasonable.。
“Yes,What to say,What do you have arranged?,Really especially want to know。”
“But no matter what,The church will definitely be ready for it.。”
“all in all,Since the main owner is arranged,So let’s still need to worry about what to do.?”
This,With these people,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to speak on your eyes。
After all, the words are now,at this point,In the end, we should intend to start to handle it from what.。
In fact, in front of you,Shen Xuan is a smile smile。
never mind,Continue to entangle this now,In fact, there is no big use.。
“Before,You have deal with those over the horse.,How is it?。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more now。
In fact, for this matter,Shen Xuan is very calm。
Frontier,Agua is very excited,Don’t forget to say。
“Shen Xuan,this matter,You just don’t worry.。”
“Everything,I have already arranged it properly,Absolutely impossible to show a milestone!”
Before the eyes,Agua is here,Shen Xuan is a nod to this.。
Since now,Aguang has already said this.。
So Shen Xuan,Anything I am worried?
Since it is this situation now,So, then I need to do it.。
It should be exhausted,Take something here to solve it。
Only in this way,Can be perfect to handle these things。
After reading it for a while,At this time, Shen Xuan is again said.。
“but,Although it is said,But Liu Jia took down,Affiliate will fight against。”
“all in all,Everyone must,Be careful!”
When Shen Xuan said directly from here,This is even more important to others.。
Start now,For the current thing,They are more potent。
Even hate,To do our best,Treat these things to thoroughly。

Blindness:[Kiki,I am very good with you.。]

She thought about it.,Or I said that the things that happened last night and Lu Yiqi said.。
Her relationship between her and Lu Yiqi,In addition to Lu Yuli,It can be said that it is nothing to say.。
Zi Zi Shu edited several times,Only what happened last night was clear.。
Lu Yiqi,Sitting in bed laughing forward。
Han Yuxuan looked one side,Just a smile smile,Watching her chat with her。
Although I can’t see my laughs between my little sisters,But it is obviously more important to accompany your wife.。
Lu Yili:[Xiao Shu,I have changed a lot of tone in my second brother.,I found that his time grows very quickly.,Xiao Shu,You have changed him.,You have made him grow up。Xiao Shu,When can you become me two??]
[You marry our family,We can play together.。]
子 的 的,Can’t help but laugh。
[Hum hum,Let me marry your land,Is it just to play with you??]Certainty,This is a joke,She knows that Kiki will not be in mind.。
Lu Yili:[Xiao Shu,It is true that I am playing with me.,Doing my second year is also true,You don’t know how much my mother likes you.,She went to the hotel for half a month.,Back, always read you.,Our family likes you very much.。]
[Certainty,We also hope that you can feel almost in love with me.。]
Zi Zi Shu Shen took a deep breath,Lu Yuli suddenly appeared,Many regrets in her life,Young,The notebook records her and what he wants to do with him.。
I have done a few times now.,Shop together,Watch movies together,Go to a banquet together,These are all achieved。
Blindness:[Kiki,I see。]
Lu Yili:[Xiao Shu,I set some wild bacteria.,I have passed some past to give you,Lychee,You remember to eat.。]
子 一 看 看 I remembered,This season is a lot of lychee listed。
Wild bacteria is also her especially like to eat.,The people of Lu family will also give them someone to come in in the past.。
Blindness:[Thank you Qiqi!]
Lu Yili:[Xiao Shu,That doesn’t talk,I went to take a walk.。]
Blindness:[good,take care,Don’t be too tired。]
After chatting with Lu Yixi,Lu Qiran is also coming back.,There is no big bag in your hand.。
子 走 过 去,“How did you buy so much??”
Lu Lanran:“got used to。”
Blindness:“……”Ok,His family loves to eat,Habits to buy so much,Very normal!
子 拿 喜欢 道 道。
Eating,She remembered the expression of Lu Yuliu when she went out.,His expression,Let her feel very bad,Just like anything, you can’t solve the same,Let him be extremely!
She is simply putting down the potato chips in my hand.:“Lu Lanran,Do you have anything?,For example, what you can’t solve?”
She wants to share some。
Lu Yuli laughed:“Not,What can I have?。However, we will go home for a while.,Dr. Huo is coming over。”
子 脑 海 里 灵光 光,Fighting to his hand,so,She is really stupid,Lu Yuli is currently his hand is his hand.。
NS2313chapter Congratulations, you are falling in love.
“Lu Lanran,Then let’s go back.。”子 脑 海 海 着 着 着 话 着 话,Lu Yuli’s hand still doesn’t know if it can recover。
She asked her doctor privately.,Doctors can’t guarantee his hand to restore。
Also look at the restoration situation。


The left leg of the summer seems to be more than 10 million,Awkwavy like a broken,Instantly interrupted his arms。
Audgessenger,Scream,“Douglas……”Summer people in half air,Upper body,Explore the right palm,Heroes such as the sky,With a slightly invisible ripple。
Bump,Leinhart’s head is flying out,Bring a large blood rain。
Summer rotating figure,Flush,Did not contaminate half-branch。
Foufoot,Going back to the cold and cold。
Douglas who is justifying,Susperse。
He dropped the short knife down,A pair of deep scorpion staring in summer。
The look on the face is also more complicated。
“Sure enough is you,Kill god!”
NS2683chapter Water is very deep
Not to say,Leinhart is not strong enough。
Can become one of the nine big hegens,His strength is naturally unquestionless。
Especially the soul controls this abilities,Really very powerful and terrible。
This abilities can be controlled in silent and horticulturality,Be a cockroach,You can also disrupt the opponent’s heart in the midst of。
One more thing,Can seed seeds in someone’s mind,Subtilize。
Unfortunately,L’Sinhart chooses the object,Have a summer。
Not exaggerated,Whether in the eyes of ancient martial arts,Still in the eyes of the abilities,Most powerful,There is no doubt that it is to control。
However, one thing will drop,Biased power has the properties of the phase。
And the summer can actively make spirit,And have a spiritual imitation ability,Also the legendary people……All kinds,He can be said to be all controlled。
So L’That is very embarrassed。
The powerful abilities have not fully launched a diagnosis.,Directly seized the opportunity to kill the opportunity。
Dead clean,No slim sloppy。
Doglas who wants to continue rushing,Also stopped。
He recognized the summer。
“Sure enough is you,Kill god!”
Summer did not deny,Also gaze him。
In a sense, in a sense,He and Douglas although the score of two different camps,But the two actually barely calculate friends.。
In the beginning, people replaced the gods,Become a new overgency。
Summer naturally encountered a round of challenges。
Douglas is one of them。
This guy once challenged the summer half a year.。
Every time it is defeated in the summer,Can’t get a few days,Re-challenge,again and again,Constantly recover。
The last summer is not impatient.,Do not cover this guy,Full of world running,But therefore I have added alternative friendship.。
Otherwise,At the beginning in Alderia,Douglas will not spare no effort。
“Your height has changed,But your eyes didn’t change.。”
Douglas voice came,“I think you are familiar before.,Now it is completely affirmation,Absolutely you!”
Summer still does not deny,But straightforward,“Do you want to revenge??”

“but,The blind date she arranged for me,Are old men over 30……And they all look ugly……”Ye Wenwen said depressed。

“Not so much?”Fang Haodao,“Years past30Forget it,For men,That’s not even old,But why do you arrange a blind date with an ugly man??Isn’t she your mother??”
“Dear……”Ye Wenwen said bitterly,“Because it is true,So the blind date she introduced to me are all financially capable。But think about it,Years past30,And has a certain financial capacity,Unmarried man,That has to look like a stubborn look?”
“You have a point……”Fang Hao nodded。
A little sympathy for her。
Think about it,A beautiful girl who fell into Qian’s eyes was forced to have a blind date with some old and ugly rich people,Is indeed a very pitiful thing。
——Script like this,He seems to have seen it many times。
Ye Wenwen said bitterly:“According to her, it’s for my good,So that I can live a happy life in the future,But she never considered my feelings。I don’t think so much about money,I want to live a lifetime,Definitely someone i like,If there is no one,I would rather never marry forever,I won’t just live with someone I hate。”
“But you can’t lie to her like this now,Can lie to her for a year,You can’t lie to her forever?”Fang Haodao。
Ye Wenwen thought:“I lied you to my hands,That’s not a year,That’s a lifetime thing。”
But I can’t tell Fang Hao,Sighed:
“I don’t know what to do later,But if you can pass it now, let it pass。In recent years, for my single thing,No less angry with me,Let her have a happy birthday。”
After speaking,Looking at Fang Hao pitifully。
Blinking eyes,big eyes,Long eyelashes,Looks very beautiful。

I’m not sure I will use it one day,If you don’t have it when you want to use it,How embarrassing and embarrassing?

At first glance,To catch the rape today,Shen Huan used it4A spell,Is equivalent to23Billion,Too expensive,Can’t pay。
But this6600Multi-million dollar price,It was in exchange for Shen Huan. I and the animals are friends(intermediate)Skills,In fact, I definitely won’t suffer。
Animals and I are pot friends, this skill is very useful。
Step back and say,Shen Huan will have no other skills in the future,With this, I and the animals are friends,Shen Huan can open a pet shop,Take care of the best pets。
In this society where people are not as good as dogs,Once the pet industry is done well enough,Thousands of eight million a year is really nothing。
Even Shen Huan can use this skill,Do pet business,To find some of the best quality pets,To sell to those who are willing to buy the best pets at high prices。
This intermediary firm makes more money than selling a house。
Accumulated over time,Is it better6000How million?
Had lunch at Tang Yuan’s house,Everyone said goodbye and left。
Tang Yuan is in his forties,Naturally, it’s impossible for everyone to go to Hey after dinner,Just go drinking and find a girl or something。
His meals are now the health club。

Seeing Qianyu who is motionless in front of me,Xu Tianran thinks that the former is already desperate……

Licking her thin lips cruelly“Qianyu,Are you desperate?rest assured,I will tear your body bit by bit!”
“then,Later, I will tear off the oranges you like!I Xu Tianran,No need for traitors!”
The guy who betrayed him Xu Tianran,No matter who it is,Have to die!
“Snapped、Snapped、Snapped”Qianyu applauds……
Cold tone“The performance time of His Royal Highness is over,It’s me now?”
Xu Tianran’s mouth curled,Lightly“You still have a soul……”
But I haven’t finished speaking yet,He felt intense pain in his abdomen……
Qianyu has appeared in front of him at some point!!
Xu Tianran has a sweet throat,Spit out a mouthful of blood in midair and hit the wall……
Xu Tianran coughed and got up,After removing the blood stains from the corners of the mouth,Astonished“This……How can this be!Why can you still use spirit power??”
He has obviously used the Soul Power Suppression Soul Guidance Device!
Why can this Qianyu still use spirit power??
Xu Tianran thought secretly“Continue like this,I will die!!”

“I know you joked,But I felt very sad after hearing that sentence,Uncomfortable。”

Shen Ruoxue is still entangled with herself……The little princess is the little princess,Not only will be willful with others,Sometimes I’ll be angry with myself,Anyway“This princess is unhappy now”That’s it。
“my fault,I’m joking and hit your bottom line,Maybe it hurt your heart accidentally,really sorry,Brother-in-law apologizes to you again,please forgive me。”
Qin Liang said seriously。
“Ok,I accept your apology,This thing ends here。”
Shen Ruoxue nodded and agreed,Then he breathed a sigh of relief,This is what I think“This thorn”Unplugged。
“Thank you,Thank you Little Snow Princess for not killing,Ha ha!As expected to be the most gentle of the Shen family,Most virtuous,The prettiest,The cutest first little princess。”
Qin Liang quickly slapped Shen Ruoxue’s little ass。
“Yep,It’s almost,Hehe。”
Shen Ruoxue finally showed a smile!Although he knew Qin Liang was just complimenting,,Please yourself,But this kind of flattery,Girls always listen,In fact, many men also have this weakness,This is why from ancient times to the present,There will be treacherous ministers in every dynasty!After all, everyone loves to listen to nice words……
“I’ll take you guys to buy snacks later。”
Qin Liang knows,The best way to please Shen Ruoxue,Just take her to buy snacks,As long as there are snacks,This girl’s mood will immediately be happy!This method has been proven countless times in practice;Simple and practical,The effect is immediate。
“OK!What you said!Speak to count!”
really!Shen Ruoxue compromised immediately……But if because of this,I think Shen Ruoxue is a little and no-good girl,That would be a big mistake!Shen Ruoxue is only in the one she trusts most,In front of the closest person,Will be greedy,In front of outsiders or unfamiliar friends,She is still the same as her sister Shen Ruoxi,Always a cold and dignified,A little goddess who combines truth, goodness and beauty!
“Must count!But I have a post condition!”
Qin Liang said thoughtfully。
“Isn’t it a prerequisite??Why are there any additional conditions?What the hell is the latter condition?”
Shen Ruoxue asked inexplicably。


Xia Chenglong breathed a sigh of relief,The matter is finally solved。
He couldn’t kill the opponent right now,Murong’s secret technique can accurately know the picture at this moment,This is the main reason。
“Then you……”
“I will stay here,Until remembering what happened before。”
Xia Chenglong almost vomited blood,What is this,Co-authored what I said just now。
Turn around,Look at the black tiger。
“Uh……No need to take care of that,I’m going to see that guy。”The adjutant who was supposed to be submissive actually rebutted。
Xia Chenglong turned his eyes to An’s,After all, they are still partners at this moment。
“I want to practice!”
As a person,An’s also understands the situation at the moment,She is happy to give this man with boundless beauty some problems。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Eight Quiet before the storm
“That one,Do you want to take a bath,And then eat something!”
Xia Chenglong didn’t want to spend more energy in this meaningless battle,Can only put forward some constructive comments。
Then Murong Qianxue still stood in place,Staring at the man in front of you。

“.”Baby Ou is still watching what An Shicheng brought,I heard what my brother said,I can’t hold the information in my hand,Is not,Why did you suddenly say such a great thing??

“brother,Think about your words,Contains a few people。”My father,Our mother,Your father,I,And Xiaoyun。Other ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends who are not mothers are now boyfriends。The lethality is really too great。
Yuze finished,Also kind of funny,Is not,“He has a kind of longing and admiration for your father that contains the Electra complex,There is also support and life-saving grace。Add the looks and personality of your father.You also listened to him,You and your father from the inside out,Very similar。That means,He is facing your father,There are also various secular restrictions,Restraint,Even sane。But he faces you.”
Recalling Xia’an Shicheng’s humble look facing her relatives,“I don’t know he was stimulated by you to be so humble,Still because of guilt,Or is there something else。Anyway,When he faces you,Kind of low profile,Really exaggerated.Serving the master is just like this。”Even watching playboy things like this actually said it。
The more Yuze talks, the more he feels that his ideas are right,“Between him and you,If there is no adoption,That’s a completely unrelated stranger,Then,Before facing your father, he did sensible restraint and kept everything,It doesn’t exist anymore。If he is tolerant of you,Even almost indulgent.These looks,Really,Think about it.these things,All combined together,Empathy?”
“.”Baby Ou is a little dumbfounded。because,Unexpectedly,The more you listen, the more reasonable???
Simply toxic。
Baby Ou scratching his chin,This one,“The relationship between him and me,It’s complicated。And his feelings for me,That’s more complicated。He and Zhang Yulin,I just grew up watching me。Orthopedics or something,Too taboo?”The more I think about it, the more creepy it gets。
Yuze tut,“An An complains about you,You haven’t done it yet,She was sent away by An Shicheng。He to An An,Must be emotional,But this feeling,I can’t even complain to you。but,He still chooses to deal with An An first,Just came to you。Do you think this is because he cares more about Anan,Instead of you,But i think,The only thing he cares about,Just you。He goes to deal with An An first,I just don’t want to keep An’an, the instability factor that can harm you.。”
The more you talk, the better!!!
Yuze really thinks he has sharp eyes,Found such a terrible thing。
Baby Ou broke down a bit。According to your analysis,It’s a script-level character setting。Then my role,Either a stand-in or a cannon fodder,In the end it must be a stepping stone for the heroine role.
“brother,Time to take medicine。”
“.”What did you say。Yuze finally said,“I think,Let him keep the adoption relationship.Eliminate all possibilities。Don’t you think I made up,I am a man too,You have to trust my eyesight。I’ll discuss it with mom,Just leave it alone。”
“No way。”Baby Ou doesn’t agree,“I will be An Dong’s only daughter。I was the only child。”
“You are the third,Ou Jia Lao San,Where’s the only daughter。”Yuze went straight back。
“.”Baby Ou was so shocked that he wanted to lift the table,“I mean An Dong!!Anton’s only daughter!!”
“But your surname is O。”Yuze went back again,“This is what you said。Your last name。”

The first animal closest to everyone,Is the bird!All kinds of colorful,Colorful bird,Girls basically like beautiful things,So when I saw these little birds,The plums immediately swarmed in cheers,Even Meizi started chirping excitedly with everyone……

Only the swallow is calm,Long career as a professional killer,Let her develop calmness,calm,Good qualities of joy and anger,Although she also likes to see those little elves who are jumping for joy and have wings,But she still looks calm and calm。
Qin Liang followed Yanzi,to him;The most beautiful bird in the world right now,Is the swallow walking beside him。
“Say,Swallow,Don’t you like birds?”
After walking together for a while,Qin Liang started to have nothing to say……
“Like it,Who said I don’t like it anymore?”
The unprepared Yanzi was asked by Qin Liang,Replied smoothly,But she forgot,She originally planned to ignore Qin Liang all day today。
“Then why are you so calm?Not a bit excited。”
Qin Liang deliberately pretended to be surprised。
“Have you forgotten who i am?”
Yanzi answered with a wry smile。
“Oh,I thought you don’t like watching birds。”
Qin Liang said thoughtfully。