Unfortunately, the eighth day of the first lunar month has not passed,There is no family to open the door for business,Xia Jian and Jia Lina wanted to find a decoration company,Decorate their newly opened supermarket,Shopping for a day,Apart from the restaurant, it is the hotel。

“Nothing,We won’t go back tonight,Touji a hotel,Let’s enjoy too”Jia Lina glanced at Xia Jian who was a little frustrated and said with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled slightly,So we walked into a hotel called Ziqidonglai with Jia Lina。May be the reason for the new year,The waiter at the front desk only needed Xia Jian’s ID card,So he gave them room cards,People may think they are husband and wife。But once Jia Lina dressed up,Come with Xia Jian,Really have a husband and wife,They are only three or four years old。
Deluxe room for 198 yuan,Really different。The room is covered with thick carpet,And the color TV is also very big,What makes Xia Jian very happy is this big bed,The quilt on the top looks like new。
The heating in the house is very hot,They both took off their coats as soon as they entered。Jia Lina’s proud chest made Xia Jian’s heart move,He pounced from behind,Hugged Jia Lina。
“Don’t worry,Let’s take a bath first”Jia Lina gasped and said。
Xia Jian lifted Jia Lina’s sweater,Said with a smirk:“Also wash a fart”The voice has not fallen,He has pressed Jarina on the bed。
Tumbling,A fierce toss,For two**Ignited in an instant。In broad daylight,This is the first time they have done this,So the two are very excited。
It’s three or four o’clock in the afternoon,Jia Lina asked Xia Jian to take her out for a walk,Xia Jian thought for a while and agreed。Although Teng County is not big,But it is also a county after all,The countryman is here,Not going out,It’s really a bargain。
Small county,People everywhere,Shopping,Eating and singing,There are opera singers on the side of the street,The festive atmosphere is especially strong。
Jia Lina took Xia Jian’s arm,They look like a couple。They are like children,Happy face,Watch while walking,Sometimes I buy some snacks on the side of the road,You take a bite and I eat very excitingly。
They just walk aimlessly,Unknowingly walked out of the downtown area,Came to a demolition area。Looking a bit deserted,Jia Lina suddenly said to Xia Jian:“Why are we here?Go back soon!Feel a little scary”
“I’m afraid I can’t go back!”Xia Jian said,Took Jia Lina and turned around。
Jia Lina almost yelled in surprise,More than ten meters behind them,Four people stood,One of them is the scar face that I used to touch Xia Jian in Wuying Town last time。

“Oh!”Joe Yiyi’s red lips,I have done a president.,Is it so small??

She takes out her mobile phone,Snoving the next video to Xiaoyan。
[Xiaoyan,look,My name is Jiang Lan Xin to send me back.,She will send me back.。]
The other party immediately returned her news.:[Look ,She is still a good bullied ginger,It’s better to let her pick you up tomorrow.?Which time,You let her help you clean the classroom,Did she not do it??]
Joe Yiyi is full of superiority:[Wait a minute, ask her。]
More than twenty minutes,Blue Xin parked the car in the subway,Of indifference:“Arrived 。”
“Oh,Thank you.,Blue Xin,Do you have time tomorrow morning??Have time, come and take me.,In the morning, the subway is especially squeezed.。”
Blue Xin listen this,The heart is turning on the bear angry,Her Joe Yiyi thought she was the soft and bullying of Jiang Sanxin.?
She looked at her answer from the rearview mirror.,Slow down,Laughing, I looked at her.:“how?Still treat me as the previous ginger, is you bullying??I can’t conflict with you before.,That’s because I want to study well.,Didn’t care about you seriously。but,Now I am now,Joe Yiyi,You can’t climb。Roll down,Don’t have my car 。”
“Jiang Lan Xin,you……”Joe Yiyi did not think,Blue Xin will say this。
Especially the sentence“Roll down,Don’t have my car”This sentence,It’s simply trampling her self-esteem.。
Joe Yiyi pulls the door,Anger away。
Lan Xin did not do any stay,Open navigation,Drive away。
Joe Yiyi stationed in the original place:“Humph!But it’s luck.,Jiang Lan Xin,What is you??You wait,I must climb your husband’s bed.,Today’s humiliation,I will give you all.。”
Blue Xin goes back,Not thinking more,She knows how to come over these years.,I will not let myself feel upset for a Joyyi.。
arrive home,She is still happy with my mother.,Dinner,Walking with your child to eight o’clock with your child.,Le Yu is coming over,Everyone goes home and talks.。
Le Yu said,Wen Qi has already followed Le Zhenxi back.,As for the two people talking about,She is also unclear,Can only wait for the decision of two people。
Lan Xin also doesn’t say more,I have been talking to the love of the sea.。
Le Yu is very excited,I plan to have time and Muzi to honing it once.。
Le Yu is playing to nine o’clock.,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng has not come back yet,Blue Xin and Dad talked about Yu’s things.。
After listening to Blue Xin,Benefit,Looking at the children after sleeping,Mom and Dad have also returned to the house.,She also returned to the room to organize her knowledge to teach her some knowledge.。
Lu Hao Cheng also came back early,Ten ok is coming back. 。
After bathing,He wrapped around Blue Xin twice,Both people sleep。
Leading Blue Xin last night,She quickly called to Su, I don’t have to pick her up.,Least noon。
Blue Xin and Lu Hao Cheng normal work。
The two have just arrived at the 25th floor.,I saw Joe Yi and the power to wait in the hall.。
The right to help seem to have an urgent。
Joe Yiyi looked at Blue Xin。
Blue Xin’s eyebrows faintly felt bad things happening。
Lu Haocheng did not speak,Blue Xin first asked:“Assistant,What happened。”
King journey smile,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng, I still don’t know anything.,His heart is anxious。
“lady,Before you know this,I have to clarify Lu.,I am present to this evening.,Never not the continental mistake,When we want to come back,Out of the land,I met two young ladies who were drunk.,If you don’t say it, you will hold the director.,so……So this morning……Search again。”
“what?”Lu Haocheng looked at the right game angry。
Blue Xin glanced at Lu Haozheng,Rapid to take your mobile phone,News and push are the topic of Lu Haozheng, president of Lu Hao。
“Lu Hao Cheng。”She called anger。
Lu Haocheng has a bad feeling。

To know that his opponent is blue,It is a monster that they can’t even feel,But now it is sick,This is simply leaving。

Night now has more,they do not know,After all, no matter whether it is blue, it is still a night.,Sprinkle, they have not been able to understand。
But now looks,Obviously the night is more,But the opportunity to win is quite big.!
“According to this situation,It’s probably not to protect the kid.,Night, the guy really can do。
As long as he really won the blue dye this time,I will do the mainman and the bee.。”
See the night whispering of blue staining,Night expression is very happy,And crazy standingfg。
The bee is a family of four maple houses.,Obviously he is the contemporary home of the four maple yard,Indeed to this right。
And as one of the four major nobles,If you can pull it with a master like this?,And you can get rid of the entanglement of the bee,At night,Undoubtedly a stone multi bird。
Night is a beautiful thinking,Even if you can’t wait to wait for the night, wait, win the blue dye,Go back to the corpse society and put hundreds of tables,Troning things。
As for the side of the night,He still doesn’t know as long as you win blue dye.,It will be married by people.。
Seeing everything is blue dye,Two half of the body is still rapidly healing,The night wrinkled frown to disappear in the same place,Once again,Already come to blue dyeing。
“Flying sky·Inactive·Chaotic butterfly!”
Dozens of knives that are difficult to capture,It is the blue dye in healing,The body is like a tens of pieces of tofu.!
But the blue dye at this time,already“Complete body”form,The collapse is already integrated with his body.。
Night 哉 哉 蓝 蓝 染 身,But still did not find the collapse of the body。
And even now the body is cut into dozens of pieces,Although the blue dye is also weak,But there is still no disappearance。
Means of,Although the other party has been injured,But there is still no death!
Such vitality,Have far more than『Ten blade』Super speed regeneration regeneration is the strongest Urcheola。
The latter’s overspeed reproduction ability is strong,But once the visceral is damaged,Can’t restore。
But now the blue dye in front of the night,Don’t say it is the internal organs.,Even the body is cut down.,But actually has no dead!
Wrinkled over the night,A gas power wave,Directly to float dozens of blue-stained powders。
But the latter is broken by Qigong,Actually became a group of white viscous substances,And start gathering together。
See this scene,Night is simply,Is this Nima be a magistar??Such vitality,It’s too long.!
Even“Collapse”Ability,But don’t take this way!
White substance gradually gathered,A body shape is slowly standing,But now blue dye,Compared to just,Another change again。
Blue dye at this time,The forehead has a slit similar to the eye.,Face becomes black,And the previous facial skin tears from the middle and located on both sides of the black face,Three holes in the upper body。
Crackwear in hand“Mirror flower”It is also integrated with the right arm。
Six huge butterfly wings behind the original,Every wing ridge grows out of a flavor,Compared to the third form of human beings,Now blue dye is more like a virtual。
And now blue staining,I have entered the next state,The final fusion stage。
Seeing blue dyeing because he was violent,Consumption of seven seven eight eight,When you skyrocket,The mood of the night is quite complicated。
This is too bullying.,what is this?Is it stronger??
Originally he was dyed twice in slaughtering blue.,The epigladous,It can be launched。
But now there is no seal in blue dyeing.,And it’s also again on the sky.,Enter the next stage!
Although the blue dye at this moment,I can’t do anything that makes the night can’t match the enemy.,But after this stage,Can he still evolve again?,It’s really not the heart.!
“I am very grateful to you,花 花 哉 哉,I have never thought of myself.,You can actually make me evolve to this extent。
I am gone at this moment.!This ultravailable from all organisms,Just a waving, there is a murderer!”
White substances on the ground recalls the blue dye,Like it is in a self-pattern,Excite of an expression。
In the cognition of blue dyeing itself,His present gesture,It should be the most perfect stage with the collapse of jade.。

The commentary of the chess bureau,A large ticket, a girl, the player flocks here.,Successfully squeezed,The wind is looking at the interesting position。

“it is good!Today we come to play chess!”Star married shouted。
Chess,Everyone moved on the stool before sitting before the TV,Staying at all kinds of joy on the screen,Many channels that have not played playing the game will also give the lens here.。
Seminish,The chess game is blocked by a profine blind,I can see two 胧 shadows shake in the curtain.,Not far from the air,The event is already seriously studying the wedding.。
Corona is calmly sitting in front of the chessboard,Seriously fallen chess。
Hanging angle、Big fly、Demolish,The antique chess road is transferred on the board,And cherry blossom petals,Under the game system of the ancient Go,The two also chose the chess method in the Chinese ancient education book.。
Twenty-seventh hand!A flying touch,I hit the hit on his chess pieces,As if blade。
Qingdao deer slowly pulling the hand back,White lace seems from her arms around the white chess pieces。
What should I say?。
Now he just reacts this to wear a wedding dress.,Is it a little exterior??
Even if he did his heart,Ancient well,Keep your sight on the board,But the moment of falling,Each other’s fingertips,Will always enter your horizons。
It is really a murder.,Wedding dress!
Whole chess history,Never have such level tricks,Also never have such a chess war uniform,this isbug,Yesbug!
But it isbug,Also wait for this game to be repaired
Several respiratory adjustments,Boarding is the same as smoothly,Stunned to the chess behind the three-way line,Do not borrow the other person。
“Thirty-ninth hand,Qingdao Deer grabbed the little flying here,Here is the rising point in the form of each other,Heavenly Kings Mountain,Corporation, choose a single gate to jump,It’s really not too far from the operation.。”Sunshine Valley is coming to explain。
When no one is noticed,The sustain valley quietly snead from this group of bridesmaids.,I came to the other side of the newly opened an explanatory board.,The audience seems to have only he is seriously paying attention to the chess bureau.,The rest is more concerned about something outside the chess bureau.。
Bridesmaid group
“Correct、Correct、Correct!Here,It’s right to go forward.,She can’t stand it!”Star married on the big chessboard。
“Here!Listen to my white check holder,In short, it’s right to clamp this stick.!”
“I suggest that the seniors take the most popular old man cart.,Although every way is pushing on the white chess,And you can affirm the predecessor will not be like this,But I don’t know, I’m wanting to see such a picture.。”
A group of business gamers in big board,Various rare and quasi-style are all put out on a big board.。
Listen to their explanatory lines,I don’t know that it is on Go.,unknown,Ghost thinks this is a strange TV show。
Qingdao deer, certainly heard the interpretation of this group of people outside.,otherwise,She has to stand up to spray。
The current chess game has been in the sixty-second hand,Under the rules of the player,The whole game is in the direction of the mutual mutual cut.。
Two chess three chess, a total of four chess,Bright on the side of the chessboard,Space for each other,It is already possible to see the picture of the four dragons.。
Both parties
Qingdao deer:Forty-five minutes。
Science:One hour thirteen。
The pressure of time is gradually coming to Qingdao deer here.,Let her unconsciously shake the upper body,The neural line is tightly tightened。
And expect the same power,According to zero,Rectuus has recently,All maintained the training progress of the biased fish,Most of the time in one day is used to enjoy the beauty and silence of life.,In the opposite sidewater deer, it is the level of the top ten days before the college entrance examination sprint.。
But even if so,She still feels she and the opponent’s rush,Pressure rolling。
The bright sunshine is sprinkled from the gap between the branches.,According to the marriage skirt on her white,Like honey pouring into the milk,Under the sway of the spring breeze,The slope of the branches is also swaying,The bride is full of thoughts and calm expressions consistently in the light shadow.。
The chess game slowly advanced in the spring breeze and time.,Each frame is full of peace and beauty.。
After a way of driving,Several people in the bridesmaid also finally,Start serious thinking。
“so far,The chess game is probably the same as both parties.,I can’t see too obvious, but considering that the first hand does not use it.,It should now be understood as the advantage of the dragon.?”
“The previous generation has to consider it.。”
Seventy-fourth hand!The situation on the board is suddenly changed!
The rushing water flows from the game of the game,Dragon flops to a certain point in the chessboard
A breakpoint on the three-way line was smashed by Koi.!

He pushed the blue blue to himself.,Holding her hand,It seems to swear to the world,This woman is her only existence。

Blue Xin saw him,Not talking。
Ning Feifei laughed in this happiness,They can love。
do not know when,I can find a man who loves yourself.。
She is not coming to the bottom of the European, looking down the computer.,Mood is very complicated,More than half a year,The relationship between their two has increased many,But there is still a boundary between two people.。
European, ten fingers, flying on the keyboard,Not10Minute time,Turn a video from a video。
Yu Siyun looked at Ning Feifei,Lip corner bruises,Fortunately。
European,Lu Haocheng pushed Blue Xin’s past。
Ning Feifei bowed,Face giant change,“How”Some secrets in the video,Obviously shut down the lamp,but,The style of the clothes is a clear。
It is the pink sweater that Ning Feifei has been going to work.,Women in the video wear a hat,The technique is very skilled in the computer on the European PC.,Cut design graphicsUIn the plate,Just use only two minutes to leave。
European,Tight sharp shot to Ning Feifei,“How can you be you??”
The cold tone is with a strong disappointment。
Yu Siyun listened to this,I have a lot of peace of mind.。
“not me!”
Ning Feifei was stabbed by his cold eyes.,He actually does not believe her。
He is actually the first person who does not believe her.。
She has been working hard for work,And she needs this job to support her own and family.,It is impossible to do such a thing to ruin your future.。
European:“This dress,Your no mistake,I have seen you through several times.。”
Ning Feifei is cold and negative,“Is it what I did like me??”
Ou Jingzhen looked at her pain and strong,Slight eyebrow,He has just impulsive。
Blue Xin also carefully read the woman in video,She wears a hat,The face was covered,The shape and Ning Feifei is more similar。
But one thing she is clear.,Phi Phi needs this job,I have been working overtime for half a year.,No complaint,It is because she needs these money.,To subsidize home。
Sudden,She noticed that the woman manipulated the computer.,Ring wearing fingers,This is a diamond ring,Fifi can’t afford it.,And she has never seen something that Philippi is a category of rings and necklace.。
and many more,This ring does it seem to have seen it??
Blue Xin suddenly determined。
Blue Xin’s words,Let Ning Feifei see the hope。
She really did not have done。
Lu Hao’s face is difficult to see,I saw that Ning Feifei’s face is strong.,Also frown,Ning Feifei passed from the company,Waiting hard work,Work is also very serious,It is not to make such a thing in order to make a reason.。
“Blue,Why are you so definitely not an assistant??”
Lu Haicheng asked。
Blue Xindao:“Although the clothes are wearing the same style with Fifi,But the same clothes on this market,The same style is much,And each other is deliberately wearing a hat,Take the light,Can only watch the back image Phi Fe。
No face,We can’t mess with people。
But you look at her fingers.,Her finger on this ring,Evil rays,This should be diamond ring,And Feifei has not brought such a diamond ring.?”
Ning Feifei quickly reached out his hands to see everyone,Pain in the tone,“Conditions of my home,I can’t afford a diamond ring at all.。”
Although she also likes diamond ring,But she really can’t afford it.。
Ou Jing, I looked at her.,The scorpion flashes slightly。

But the pain caused by the soul attack is disappeared.。

“This?”Lin Feng’s tongue,At the critical moment, the goddess spear in our body is combined together.,One is a big daily heart practice,One is the five poisonous spirit practice,Both two this moment。
Can actually attack the other’s souls to swallow the two nets!
This is too strange.。
At the moment of absorbing the three strong soul attack,Lin Feng’s figure recovered calm,Nine zombies also recovered calm,The power of the moon in the sky is also restored,More and more strong,Crazy flooded into nine big zombies。
Liu Sheng sword looked at this scene。
“impossible!”Jinshan Emperor looked at this scene.。
“Our soul attack is absorbed,What is this??”The mother of his wife, the teacher, looked at this scene.,He has never encountered such a thing。
“Five poison,I see,This is the wilderness!”Liu Sheng sword face mad:“Only eight wilders can absorb everything,The practice of the soul attack is attacked by other big souls.。”
Jinshan Emperor heard the voice:“impossible,Early Wilderness is in the grave of the Emperor Emperor,He can’t be repaired。”
“Nothing is impossible。”Brahmao teaches the main road:“Don’t you determine the rumor in his grave??”
“This should have no mistake,wrong,This is not a complete eight waste,He lacks the master,So can’t attack,Can only beat,If we will force him to enter the desperation,He is impossible to absorb。”Jinshan Daye Road。
“No wonder he wants to trader with live Buddha,If I have not guess wrong,He wants to exchange the Eight Wilder Power of Living Buddha Hands。”Braho God teaches the main brids。
“Once the gathering point,He is really cultivated,He is really tyrant,Sweeping any Nirvana in the world,Even Nirvana is not necessarily。”Jinshan Emperor:“Can’t kill him,Be sure to capture!”
“Be sure to win the wilderness!”
Both the gods of the gods and Liu Sheng swords have been mad,Each body emerges a terrible breath。
“Allocate,This kid is more than there is a knife,There is also eight waste。”Jinshan belt:“We must control this person today.,Winage。”
“Ha ha,it is good!”
Both the gods of the gods and Liu Sheng swords have been hot,Look at Lin Feng’s eyes like a treasure house。
Three strong people did not attack,But continue to call the phone,I started calling people.。
I can’t let Lin Feng walk around today.。
Be sure to arrest Lin Feng。
Soon they inform the masters of their respective forces come。
“Allocate,We have no use now.,Waiting,He is over at the end of today,Inheritance inheritance,His strength plummeted,His soul is also plummeted,Anyone else can hold the godman to kill him.。”Jinshan Emperor:“However, this kid has tried a mysterious lightning power.,Surprise,Never let it escape。”
“Do not worry,This time I can’t let him escape.。”Liu Sheng has no sword and his wife’s gods,Each is retired in the void.,Waiting for the coming of the master’s master。
Lin Feng looked at this scene frown.。
The heart is secretly rising。
As these three old guys say,After the end of the gods,I can’t connect the power of the nine zombies.,Power in your own body,It is only half-pointed by this level.。

“Look,It should be what they do。”

Now,Shen Xuan’s mind thought of a group of people。
It is Tang Into them,If it is their words。
So all this,You can explain it.。
“really,all of these,It’s all arranged in advance.。”
“Shen Xuan,I don’t think it is terrible for the six families.。”
“I feel that I feel now.,You are terrible。”
When Agua is finished against this,Warrior of other war temple,It’s a look at Shen Xuan.。
Before it,If Anguo does not say these words,Then perhaps,I still have a little better.。
but now,After the Anguo said,Other people face each other,Look at Shen Xuan。
It’s undeniable,Herein,In fact, it is still very reasonable.。
“Yes,What to say,What do you have arranged?,Really especially want to know。”
“But no matter what,The church will definitely be ready for it.。”
“all in all,Since the main owner is arranged,So let’s still need to worry about what to do.?”
This,With these people,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to speak on your eyes。
After all, the words are now,at this point,In the end, we should intend to start to handle it from what.。
In fact, in front of you,Shen Xuan is a smile smile。
never mind,Continue to entangle this now,In fact, there is no big use.。
“Before,You have deal with those over the horse.,How is it?。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more now。
In fact, for this matter,Shen Xuan is very calm。
Frontier,Agua is very excited,Don’t forget to say。
“Shen Xuan,this matter,You just don’t worry.。”
“Everything,I have already arranged it properly,Absolutely impossible to show a milestone!”
Before the eyes,Agua is here,Shen Xuan is a nod to this.。
Since now,Aguang has already said this.。
So Shen Xuan,Anything I am worried?
Since it is this situation now,So, then I need to do it.。
It should be exhausted,Take something here to solve it。
Only in this way,Can be perfect to handle these things。
After reading it for a while,At this time, Shen Xuan is again said.。
“but,Although it is said,But Liu Jia took down,Affiliate will fight against。”
“all in all,Everyone must,Be careful!”
When Shen Xuan said directly from here,This is even more important to others.。
Start now,For the current thing,They are more potent。
Even hate,To do our best,Treat these things to thoroughly。

“I know not to tell you??So long,Some things I have forgotten,You figure yourself!”

“Um~Good flavor,Good fragrance!I want to eat it ~!”
The small hair stretches the nose.。
“Owner,You live on the side of the mountain?”
“Yup!It is the biggest mountain in the square.,How did you know?”
“Of course it is smelling!I went out to find some eating.,Soon, come back!”
Minority“call out”I slipped out from the window opened.,Soon, there is no trace
“where did you go?”
Niu Niu contacts small hair in my mind,But it seems to have no time to take care of yourself.,
“Many beasts in the mountains,Don’t go in!”
“rest assured,What do they dare to treat me?!”
Put down this sentence,It’s completely no news.。
The little hair lives for so long.,The old ancestors in the mountains in the mountains have more than a balance.。Should not be stupid to send death。
Holding this idea,Niu Niu quickly entered a dream
“Niu Niu,Have you got up??”
“Woke up!Waiting for it, it will come out.!”
The sound of the waves successfully woke up with sweet small hair sleeping next to the Niu Niu.,Then I got the eyes of Niu Niu。
“what is this?”
“If you are looking for it, you are looking for this.?”
“Yup!There are more mountains.!These have been left for you,Be delicious.!You try!”
“You remember that I have to let me come out later.!It’s too fun outside.!Now I have a break in the space.!”
Small hair is rare to let go,Samuan ran all night,Can not be tired。
Proud on the eyes,There is a bit of cute。
Niu Niu looked at it,Take it back。
Pick a few thick ginseng placed on casual place,Fine friction
Look at this head,It is not difficult to guess this year.
“Minority,Is there a lot of mountains on the mountain??”
Niu Niu only got some snoring as a response
“Niu Niu,Why didn’t you come out??I have breakfast.!”
Finish,Su Grandma took a dinner with Niu Niu

His mouth blood,Sound vague,Just a word is not falling,Flavor,The palm of the palm has taken back to his back.。

Drill heart pain!
This kind of slap is fast and heavy。
Sandan is backwards,A bloodstream in the mouth。
Just fell in front of him,Summer is in the past,One foot does not hesitate to be on the left leg,The sound of the bone crack。
Summer faceless expression,Another foot,Another leg is the same。
The arms of the sandman are also stepped on.。
But not finished。
Summer raise feet,I am slamming in his mouth.,This guy’s face has already flesh and blood blurred,Bloody flowing in the mouth。
Be too embarrassed!
This scene makes all people who have seen it Qi color,Scalp hairpiece。
Liu Qingqing,It is the eyes of the eyes.,I feel like I have done a strange dream.。
This always likes to tease yourself.,Usual guy every form,At this moment, I am venting myself.。
Bloody scene on the stage,Liu Qingqing is surprisingly not afraid。
Looking at the faces of men whiskers and shocking faces,Looking at them, hitting a wooden chicken,Liu Qingqing suddenly felt no problem!
before this,These men look at themselves with a disgusting eyes.,Mock up in summer。
And now,Their eyes become fear。
The last foot is out,Summer finally stopped。
His feet,It is already a dead life,I have no twitching of Sandan.。
He didn’t get ready immediately,Stand quietly,Darkly dark scorpion。
No need to put,There is no high tall to winner.,There is just as an ancient well-not wave.。
If,Everything just now is nothing to do with him.。
This is this eye,A swept away,No one dares to look at him。
I can only hear the rushing breath。
He jumped down the boxing platform,The crowd seems to avoid the gods.,Automatically open a channel,Everyone is full of fear。
Go to the front of the mouth,Summer will gamble on the table。
The staff receiving the summer before suddenly scared a hop,Face has become ugly。

First1804chapter Trading in the dark

? The provincial capital at night,Like a dignified lady。In the flickering of neon lights in the distance,Untold stories are happening。
On the edge of the city,In front of an inconspicuous teahouse,Parked several expensive cars。Look at the door of this teahouse,Didn’t even stand to welcome a guest。I don’t see anyone coming in and out,So it can be described as deserted。
In a private room on the third floor,Hu Huiru sitting on the sofa chair,Is looking down and talking to a man。The man looked up,Turns out he is not someone else,It is Wang Youcai’s second brother, Wang Youdao。
Since Wang Youdao was transferred to the province from Pingdu to work,Always cautious,Almost never interact with others。For him, it’s like eating and drinking,It can be said to be very few。
“Wang Youdao!You hide it deep enough,Your wife turned out to be my chief financial officer Niu Huiling。What are you doing?I want to retaliate?Or don’t have a purpose?”Hu Huiru’s face is very ugly,She asked in a cold voice。
Wang Youdao is not in a hurry to answer Hu Huiru’s question,He took a sip of tea first,Just said in a low voice:“President Hu!Our little bit of trouble has passed away,Really not worth mentioning。What am i to avenge you?Everyone has aspirations,What’s more, radish and eggplant have their own advantages,So don’t think too much”
“is it?Even if it’s like you said,But why didn’t you tell me when you were up?Even married,I’m not peaceful。Your purpose,Really disturbing。you need to know,Niu Huiling, she is my chief financial officer”When Hu Huiru said this,,So angry。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“Why are you?So angry。I am not doing this for your good。We two are different,Can’t do it,So you go through your business,I am from my politics。The so-called Weijing is distinct,We have nothing to do with each other, this is what I want”
“late,Your old Wang family and I are already tied together,So you can take care of some things!”When Hu Huiru said this,,Suddenly came the spirit。
Wang Youdao,His face immediately changed and asked:“What do you mean?I don’t understand at all”
“I once gave Wang Youcai a 300,000 bank card。It’s a pity that this guy is quite self-aware,I only used a small amount of less than 100,000 yuan,Later he actually returned the card to me。But don’t forget,How did your first courtyard house be built”Hu Huiru finally showed his trump card。
Wang Youdao,Suddenly turned pale。It took him a long time to say:“What does this have to do with me?Since you gave Wang Youcai,Then find him。Borrow money to pay back,Owe favors for favors,Can he still make it,That’s his business”
“is it!If not i know you,I can help him Wang Youcai?I only believe this。Wang Youdao,I have all this in your name,It’s up to you to pay it back”Hu Huiru’s voice is as calm as ice。